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From Thirst to Triumph

March 27, 2024
A newly installed water tank provides access to safe drinking water for a village in India.
A newly installed water tank provides access to safe drinking water for a village in India.

In a remote village in India, where the hills meet the horizon, one community grappled with a daunting challenge: a lack of access to safe drinking water.

It was a close-knit village, led by its dedicated pradhan (elected leader), Suraja. The villagers relied on a nearby spring for their water needs, but during scorching summer months, the spring would run dry. That would often force them to take an exhausting journey to a neighboring village for water, allowing less time for economic or educational pursuits.

Reena, a staff member for World Renew’s local partner, EFICOR, had been trained to assist the local Village Savings and Loan members in addressing the village’s problems. She joined forces with this association to draft an application and submit it to the block development officer and the water department, emphasizing the pressing need for a safe drinking-water facility in the community.

In July 2023 the patience and determination of the group paid off. A newly installed water tank now provides access to safe drinking water for the village. This victory is especially sweet for the women of this community, who no longer have to spend hours fetching water from distant villages since it’s now readily available.

Pradhan Suraja and the community members are finding renewed hope and strength, knowing that their village can thrive, thanks to a consistent supply of safe drinking water.

Suraja said, “Access to safe drinking water has improved not only our health but also our quality of life. We are now encouraged to continue our journey toward a brighter future, united because of water.”

March 22 was World Water Day, a day of commemoration that began in 1993 to inspire action to tackle the global water crisis. All over the world, in communities where families lack clean water, World Renew works with local partners and community members to rebuild their water supplies, establish new or rebuild damaged sanitation facilities, and train communities in hygiene practices to prevent the spread of disease. 

“Access to clean water means many things: celebrating a new water pump, running water in homes, community water filters, and so much more,” World Renew posted on social media on World Water Day. “Having a reliable water system can improve overall health, hygiene, and sanitation, and can return valuable time to many women and children. . . . let’s continue to pray for the communities working toward local, clean water sources for drinking and sanitation.”