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Hispanic Heritage Day Video

October 11, 2023

The Christian Reformed Church in North America includes pastors and members who hail from Argentina, Honduras, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Columbia, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Mexico. In fact, 38 CRC congregations across North America identify themselves as Hispanic or Latino on the annual Yearbook survey.

October 12 is known as Día de la Hispanidad, or Hispanic Heritage Day. To commemorate this day, several Spanish-speaking CRC pastors and members put together a short and fun video to share with others in the denomination.

“Being Hispanic is like a tapestry bound with diverse cultures, climates, and expressions,” said Mirtha Villafane, a leader of the CRCNA’s Consejo Latino, which provides leadership and coordination to the denomination’s Hispanic churches. “Yet, across our differences, we are bound by the strength of our belief, reflecting the beauty of God’s creation through our unique identities. Just as Christ’s love knows no boundaries, our unity as Hispanics showcases the richness of his grace amidst our colorful diversity.”

Watch the video.