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Fully Forgiven

November 1, 2023
Vinnie Adams (left) and colleague
Vinnie Adams (left) and colleague
Photo: Resonate Global Mission

Carlos* started working as a security guard at Tesoros de Dios, a Resonate Global Mission ministry partner in Nicaragua, during the same month that Resonate missionary Vinnie Adams moved there to serve with Tesoros.

Carlos is easy to like, said Adams: “Carlos has a very gentle and happy spirit. He’s always smiling. He’s very polite, kind, and thoughtful. He’s always asking how my family is doing.”

But then Carlos’s life turned upside down. His wife left him, and he was left to raise their one-year-old son alone. Shortly afterward, a large tree branch fell on Carlos’s small, tin-sided house. The roof collapsed.

Heartbroken and overwhelmed, Carlos could not carry all of this on his own. But, thanks to support from ministry shares, he didn’t have to bear the burden alone.

Adams rallied a team from the community to help fix Carlos’s roof, and now his home is safe and secure again.

But the loss and challenging circumstances Carlos was experiencing raised a lot of questions in his mind, and as he searched for answers, he started meeting with Adams and one of their colleagues.

“He knew that Jesus is good and that it would be good to have Jesus in his life,” said Adams. “But . . . in his former place of employment, Carlos had witnessed and participated in some terrible things. He wasn’t sure that Jesus could fully forgive him.”

Adams gave Carlos a Bible, and by the following week, Carlos had read the entire book of John and half of Matthew.

Week after week, Adams continued to study the Bible with Carlos, listening to his questions and concerns and sharing the truths of Scripture.

“It was clear that the Spirit was doing a work in him,” said Adams. “I think it was helpful for him to talk through his questions and concerns . . . as we reassured him of Christ's complete forgiveness and of the glory of being part of God’s family.”

One day Carlos prayed to receive Jesus’ mercy and grace.

“Brother, I have good news,” Carlos told Adams. “I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and King. He has made me feel his presence. Today he has decided to make me his son.”

This fall, CRC News is sharing stories that demonstrate the impact of ministry shares. To learn more, visit or invite Jeff Bolt (U.S.) or Roshani Morton (Canada) to speak to your council, congregation, or classis.

*Name changed to protect identity