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Fishers of People

March 27, 2024
James Lee (left) with David
James Lee (left) with David
Photo: Resonate Global Mission

David was walking into the cafeteria with one of his friends when something caught his eye—a flyer with the Christian fish symbol that Resonate Global Mission missionary James Lee and some of his colleagues had posted.

“Do you recognize this symbol?” the flyer asked.

Raised in the Roman Catholic Church, David recognized the fish symbol immediately. His heart started beating a little faster. 

“Are there more Christians on campus?” he wondered. David was intrigued, but he wrestled with how his parents might respond if he reached out to the phone number listed on the flyer. David’s family valued Roman Catholic traditions, and it was clear to him that these Christians were evangelical.

At the university David is attending in Queretaro, Mexico, it’s unusual for a student to know what the fish symbol represents. Out of 10,000 students, only 100 are Christian—and pastors and missionaries aren’t allowed on campus.

That’s why Resonate missionary Lee works with COMPA, a campus ministry that equips students to be missionaries at their schools. Lee and his colleagues need to get creative in order to reach Christian students on campus and share the gospel, disciple them, and equip them to be the hands and feet of Christ.

One day, when there wasn’t a security guard watching the university’s entrance, a missionary, some colleagues, and two students were able to post a few flyers with the Christian fish symbol around campus.

David thought he might forget about the flyer and move on, but he couldn’t get the fish symbol out of his mind. After a couple of weeks, he finally broached the subject with his parents.

To David’s surprise, his parents encouraged him to reach out to the number listed—they were a little nervous, but they wanted him to have a group of people with whom to study the Bible. When David texted the number, someone replied and shared all about the faith community at COMPA. 

Lee and some of his colleagues met David at a coffee shop near campus and invited him to participate in a weekly Bible study. David eagerly agreed.

“Connecting with other people who are also followers of Christ makes me feel very good,” said David. “It makes me feel like I belong to something. . . . I have a family I didn’t even know was my family.”

David doesn’t feel so alone anymore on his campus. He said he feels that Lee truly cares about him and wants to share God’s love. Through Bible studies and Lee’s mentorship, David is also discovering God’s purpose for his life—sharing the gospel wherever God has placed him, including on his university campus.

“We train students through God’s Word so that they understand God has a divine purpose for their lives. At the same time that they are studying, they can share the gospel with other students who are not believers,” said Lee.

Equipping leaders like David is one of the ways Resonate works to spread the gospel throughout the world. 

“I see myself as a leader like Pastor Lee with the intention and objective of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ,” said David.