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Challenges and Rewards in India

November 22, 2023
ReFrame’s Hindi ministry leader shared about successes, challenges, and other prayer requests at a recent online event.
ReFrame’s Hindi ministry leader shared about successes, challenges, and other prayer requests at a recent online event.
Photo: ReFrame Ministries

ReFrame Ministries recently hosted a live conversation with Rev. AK Lama, who leads their partner media ministry in India.

Under Lama's leadership, ReFrame shares the gospel with Hindi speakers using audio and video programs and devotional booklets. Most of the audience connects through the internet, but ReFrame also distributes flash drives and CDs to rural parts of the country.

“The main population has access to smartphones, so they listen to the ministry messages when they're relaxing on the train, bus, or at home,” said Lama. “However, the ministry ultimately focuses on how to connect with people personally.”

To that end, ReFrame’s partners in India host training events to help community members reach out in different areas.

“Community members may have interests in health, technical skills, or skill development, and we bring those programs to connect with them and share the gospel,” said Lama. “If they're interested, we go to their nearest town and do a follow-up, which helps us develop relationships with them.”

Oftentimes, the events and trainings turn into discipleship opportunities, said Lama. One Christian writer, Anu, recently reconnected with the ministry after years of isolation due to depression. She attended a writer’s workshop earlier this year, and it was her first opportunity in several years to interact with other Christians.

After the workshop, Anu began crafting a new and compelling script that will be shared on the Hindi ministry's YouTube channel in India. Her creative interactions in the workshop provided her with a much-needed boost to pursue her passion further.

Expressing her appreciation, Anu said, "It was a very good workshop for me. I felt like a sleeping writer reawakened through this program."

In the live-conversation video another partner in the ministry explained, "Churches and gospel workers are going through a tough time" because of increased persecution against Christians lately, "but we're also seeing more revival than in previous years." (The video is available for viewing at

Lama explained further that many of ReFrame’s partners have felt uneasy as gospel workers. That feeling has only grown in the past few years, as instances of persecution and violence against Christians have been on the rise. He asked for prayers for safety and protection as these men and women continue their work across northern India.

Lama also noted that India will be holding elections in five states this November. In 2024 there will also be a national parliamentary election. These elections will greatly affect India's religious freedom in the next five years, he said.

“Please pray for the government of India, that it would show compassion to those who differ from it in terms of their religious ideas,” he added.

Despite these challenges, Lama reported that there is significant growth in local and house churches. And for this, he said, all the credit goes to God.