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Resonate Names Interim Director

April 4, 2022
Joel Huyser
Joel Huyser

Among the many agenda items that delegates to Synod 2022 will deal with in June, they will also consider Dr. Zachary King for the new position of general secretary of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. King currently serves as director of Resonate Global Mission. To fill the potential void left by King’s departure, the agency has named Joel Huyser to serve as interim director until Synod 2023.

Huyser currently serves in a dual role with Resonate as both a global area director and the leader of Diaspora and Ethnic Ministry. 

“Joel has many years of personal experience in international missions as a missionary in Nicaragua, and over the past five years he has developed an exceptional understanding of domestic mission in the CRCNA,” said King in an email to Resonate staff on March 7. 

“He is well known inside and outside CRC ministry circles as a prolific collaborator and as a strong, steady, and capable leader. What I appreciate most about Joel, however, is his deep spirituality shaped by an absolute dependence on God’s grace through Jesus Christ.”

Huyser will begin to take on some director responsibilities in April 2022, and, pending Synod 2022’s approval, he will assume full responsibility as interim director after synod until June 2023. This transition will allow King time to walk alongside Huyser toward taking on this new role. It will also free up King’s time to prepare for serving as general secretary before Synod 2022, including meetings with retiring key leaders such as Colin Watson, Sr., executive director. 

Huyser said he is humbled by this opportunity and looks forward to continuing the wise direction that King has set over the past five years.

“I am convinced that this is a time in which the world needs the gospel of grace and reconciliation in Jesus as never before,” said Huyser. “This is a time for the church to shine as it lives out and declares the good news of Jesus for everyone, every day, everywhere. I believe that Resonate and the CRCNA are called to play their role in that.”

Pending the approvals required by Synod 2022, Resonate plans to form a search committee in fall 2022 to be able to present a candidate for director of Resonate Global Mission to the Council of Delegates and synod in spring 2023.

“In this space of time, we trust that many questions will be answered as to the final status of our US/Canada reorganization and how that will shape Resonate’s leadership,” King said.

“All of this transition is daunting, but we are trusting God’s guidance and wisdom,” he added.