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Meeting the Challenge of Small

January 18, 2007

In a world of mega-churches, the small church can get lost, especially when it comes to education.

Few publishers develop material for Sunday school programs too small to support a traditional curriculum. Although half of all churches in North America fall into the “small church” category, their Sunday schools struggle to meet the needs of fewer children, a wider range of student levels, and a limited teaching pool.

To meet these challenges, Faith Alive Christian Resources developed Kid Connection, the first North American curriculum in 10 years designed specifically for the small-sized Sunday school.

Kid Connection combines large group meetings with small groups clustered by age and focused on activity-based learning. It was designed to minimize materials, keep costs low, simplify lesson-planning to accommodate even inexperienced teachers, and include student helpers. The curriculum also includes tips for one-on-one instruction.

Faith Alive Christian Resources intensively tested Kid Connection in church schools, midweek programs, and outreach ministries across North America.

“We got astonishing feedback,” noted Ruth Vander Hart, managing editor at Faith Alive. Typical responses included, “very teacher friendly,” “I loved the age-appropriate activities,” and “When can I buy it?!”

Kid Connection was developed with the help of grants from the Christian Reformed Church and the Reformed Church in America. Release date for the curriculum is Fall 2007.

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