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April 28, 2021

Pentecost is on May 23 this year. As a part of celebrating this important holiday, check out God's Big Pentecost Story: A Celebration for Families and consider sending or delivering a copy to each family in your congregation.

This free, downloadable package from Faith Formation Ministries provides families with a simple, meaningful (and fun!) way to celebrate Pentecost at home. It invites families to "breathe, read, wonder, and pray" together as they prepare to celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit and the birthday of the church. Download this family devotional guide and discover other great resources at

Explore Flexible Dwell Curriculum

It’s not too early to start thinking ahead for the 2021-22 Sunday school season. Are you familiar with everything the Dwell curriculum has to offer your children’s program? The About Dwell web page can answer questions you might have, and it includes links to free Leader Resources and 10 free sessions. Also, explore Dwell Flex, our new multiage, multisetting version of the Dwell Sunday school curriculum designed for the specific needs of churches meeting in a variety of contexts right now (Flex sample here). Not a Dwell customer yet? Get free downloadable sessions here.

Planning a Summer Program at your Church?

Faith Alive’s five-session summer units (there’s eight to choose from) contain everything you need to put on a successful summer program—song lyrics and music, reproducible pages, complete session plans, and more. Order one book for each of your leaders, and you're ready to go! See samples and find out more.

Focus on Family Faith Formation

  • Everyday Family Faith
    Use this pocket-sized book in your church's family ministry as a welcome gift for new families. Or send one to each of your families to help encourage their faith formation practices at home. Also available in Korean!
  • Dear Parent
    This book encourages parents as they help their children to find their place in God's family, know God's story, live in hope, and discover their calling.
  • Home Grown Handbook for Christian Parenting
    This handbook gives parents practical, real-world advice about how to help their kids know and love God.
  • Shaped by God
    Twelve experts share their perspectives on faith formation at home, in worship, in education, in intergenerational contexts, with people with developmental disabilities, and more. (Also available as an ebook.)

Spanish Resources on Sale

All Spanish titles for children and youth are on sale! Explore a variety of resources such as Bibles and Bible storybooks, simple prayer books for preschoolers, sticker books, coloring books, and more. Visit for a complete list of titles.

Upcoming Event: Children’s Spirituality Summit

Join us for the Children’s Spirituality Summit virtual conference on May 24-26.

Thirty workshops and four keynote speakers will address children’s spirituality and intergenerational faith formation and ministry. Find more information and register.