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CRC Ministries Issue a Call for Creation-Care Prayers and Worship Materials

January 16, 2018

The 2018 Climate Witness Project, along with other Christian Reformed Church offices and ministries, is launching an effort this week to encourage congregations and individuals to create and submit prayers and other worship materials on creation care.

Starting Jan. 17, anyone who is interested can follow these guidelines to help in creating creation-care resources. Submissions are due by April 30.

These new worship resources can range from creation-care songs, prayers, and sermon notes to images, liturgies, or any other elements that celebrate and honor God’s creation while addressing creation-care challenges, such as climate change, facing the world.

The plan is for a collection of free, online creation-care resources, submitted through this effort, to be available in fall 2018 for congregations to use in worship — both to give thanks to God and to acknowledge the challenges facing God’s creation.

The Climate Witness Project, the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, World Renew, the Office of Social Justice, and Worship Ministries have joined to sponsor this project because they “see the value of giving thanks to God for this world and . . . would like to have elements of worship services that help us focus on God’s creation and the fullness thereof,” according to a press release.

This project comes out of requests to help churches learn about the impacts of extreme weather and climate change and to address these concerns in worship resources that give praise and reflect God’s call to stewardship.

“Because we have so many outstanding writers in our shared audiences, we sense this as an opportunity to call on those writers and others to help our churches by creating new worship elements,” says the press release.

The project organizers are accepting submissions of songs, prayers, sermon notes, images, liturgies and many other elements with the hope that these newly written pieces will enable congregations to both give thanks to God and acknowledge the challenges facing God’s creation.

To find out more and submit resources, visit Share Your Creative Worship Ideas!