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Mission Fair For Seminary Students

March 8, 2023
Kang, a student at Calvin Theological Seminary, connecting with Resonate's Nalini Suganandam about serving.
Kang, a student at Calvin Theological Seminary, connecting with Resonate's Nalini Suganandam about serving.

Students at Calvin Theological Seminary (CTS) had an opportunity to explore God’s call on their lives at a Mission Fair hosted by Resonate Global Mission.

The event was held March 8, 2023 and provided Resonate ministry leaders and seminary students opportunities to connect about opportunities to serve in mission globally and locally.

The fair was “a catalyst for dynamic ministry,” shared Stan Kruis, who works with Resonate. He currently serves as the missionary In residence at CTS.

About 270 students study at CTS, with around 85 graduating every year.

“Some students come knowing what they’re called to, and some aren’t really sure,” said Jeff Sajdak, dean of students. “We’re always looking for ways to connect students with ministry, whether that’s listening to stories or finding ministry placements during or after studies.”

“This is one specific way we could come alongside students in their learning and growth,” said Nalini Suganandam, Resonate’s mission support manager. “Resonate is able to offer students resources and opportunities to gain experience for the things they’re learning in the classroom.”

From church planting and leadership development to equipping young adults and teaching in seminaries, Resonate has a number of opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in ministry or to step into a calling after graduating. The Mission Fair offered a space for students to connect one-on-one with ministry leaders and to explore opportunities where they could use their gifts, knowledge, and skills in ministry.

“It was exciting to bring together in the same space opportunities, resources, and needs in many directions,” Kruis said.

Kang, a first-year M.Div. student at CTS, used the fair as an opportunity to connect with Suganandam and other staff members about serving with Resonate short-term. He’s hoping to serve in Kenya, Uganda, or another country in eastern or southern Africa for a cross-cultural internship program.

“I’ve prayed  a lot,” he said. “I want an opportunity to experience another country, and I wonder if I’m called to be a missionary. This will be a good experience for me.”

Kang is hoping to work with Timothy Leadership Training (TLT), a curriculum program that Resonate missionaries and other leaders use to equip pastors and lay leaders throughout the world. Kang has personally taken a TLT course led by Resonate missionary Jeong Gho.

The Mission Fair also provided opportunities for Resonate missionaries and ministry leaders to share about their own callings. Anastaze Nzabonimpa, a Resonate missionary and CTS graduate, spoke at the chapel service that day. He shared about God’s calling to mission and how everyone is called to join God on mission—whether that is as a pastor, a student, a cook, or something else. Some people are called to their own neighborhood, and some people are called to another country.

“The calling to follow Christ lies at the root of every other calling you receive,” said Nzabonimpa.