Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee

We’re a CRC committee that cares deeply about the relationships between Indigenous peoples and non-indigenous Canadians. You may have seen the art tour that we organized (reForming Relationships) or experienced the KAIROS Blanket Exercise, one of our favourite tools for reconciliation. We provide lay leadership to the CRC on Indigenous issues in Canada.

The Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee has the specific role of educating and mobilizing CRC members and congregations to live in reconciled relationships as covenant (treaty) people before our Creator with focus on reconciling the relationship between Indigenous people and non-indigenous people in Canada.

The Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee works to raise awareness of the shared history and of the present lived reality of Indigenous people in Canada. In doing so, relationships are built and justice is sought out by advocacy or raising more awareness.

We're here to support you and your church as you work for reconciliation. To get in contact with the CIMC member in your area, email

Committee Members

Alberta / British Colombia Seat 

Kayla Boone - (Smithers) is a former Youth Ambassador of Reconciliation and attends The Kings University College in Edmonton, Alberta. Her passion to work with Indigenous peoples started when she was very young. Growing up, her dad, a history teacher at the local Christian high school, would pass her his Canadian history textbooks to read, take her on his field trips to visit various Indigenous communities, and patiently answer her questions. Together, her parents encouraged her love for history, gently showing her how to ask questions and then do her own research and find the answers to the questions for myself. She enjoys living up north as there are always many things to do – no matter what the season!

Saskechewan / Manitoba / Northern Ontario Seat 

Currently Vacant - if you would like to serve on this committee please contact

Southern Ontario / Eastern Canada Seat 

Priya Andrade - (Chair - Halifax) is a Goan-Canadian mother, emerging artist, and Do Justice columnist. She serves as elder at All Nations CRC in Halifax and strongly believes that our personal welfare is intrinsically intertwined with others, a message she seeks to spread this message through art. Priya intersects her experience on CIMC with her art practice and work with children and youth in Nova Scotia. You can follow her practices on Instagram at @rednsmountain.

Member at Large Seat 

Currently Vacant - if you would like to serve on this committee please contact

Member at Large Seat 

Currently Vacant - if you would like to serve on this committee please contact

Reformed Church of America Seat 

Currently Vacant - if you would like to serve on this committee please contact


Staff Support 

Bert Adema (Regina) is the Executive Director of Indigenous Christian Fellowship (ICF), in Regina, Saskatchewan. Since 1993, he has encouraged Indigenous people to claim, develop, use, and celebrate their individual and cultural gifts from the Creator. He collaborates with Indigenous staff and community members in developing and delivering activities serving the spiritual and social needs of First Nations and Metis people in Regina. Now that their four daughters have moved out of their family home, he and his wife Ruth have started to wonder about what to do with the rest of their lives.

Shannon Perez (Winnipeg) is Canadian Ministries’ Justice and Reconciliation Mobilizer. She provides staff support to the Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee and fosters leadership among congregations for reconciliation and right relationships with our Indigenous neighbours. Shannon is a member of the community at Indigenous Family Centre (a CRC ministry with Indigenous people in Winnipeg), and currently serves as Chair of the IFC Board. Shannon is a member of the Sayisi Dene First Nation, and lives in Winnipeg with her husband and children.

Darren Roorda (Beamsville) is the Canadian Ministries Director of the Christian Reformed Church and provides oversight to the Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee. He is proud of the work that the CIMC and all of their partners, as the CRC in Canada has gained much respect for our years of faithful ministry in this area. Darren was given the pleasure to represent the CRC at the TRC event during the ‘Actions for Reconciliation’ which was by invitation only. It spoke well to the work of this fine group on CIMC currently and years of work of others connected to the CRC.

Harold Roscher (Edmonton) is the chaplain and director of the Edmonton Native Healing Centre. Harold started full-time work in 2002 after the Creator challenged him to go back to school and prepare his heart to work with Indigenous people. At age thirty-five he became a registered Indian with the government — talk about a transition from being a little dark-haired Dutch boy! In recognizing himself as a Cree man, God launched him on this fantastic journey of discovery about self, culture, and the Gospel.

Victoria Veenstra (Paris) is the Justice Communications Team Coordinator for the Christian Reformed Church.  She serves the committee through communications including developing Facebook content and producing a quarterly newsletter.  She holds a masters of arts in history from Trent University where she had the oppourtunity to study some of the rich history of Indigenous people in Canada.  

Michele Visser-Wikkerink (Winnipeg) grew up in Southern Ontario but fell in love with the prairies when she came to Winnipeg for a visit. She is married with three children and has been the director of Indigenous Family Centre since 2009. Her work interests have always included food security and social justice issues, and her home life finds her cooking, walking, biking, and hanging out with her family.