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Prayer Summit 2015 in the Works

September 22, 2014

The Christian Reformed Church is planning, after a year without one,  to hold a denomination-wide prayer summit.

If all goes as planned,  the CRC’s third prayer summit will be held April 13-15 at All Nations CRC in Lakeview Terrace, Calif., providing pastors, church leaders and others from across the CRC the chance to gather for prayer, presentations and worship.

Prayer Summit 2015 has been initiated by Korean CRC congregations in collaboration with all CRC agencies.

“The purpose is to rediscover a heartfelt sense of reverence of God’s majesty as we pray together and to unite as people of God from diverse backgrounds to pray together,” says Rev. Moses Chung, director of Christian Reformed Home Missions.

The goal will be to share  the experience of humility and trust in God “as people pray together to intercede for the needs of our lives, local churches, our community, nation and the world,” says Rev. Charles Kim, the Korean Ministry coordinator and one of the ethnic ministry leaders for Home Missions.

Prayer Summit 2012 was initiated by Korean CRC leaders, inviting denominational leaders for the purpose of learning and praying together. The next summit was held in 2013.

The goal is for more than 500 people from CRC agencies, regional and classical representatives, prayer mobilizers, lay leaders and local congregation members to participate at Prayer Summit 2015.

Also, hopes are that the summit — as did  the previous prayer summits — will help to develop and equip prayer mobilizers to hold prayer summits on regional/classical levels.

Currently, planners of the summit are working to finalize speakers and presenters for the summit. Soon, plans are to identify prayer leaders for each classis and region.

The summit will present leading “reformed” thinkers providing a “theological mandate  and understanding for prayer,” says preliminary promotional material.

Also, the summit will include passionate practitioners of prayer “who will share inspiring and life-changing stories.”