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A Divine Encounter in Cambodia

January 4, 2017
Johnny and Gil

Johnny and Gil

Christian Reformed World Missions

Johnny describes his first meeting with Christian Reformed World Missions Gil Suh as a divine encounter.

Before that meeting, Johnny used to be a well-known pastor at one of the largest churches in Cambodia. Then he sensed God calling him to branch out and plant a church.

That church plant didn’t go as well as Johnny had planned and he was losing hope in his own abilities as a ministry leader.

“He felt discouraged and disconnected from others,” says Suh, who has been serving as a CRWM missionary in Cambodia since the end of 2008.

Suh began to meet with Johnny one-on-one. As his mentor and coach, Suh learned more about Johnny and helped him rediscover some of his gifts.

“I got to know Johnny better, listening and praying with him over a few meetings,” recalls Suh. “He opened up to me and shared more about his family and calling into ministry.”

Suh also helped Johnny see that he was not alone in his struggle. He invited Johnny to a roundtable group for emerging leaders in Cambodia’s capital of  Phnom Penh. This group includes other ministry leaders, as well as business leaders and other young people who Suh encourages in his role.

In this group, Johnny was able to talk about his discouragement with peers who had gone through similar struggles.

Over months of prayers, group meetings, and coaching with Suh, Johnny’s situation began to change for the better. Johnny began to feel renewed in his calling.

Today Johnny leads a remarkable ministry in Cambodia—a radio program that airs to more than 10,000 Cambodians every day.

“This is an excellent ministry opportunity,” says Suh.

With coaching from Suh, Johnny prepares this daily message that shares Christ’s love and Gospel message with the people of Cambodia.

Thank you for standing with Johnny. Your support for ministries around the world gives leaders like him hope.