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October 2021 Prayer Requests

Friday October 1
from: Indigenous Christian Fellowship: Hospitality and safety

Amid the ongoing pandemic, our staff and volunteers wonder how best to serve the community members who come to Indigenous Christian Fellowship each day in Regina, Sask. Pray that all will be protected from illness and will continue to be able to serve food and drink to the community in Christ’s name with grace, joy, and peace.

Saturday October 2
from: Resonate Global Mission: Iowa

Give thanks for the faith community that Geneva Campus Ministry, a Resonate partner at the University of Iowa, provides for students. “I enjoyed being able to talk about my beliefs and my faith with others my age,” said one student. “That is not something that happens often on a [public] college campus, and Geneva provided a space for it.”

Sunday October 3
from: Diversity: Guidance

Please pray for the Southeast Asian/Pacific Islanders leaders who spent time in prayer and strategizing their work at a September board meeting in Gary, Ind., toward growing healthy churches, developing the next generation of leaders, and facilitating the health of pastors and lay leaders as they work in mission and ministry in the CRC and beyond.

Monday October 4
from: Safe Church: Community

Give thanks with us for the people in our congregations who continue working toward a day when abuse is no longer present in our churches, families, and communities. We give thanks too for experts outside of our churches who can help us develop better systems to eliminate abuse. (On join our Oct. 6 webinar on “Faith Leaders and a Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence.”)

Tuesday October 5
from: Resonate: Michigan

La Casa de Mi Padre (“My Father’s House”), a Resonate church-plant partner in Michigan, is forming friendships with people and families in their communities. More people are coming to worship services and other gatherings! Ask the Holy Spirit to keep drawing people into a relationship with Christ and a supportive faith community.

Wednesday October 6
from: ReFrame Ministries: Puerto Rico

Pray, along with Aida, for her friend who has been asking questions about the Christian faith. Aida reads our Spanish devotions and has been sharing them with her friend. Pray that Aida will continue to deepen her relationship with this friend and that Christ’s love will be reflected through her.

Thursday October 7
from: World Renew: Disaster response

With schools and fall activities starting up, COVID infection rates and hospitalizations in the U.S. have been rising again. Please pray for the safe relaunching of Disaster Response Services programming and volunteer engagement with disaster-affected communities in this season.

Friday October 8
from: Resonate: Africa

Give thanks for God’s work through Discipling Marketplace Leaders, a Resonate partner in Africa. Two pastors began ministering among the Maasai in Kenya and were able to lead Bible studies and help with business development. One man came to faith in Christ and was baptized; pray for him as he continues to grow as a disciple of Christ.

Saturday October 9
from: GEMS Girls' Clubs: Mentorship

Mentoring matters. Pray that every GEMS Girls’ Club may have an unwavering commitment to help bring girls into a living, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. Please pray that every girl knows she belongs and that she is loved by God, her leaders, and the girls at her club.

Sunday October 10
from: ReFrame: Japan

Pray for Emiri and her son, who listen to our audio programs together in Japan. "I have been asking more and more questions about God and Jesus," Emiri writes. Pray that she will continue to seek Jesus and follow him.

Monday October 11
from: World Renew: Canadian Thanksgiving

We praise and thank God for his faithfulness and mercy in our lives, and for guiding and allowing us to serve brothers and sisters in Christ around the world. Thank God for the generous support World Renew receives to sustain its ministries. May God bless all individuals, churches, organizations, and agencies supporting this work in various ways.

Tuesday October 12
from: Climate Witness Project: Lament

As we see extreme weather devastate communities—from voracious fires to overwhelming floods—we ask you to pray in lament for the chaos in creation brought on by climate change. Ask God to help communities grieve, recover, and rebuild in ways that are sustainable so that we can love others better.

Wednesday October 13
from: Resonate: Worldwide

Pray for believers working through the curriculum Witness: Equipped to Share the Good News. This new resource from Resonate helps to equip people to share the gospel with family, friends, and neighbors. Ask the Holy Spirit to use this tool to transform lives and communities.

Thursday October 14
from: ReFrame: Ukraine

A man named Ludovic found our ministry website and asked for prayers for his wife, who was hospitalized with respiratory problems. Praise God that she was recently discharged and able to return home. Pray for continued strength, both physical and spiritual, for Ludovic and his family.

Friday October 15
from: World Renew: Zambia

Recent elections in Zambia were relatively peaceful, and the resulting mood in the country is buoyant. COVID-19 rates have declined, but people are still hesitant to receive vaccinations even though plenty are available. Pray for wisdom for the new government and patience for the population as citizens are eager to see improvements in their country.

Saturday October 16
from: Resonate: Central Asia

Resonate missionaries in Central Asia give thanks for Christians in their region who are strong in faith and have a compulsion to share the good news with others! Ask the Holy Spirit to work powerfully through these believers.

Sunday October 17
from: Disability Concerns: Awareness

Today we celebrate Disability Awareness Sunday. Our theme this year is “Who's missing in my church?” Many young adults with and without disabilities feel unwelcome because churches often do not have the same accessibility that other spaces have in their communities. What can you do to change this narrative? How can your church invest in our younger people living with disabilities?

Monday October 18
from: Diaconal Ministries Canada: Deacons as leaders

Pray for deacons as they equip their congregations in service, justice, stewardship, compassion, and prophetic criticism, particularly in today’s uncertain times. Ask God to grant deacons an abundance of wisdom (James 1:5), love for God and others (Matt. 22:37-39), and faith that God is able to work in them and through them (Heb. 11:6; Phil. 2:13).

Tuesday October 19
from: ReFrame: English ministry

Pray for Jen, who contacted our Prayer Team and wrote, “I need direction. I feel that God had put me on a shelf and had forgotten about me. Please pray that I have wisdom and direction and know where the Holy Spirit is leading.”

Wednesday October 20
from: World Renew: Hunger awareness

Every October, thousands of people around the globe recognize and participate in world hunger awareness in honor of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. Join with us in God’s work of renewing the lives of 821 million hungry people in the world today, and ask God to transform hunger into hope.

Thursday October 21
from: Resonate: Nebraska

F Street Neighborhood Church, a Resonate partner in Lincoln, Neb., is starting Celebrate Recovery. “This is about Christ and his work in our lives, regardless of our addictions, habits, and struggles,” said church planter Jeff Heerspink. Ask God to work through this new ministry to transform people’s lives.

Friday October 22
from: Raise Up: Global Coffee Break: Ongoing work

Pray for Global Coffee Break partners around the world as they use Discover Your Bible materials to reach out. Pray also for the translation of these study materials into many languages, and for the protection and growth of groups. May new Christians be born from the Word and develop a rich foundation in studying the Bible.

Saturday October 23
from: ReFrame: Chinese ministry

Many of our Chinese web resources and social media accounts have recently been shut down by the Chinese government. Pray that the good news of Jesus will reach the people who have lost access to these resources and devotions.

Sunday October 24
from: Chaplaincy and Care: Spiritual care

Starting today, throughout Canada and the United States, chaplains and institutions are celebrating Spiritual Care Week to recognize the work of spiritual caregivers in their midst. Please pray alongside our 155 chaplains and spiritual care practitioners as they share their stories and celebrate their ministries in their local communities.

Monday October 25
from: Resonate: Campus ministries

Resonate partner campus ministries worked hard to connect with students at the beginning of this academic year. Give thanks for all the new connections formed. Pray that students, faculty, and staff will find a supportive faith community through campus ministries.

Tuesday October 26
from: World Renew: Bangladesh and India

Our team in Bangladesh and India asks for prayers as local churches seek to help their neighbors, especially at this time when many are out of work and need support. Pray also for the many projects our partners are carrying out in these countries as they seek to show Christ's love in all they do.

Wednesday October 27
from: ReFrame: India

Pratap is an alcoholic and often causes problems at home. His family has been reaching out to our partners in India, asking for prayers. Pray for Pratap’s deliverance from alcoholism. Pray for peace for his loving family as they walk with him through this challenge.

Thursday October 28
from: Calvin Theological Seminary: Peace

Pray for students, faculty, and staff as they navigate school, families, and other obligations during the pandemic, and as they begin, in stages, to move into a newly renovated building this semester. Pray that all will be able to take time regularly with the One who gives us rest (Matt. 11:28).

Friday October 29
from: Resonate: Central America

Pray for our cohort in Central America. Rachel Beveridge, a missionary who leads the cohort, said that this year has been especially challenging for many of the cohort fellows and the ministries they are serving. Ask for God’s grace.

Saturday October 30
from: World Renew: Gender justice

Each of us is an imagebearer of God, created with inherent value. But during times of upheaval such as the current pandemic, women and girls in many developing countries experience an uptick in gender-based injustices, making them more economically vulnerable than usual. May God continue to give us wisdom as we strive to achieve justice for all.

Sunday October 31
from: Communications: Reformation Day

In 1517, Martin Luther posted his 95 theses and started a discussion and eventually a movement in the church that still shapes our faith today. Ask God to give each of us the courage to continue to follow Christ’s calling in our lives so that the church around the world and through the ages may be built up.

November 2021 Prayer Requests

Monday November 1
from: ReFrame Ministries: Prayer ministry

Pray with Stella, who recently told our prayer ministry team that she feels guilty for calling the police on her son, who was abusing drugs. Pray for her son’s recovery and for a sense of peace for Stella as she reflects on and navigates her difficult circumstances.

Tuesday November 2
from: Resonate Global Mission: Asia

Give thanks for a successful Timothy Leadership training in eastern and central Asia. “Everything was new to me!” said one participant. “I have never heard of such things, but I desire now to apply them all into my ministry setting.” Pray for participants as they put their learning about Christian leadership into practice.

Wednesday November 3
from: World Renew: Disaster Response Services

The past 16 months have seen a brutal onslaught of natural storms across the United States. The people who are affected are often left confused, hopeless, distressed, and feeling forgotten long after the storms have passed. Please join us in praying for these survivors, and ask for wisdom as we search out the best ways to help.

Thursday November 4
from: Disability Concerns: Resource and community

Each Thursday last month, our Disability Concerns community gathered to explore our newest resource: Everybody Belongs, Serving Together. We’re thankful for all who shared their knowledge within the field and supported our learning experience. Pray with us that conversations begun there may have a significant impact on ministry throughout the church.

Friday November 5
from: Kuyper College: New starts

We give thanks and praise for an overall healthy and in-person first semester this school year. Please pray for students in the new Workplace Partnership Program, a collaboration between Kuyper College and area businesses providing urban students an affordable Christian college education, combining workplace experience and access to Kuyper classes.

Saturday November 6
from: Resonate: Campus ministries

Pray for campus ministers as they continue to navigate ministry during the pandemic. Many limitations continue on what they may or may not do, and rules and regulations often change. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance in making plans and connecting with students while helping to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

Sunday November 7
from: World Renew: World Hunger Sunday

In communities facing poverty, people often struggle to grow enough food, find clean water, rebuild after a disaster, and deal with injustice. We praise God for opportunities to come together as one in Christ and to love our neighbor. Pray with us for equipping to foster justice, love, and mercy in our work with partners and congregations.

Monday November 8
from: Raise Up: TLT: Changes

Pray for the revision process of Timothy Leadership Training (TLT) manuals. We pray that interactive and accessible content may continue to aid facilitators and deepen participants’ appreciation of God's grace. Pray for wisdom in introducing changes, and for increased opportunities in developing partnerships and new resources.

Tuesday November 9
from: ReFrame: Japan

Reiko is undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and some days she has very little energy. "On those days I am truly grateful for the encouragement from your program," she shared with our Japanese ministry team. Pray for continued healing for Reiko, and praise God that she has found a source of strength in him.

Wednesday November 10
from: Resonate: Communities

Pray for our church plant partners as they share the love of Christ in their communities. Ask the Holy Spirit for opportunities to connect with neighbors and share the gospel, both through actions and conversations.

Thursday November 11
from: Communications: Remembrance Day/Veterans Day

Today we remember military service personnel who have served their countries, recognizing that many gave their lives or returned forever changed. Together may we ask God to bring peace and healing for veterans and for all whose lives have been disrupted by war.

Friday November 12
from: Cadets: New theme

This year's theme, "God's In Control," based on Joshua 1:9, continues to remind cadets and counselors that God is always with them, including during times of stress and anxiety. We pray that this reassurance will help our boys and men to be strong and courageous in living for Jesus.

Saturday November 13
from: World Renew: India

This summer, as the pandemic claimed many lives in India, gifts of over $1 million helped our international disaster response team to provide families with life-saving resources (such as food, medicines, and hygiene kits) and to supply rural medical facilities with urgently needed oxygen and other resources. We praise God for this overwhelming response!

Sunday November 14
from: ReFrame: Prayer for the persecuted church

In this week of prayer for the persecuted church, remember all who are imprisoned and suffering for their faith in Christ. May the grace and love of Christ be our ongoing witness everywhere. May the Spirit of God break down strongholds and hardened hearts, that the good news of Jesus may spread to the ends of the earth.

Monday November 15
from: Centre for Public Dialogue: China

Pray for Christians in China who regularly declare their unwavering faith in the face of oppression and persecution. Pray for protection and safety from physical harm and for provision for material needs. Pray for protection from evil—that God will guard the hearts of his people from despondency, fear, and isolation.

Tuesday November 16
from: Resonate: Cambodia

Resonate missionaries Ly Chhay and Navy Chann Chhay ask for prayer for the pastors and churches they work with in Cambodia. Pray for “God’s direction for the local church to carry out their ministry in their area and beyond,” they ask.

Wednesday November 17
from: Safe Church: Learning

Today the Safe Church and Women's Leadership ministries are hosting a conversation with Beth Allison Barr, author of The Making of Biblical Womanhood, on how the Bible has been interpreted regarding the roles of women. Pray that everyone will come together with a posture of humility and a deep desire to learn. See

Thursday November 18
from: Pastor Church Resources: Grace and guidance

These days there are many opportunities for congregations to tackle topics that bring out strong opinions, emotions, and responses. Talking about “tough stuff” is important and healthy. Pray that as these conversations take place, all may listen well, honor each other, extend much grace, and listen deeply for the Spirit’s guidance.

Friday November 19
from: Resonate: Michigan

Hesed Community Church, a Resonate church plant partner in Detroit, Mich., recently purchased another ministry house! Pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance as they move into the neighborhood.

Saturday November 20
from: ReFrame: World Children's Day

This year on World Children’s Day we are focusing on children in schools across Indonesia who receive devotional booklets and watch videos supplied by our Indonesian ministry team. Pray that the biblical messages in these resources will offer hope and practical ways for young people in Indonesia to learn about faith in Christ.

Sunday November 21
from: Chaplaincy and Care: Chaplaincy Sunday

Pray for and encourage the work of our 155 CRC chaplains ministering to over 2 million people each year in hospitals, hospices, counseling agencies, long-term care facilities, correctional facilities, community service agencies, veterans centers, the military, and the workplace. May our chaplains be a light in the darkness, bringing Christ’s grace, peace, and healing.

Monday November 22
from: Calvin Theological Seminary: Diversity

Over one-third of our students come from outside North America. Our students come from 25 countries, and 30 percent of our students are women. It is a blessing to hear diverse stories of the church and of Christ’s calling as we learn together. Give thanks and pray for the beautiful diversity in our seminary community.

Tuesday November 23
from: Resonate: Community witness

Pray for CRC members seeking to join God on mission in their neighborhoods. Ask God for meaningful connections with their neighbors. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and for opportunities to talk about Jesus.

Wednesday November 24
from: Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations: Togetherness

As we approach the holiday season, let’s pray that Christians everywhere will find joy and fellowship in the faith we share with each other and in the good news we work to share with the world.

Thursday November 25
from: World Renew: Thanksgiving Day (U.S.)

"I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation. . . . I can do all this through him who gives me strength" (Phil. 4:12-13). In all things may we be thankful for the gifts God has given us, and may we use our gifts to help our neighbors.

Friday November 26
from: ReFrame: India

As the only Christian in his family, Binod has been concerned about the spiritual well-being of his family members. Praise God with Binod that his brother was recently baptized! Continue to pray with him that the other members of his family may come to faith in Christ.

Saturday November 27
from: Resonate: Michigan

"Pray that God will bless our gatherings . . . and the new connections we are making with other ministries and with Michigan State University’s staff and faculty this year,” asks Dara Nykamp, a Resonate partner campus minister at Campus Edge Fellowship in East Lansing, Mich.

Sunday November 28
from: Worship Ministries: First day of Advent

As worship leaders prepare for a busy liturgical season, pray for an anointing of the Spirit and for hearts that are open as they plan worship. Pray for freedom from distractions as they work with pastors, volunteers, and others, that they may have creative and sound resources to help lead people to saving faith in Jesus.

Monday November 29
from: Race Relations: Peace and healing

Isaiah 9:6 promises the coming Messiah, saying, “To us a child is born.” Jesus came to bring us peace with God, with one another, and with creation. He brought peace not by asserting his rights but by taking up his cross. He came to bring healing, and he calls us to join him in this work. May we hear his Word and sacrifice ourselves to bring healing amid the racialized suffering and violence so often perpetrated today.

Tuesday November 30
from: World Renew: Giving Tuesday

On this international day of charitable giving, note that nearly a billion people are experiencing food insecurity around the world due to conflict, climate change, and economic downturn. Please join us in asking God to bring hope to these families. May they be able to access food, grow crops, save their resources for food crises, and find relief from violence or disaster that robs them of their basic needs.