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Growing Leaders Online in Brazil

July 27, 2022

The Presbyterian Church of Brazil (IPB) has been growing, with nearly 650,000 members today.

Even so, many of the congregations across the country don’t have a regular worship leader for their Sunday services, or they are led by a pastor without formal biblical training.

To help with this growing need, ReFrame Ministries has been partnering with the IPB, offering biblical teachings through media since 1969. And one of the newest ways this partnership has continued is through providing online courses for pastors and church leaders.

The majority of the courses in theology, church leadership, Christian living, and church communication—among others— are taught by Rev. Hernandes Dias Lopes, ReFrame’s Portuguese ministry leader.

“Our ministry team sees many churches using nonbiblical practices and teachings, such as the prosperity gospel,” said Rev. Lopes. “In response, we wanted to offer these online courses to provide evangelical leaders and laypeople sound, biblical training.”

The results have been overwhelming, with over 75 percent of the courses’ 10,000 participants fully completing their coursework.

“These classes have been about learning where God has been speaking to me,” said Tania Helena, who completed a course on Christian living a few months ago. “I already have a good time set aside for looking for God. In my journey I’ve found barriers, but I will not give up; I will persevere in the Lord!”

Another participant, Claudio Nelson, plans to apply what he learned in the biblical overview course as he leads his congregation in eastern Brazil.

“The exceptional depth of the class and the knowledge of Rev. Lopes has been given to us from heaven,” said Nelson in a message to ReFrame.

“The church needs to be a light in the midst of darkness, serving as salt in this world,” he added. “May the Lord Jesus continue to bless [your ministry] and be with you.”