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New Communications and Media Studies Degree

April 19, 2023
Photo: Redeemer University

A new bachelor of communications and media studies (BCoMS) degree program, with a concentration in media production, will be offered at Redeemer University, Ancaster, Ont., this fall. The new degree program builds on Redeemer’s existing digital production program in media and communications studies (MCS). With this addition, Redeemer becomes the only Christian university in Canada to offer this degree and further distinguishes itself with its focus on creative production.

“The introduction of the bachelor of communications and media studies signals a continued investment in the arts at Redeemer, offering a degree intentionally targeted towards the applied fine arts, the practical and commercial application of art and design, of which media production will be the first,” says Dr. Kyle Spyksma, interim academic vice president.

“This new degree program, grounded in Redeemer’s liberal arts and Reformed Christian identity, will make use of and build on the traditional fine-arts programming offered in art, music, English, and MCS, and will lead to industry-related employment opportunities for students.”

The new program is the third in a series of new degrees announced, including a bachelor of business administration and a bachelor of kinesiology, since the university gained expanded degree-granting authority in 2020. In addition to the current media production concentration, which emphasizes video and filmmaking, there is the potential to add other new streams in the future, such as a digital communication stream that would focus on writing and communications for a digital marketplace.

"Cultivating a strong foundation in communications and media studies within the context of a Christian university provides students with a unique perspective and valuable skills that can be applied to various fields, such as marketing, social media, filmmaking, and commercial videography,” says Dr. Murray Stiller, professor of media and communications studies. “By integrating faith and learning, students gain a deeper understanding of how communication and media impact our world and of how they can use their skills to positively contribute to society.”

Existing MCS students may be able to switch into the new BCoMS program, but they also have the option to remain in their current program and earn their degree based on the program requirements in place prior to changes in the MCS program. Students interested in taking programming in this area will have the option to enroll in the consolidated MCS general major, the minor, or the new BCoMS media production concentration.