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Youth Volunteers Learn to Create Videos in Burkina Faso

July 19, 2023
Photo: ReFrame Ministries

With a passion for sharing God's story of salvation with their peers, young ministry volunteers with ReFrame Ministries’ French-language outreach in Burkina Faso have been working hard to reach out through social media.

In early June, the volunteers participated in a specialized training program to learn more about producing evangelical sketches and videos. Under the expert guidance of an actress and producer from Burkina Faso, the group of six volunteers learned how to create captivating scripts and effective productions.

“With newfound media and social networking skills, these passionate young individuals are making a significant impact on their community and beyond,” shared Marc Nabie, ReFrame's French-ministry leader.

Nabie first gathered the group of volunteers in 2019, and he has been encouraging and equipping them to create new gospel content for their peers. All of the videos they have recorded have been produced with gifts from the CRC and ReFrame Ministries.

From Training to Production

Recognizing the challenges and dangers associated with social media, the youth team wasted no time after completing their training. They quickly brainstormed, wrote, and produced two new sketches for their growing social-media audiences.

One critical issue they tackled was the oversharing of personal information.

“Young people often unknowingly put themselves at risk by divulging sensitive details online,” said one of the ReFrame volunteers. To combat this, the youth team organized awareness sessions on online privacy, highlighting potential risks and encouraging responsible sharing practices.

The volunteers also addressed cyberbullying—a growing problem in the region that very few young people have had an opportunity to speak into, according to Nabie.

“We wanted to foster a culture of respect and mutual support, encouraging victims to report incidents of cyberbullying,” shared another volunteer. “By collaborating with social-media managers and relevant authorities, we pray that these videos will reach victims and bullies alike to create a safer online environment for everyone.”

With more than 20 videos and audio programs already recorded, the youth team is set to share their messages throughout the rest of 2023. Their hope is to reach individuals with a variety of struggles that youth can relate to, offering both practical advice for using discernment with social media and introducing positive ways in which social media can be used to share the gospel.

“We are poised to touch the hearts of audiences throughout French-speaking West Africa,” Nabie added.

More Plans for Future Videos

Many of the volunteers are considering a career in social media or communications. They've also planned several new videos, including “Tu aimeras ton prochain comme toi-même” (“You shall love your neighbor as yourself”), addressing the longstanding security crisis in the area and how to live together among different ethnic groups; and “La porte du ciel” (“The gate of heaven”), exploring the spiritual journey and the meaning of life from a Christian perspective.

Learn more about ReFrame’s work among young people around the world by visiting this page. Please join ReFrame’s staff and partners around the world in praying for the continued success of young people who are touching lives and inspiring others on their faith journey.