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Prayer is a powerful tool that God has given us. We can use it to further our relationship with God, discern his will for the future, present our petitions, lament and confess our transgressions, and praise him for all that he does for us. 

The CRCNA has several resources to help you in your prayer life, the ministries of the CRCNA also covet your prayers in support of ongoing work. 

Join others in praying for synod each year. There is a 40 days of prayer guide in the lead up to synod, as well as opportunities to pray during the event itself. 

The CRC Prayer Guide offers another way to pray for our shared ministry as a denomination, with specific prayer requests for each day of the year. View these prayer requests below, download printer-friendly versions, or get them delivered to your email inbox (choose to receive them daily, weekly, or once a month).

You may also be interested in the prayer section of The Network and the CRC News weekly email.

Thursday June 1
from: Race Relations: Red Dress Campaign

May 5 was a day to create awareness about Indigenous missing and murdered girls and women in North America. Participants wore a red dress and painted a red hand over their mouth to depict the silence of the media, law enforcement, and government agencies on this issue. Please pray for families whose daughter, sister, aunt, or mom is missing from their circle. Pray that our churches may grow in awareness of and raise their voices against this injustice.

Friday June 2
from: World Renew: Clean water

For one-third of the global population clean water is a dream that remains out of reach. World Renew helps communities establish safe, consistent water sources and teaches families sanitation and hygiene practices. Please pray for all who do not have access to clean water. May God purify, protect, and multiply their water sources so that their communities may thrive.

Saturday June 3
from: Resonate Global Mission: Community

Give thanks that international students have found community through the Dinner Church that Leah De Vos, a Resonate mission network developer, hosts in her home. These students are curious about the gospel. Ask the Holy Spirit to continue drawing them into a relationship with Jesus.

Sunday June 4
from: Worship: Synod 2023

We are grateful for the many prayers being offered for Synod 2023, which begins on Friday, June 9. CRC Worship asks that you pray for worship during synod. Pray that preparations may go smoothly and that worship may orient and reorient us to God’s presence in our midst during conversations and deliberations.

Monday June 5
from: World Renew: Creation care

A growing number of churches are connecting with the Climate Witness Project (CWP), a joint ministry of Social Justice and World Renew. The CWP network provides resources for education, worship, energy stewardship, and advocacy, equipping churches with tools for creation care. Today, on World Environment Day, we praise God for these efforts and pray that creation care will continue to grow in North America.

Tuesday June 6
from: ReFrame Ministries: Russian ministry

Pray for young people like Inna who recently attended a conference led by ReFrame’s Russian ministry partners. Inna shared that because of the conference she feels emboldened to bring up her Christian faith in conversations with nonbelieving friends and in social media posts.

Wednesday June 7
from: Resonate: Michigan

“Pray for students who are moving on from Western Michigan University, bringing all they’ve experienced here back to their homes around the world,” ask campus ministers from International Campus Ministry.

Thursday June 8
from: Safe Church: Discussions

Please pray for discussions about the Code of Conduct at synod in the coming week, asking that we may not lose sight of survivors and others harmed by abuse in the church who now struggle to trust ministry leaders. Pray that our conversations lead us as a denomination to recommit ourselves to use our power and influence to bless others for the sake of God’s kingdom.

Friday June 9
from: Communications: First day of synod

Pray that delegates and advisers gathered at Synod 2023 in Grand Rapids, Mich., may have meaningful and grace-filled dialogue and seek God’s guidance in all decisions made. Pray for all church leaders and members as they interact with and implement these decisions. May God’s will be done and his name be glorified.

Saturday June 10
from: ReFrame: Japan

Praise God for working in the lives of people like Tetsu, who listens to broadcasts from ReFrame’s partners in Japan. “Guided by God,” Tetsu shared, “I learned about your radio program, and now I am attending a church. I always look forward to Sundays. The brothers and sisters who gather at church are also kind and happy. I was able to be baptized because of your broadcast.”

Sunday June 11
from: Candidacy Committee: Candidates

We invite you to rejoice with us in God's faithful provision of 30 new candidates who are ready to be ordained as ministers of the Word in the Christian Reformed Church! Please ask God for wisdom and discernment as they make decisions about ministry opportunities, and for enduring peace and strength for their journey in ministry.

Monday June 12
from: Resonate: Germany

Resonate missionaries David Kromminga and Mary Buteyn have planted a church with and for newcomers in Berlin, Germany. They’re hosting an Alpha course for people interested in learning more about the gospel. Ask the Holy Spirit to work through this ministry to draw people into a relationship with Jesus.

Tuesday June 13
from: Disability Concerns: Book clubs

We thank God that 50 churches are hosting a book club on the Disability Concerns book of the year, My Body Is Not a Prayer Request by Amy Kenny. Pray that people who read the book will become agents of change, breaking down physical, communicational, and attitudinal barriers within their church.

Wednesday June 14
from: Calvin Theological Seminary: Summer opportunities

Pray for students as they enter into the summer season with plans for graduate placements, ministry sites, work, and travel. Ask God to continue forming students through their summer activities.

Thursday June 15
from: ReFrame: India

Pray for Santosh, who follows our ministry programming from India. “My father is making a slow recovery from a stroke,” Santosh shared. “May the Lord heal him soon. May the Lord also bless and comfort my mother, who is very much broken by this incident.”

Friday June 16
from: Resonate: South Asia

“Pray that Hindus will look to Jesus as the true light of the world who shines in the darkness,” ask Resonate missionaries serving in South Asia.

Saturday June 17
from: ThereforeGo Ministries: SERVE 2023

TherereforeGo Ministries is excited to kick off SERVE 2023 today! More than 850 participants will attend SERVE this year, coming from 16 states and seven provinces. Please ask the Lord with us to work in the hearts of each student, leader, and volunteer while keeping them safe in their travels and at their worksites.

Sunday June 18
from: Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee: Indigenous Ministry Sunday

Please join us in prayer today for the Hearts Exchanged program. May the church’s reconciliation journey be one of ongoing relationship and depth. As the CRC looks toward next steps in reconciliation, please pray for ongoing progress forward in this program.

Monday June 19
from: World Renew: Juneteenth

Today is a U.S. holiday commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans, opening their pathway to freedom. This day is celebrated as a turning point toward recognizing the dignity, value, and freedom due to all people. Join us as we pray for justice, healing, repentance, and unity for all God’s people.

Tuesday June 20
from: World Renew: Refugees and displaced people

Over 100 million people have been forcibly displaced worldwide due to persecution, conflict, violence, or human rights violations. Today, on World Refugee Day, please join us in asking God to keep these families safe, providing them with necessary food, shelter, health, and protection.

Wednesday June 21
from: Edmonton Native Healing Centre: National Indigenous Peoples Day (Canada)

Creator, we give thanks for this day and ask for guidance and wisdom as we seek to move forward on our Pahpiywihke [Cree for “smile”] project. We ask for successful fundraising efforts and for great new relationships that will allow our vulnerable population to receive free dental care. Thank you, Creator, for the collection of $12,000 of the $30,000 we are hoping to raise for this effort. Thank you for the courage allowing us to dream big and move forward in the confidence that you will supply all our needs. Hiy, Hiy!

Thursday June 22
from: Resonate: Haiti

Haiti is facing many challenges right now. Ask God to protect communities from violence and to provide for all who lack food, safe drinking water, and more. Ask for wisdom for Resonate’s ministry leaders and partners in the ongoing work in Haiti.

Friday June 23
from: ReFrame: Prayer ministry

Bailey recently shared this prayer request with our team: “My 15-year-old son has been struggling for several years after the sudden passing of his father. He is making some very poor choices lately. I pray that the void in his heart will be filled with love and peace and that he can see how much he is loved.”

Saturday June 24
from: Resonate: Central America

Several young adults are currently serving with our Cohort in Central America. Pray for these young adults as they serve in a grassroots ministry, build relationships and form community, and deepen and strengthen their faith.

Sunday June 25
from: World Renew: Justice for all

We mobilize communities to identify, confront, and change unjust systems, equipping them to advocate for and work to create change. We focus on ensuring equal rights and opportunities, recognizing that injustice is often due to individual or systemic abuses of power and that peaceful and just environments enable effective community development. Please pray that we may work with wisdom as we strive to achieve justice for all.

Monday June 26
from: Raise Up: Educational Care: Training

Praise God for a rich season of Educational Care training taking place in Uganda. Teachers in the Obongi Refugee Settlement have been planning among themselves for months to make the training there possible.

Tuesday June 27
from: Chaplaincy and Care: Workplace chaplains

Our workplace chaplains work in the industrial or corporate world, serving the needs of employees affected by grief, trauma, and crises at home or at work and who may not have a spiritual support network. Please pray for these chaplains and the people they serve.

Wednesday June 28
from: Resonate: Kenya

Give thanks for the fruitful Helping without Hurting training that Resonate missionary Anthony Sytsma led recently in Nairobi, Kenya, in collaboration with World Renew staff. Pray that the participants may put into practice what they have learned.

Thursday June 29
from: ReFrame: Burkina Faso

Oumarou is a faithful listener to our French-ministry programs. He recently visited our ministry office in Burkina Faso to share his gratitude to God for his miraculous recovery after a surgical procedure on his leg. Pray for Oumarou’s continued healing and ask that he may continue to grow in his faith.

Friday June 30
from: World Renew: Disaster response

In February, Cyclone Freddy made landfall in southeastern Africa, resulting in landslides and flooding and claiming the lives of over 700 people across Mozambique, Madagascar, and Malawi. Please pray for all who have lost loved ones, homes, and crops, and are depending on humanitarian aid to survive. Pray also for the wisdom and safety of our staff and partners as they work to share Christ’s hope.

Monday May 1
from: Safe Church: Staff transitions

Please pray for staff transitions in Safe Church and Congregational Ministries. Eric Kas, a Safe Church consultant, moved to a position at Living Stones Academy, Grand Rapids, Mich., in April. Please pray for him in his new endeavors and for guidance as we discern a path forward for equipping congregations in abuse prevention, awareness, and response.

Tuesday May 2
from: Resonate Global Mission: Michigan

Hesed Community Church, a Resonate partner in Detroit, Mich., is showing up weekly at a local liquor store to meet and pray with people. “We’ve developed a few consistent relationships and are thankful for the open doors we have seen there for Christ-centered ministry,” share the pastors. Please pray for this ministry!

Wednesday May 3
from: ReFrame Ministries: Indonesia

Along with her recently formed small group at school, a teenager named Teresia watches and discusses videos produced by our partners in Indonesia. They also discuss ReFrame’s daily devotions for teenagers. Please pray that Teresia may continue to grow in faith and be an example for her peers.

Thursday May 4
from: CRC Communications: National Day of Prayer (U.S.)

Join Christians across the United States today in praying for God’s healing and guidance for the nation and the world. May God’s will, love, and wisdom guide leaders at all levels for the good of all communities, families, and individuals.

Friday May 5
from: World Renew: International Disaster Response (IDR)

Our IDR team is at “full capacity” for the first time in years and were able to meet with International Relief Managers (IRMs) this spring, in their first in-person gathering since 2018. We praise God for their time together, and we’re humbled by and grateful to support partners and colleagues navigating disasters in many different contexts.

Saturday May 6
from: Resonate: Sierra Leone

Our partner ministry leaders working with the Christian Reformed Church in Sierra Leone give thanks for three new believers from the Krim community who were recently baptized. Please ask the Holy Spirit to continue working in this community.

Sunday May 7
from: Diaconal Ministries Canada: NewGround Sunday

Please pray for our NewGround Program, which helps churches love their communities with grants and coaching support. NewGround also includes a youth justice initiative and deacon scholarships to build into diaconal leaders. On this NewGround Sunday, pray for generous hearts, that even more churches may be a healing presence and a doorway of hope in their communities.

Monday May 8
from: ReFrame: Japan

Pray for a radio listener in Japan who has been feeling depressed. “I had a really hard time yesterday, and I wished I didn’t wake up today,” the listener wrote. “Today I woke up earlier than usual and listened to your radio program.” Pray that this listener will continue to find ways to grow in his spiritual and mental health.

Tuesday May 9
from: World Renew: Zambia

Since 1990, World Renew has been working alongside Zambian churches and organizations to help improve agricultural and health skills as well as literacy, maternal health, income generation, and diaconal development. Please pray for us and our partner organizations as they continue in this work.

Wednesday May 10
from: Resonate: Ontario

Resonate missionary Greg Sinclair asks you to pray for the Farsi Fellowship at Willowdale CRC in Toronto. Many Farsi speakers who have come to Toronto as refugees have found a faith community through this ministry. Ask the Holy Spirit to continue drawing people into a relationship with Christ.

Thursday May 11
from: Cadets: Season wrap-up

As our Cadet season draws to a close, our theme “AMAZING,” based on Joshua 3:5, continues to remind cadets, counselors, and the rest of us to strive to be holy and recognize the many ways God blesses us. Pray that the boys we have worked with will look for, find, and share the amazing things God is doing as they live for Jesus.

Friday May 12
from: ReFrame: North America

Pray with Joy, who recently shared this request with our prayer team: “My husband and my son are not speaking. My husband has made a decision to move out of our home, and he does not want my son to move with us. I’m suffering, and I’m in agony.” Pray for peace and reconciliation in Joy’s home.

Saturday May 13
from: Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations: Unity

In a world that is increasingly polarized, we pray for unity among all Christ-followers. May we be imagebearers in this unity as we connect with each other over denominational divides. May we also reflect the Father's love across religious differences as we seek to dialogue with people of other faiths. And may unity begin here "at home" as we prepare for Synod 2023.

Sunday May 14
from: World Renew: Mother's Day

Around the world, women are often denied basic human rights and opportunities. Genesis 1:26-27 teaches that men and women are created equally in the image of God. World Renew sees women as capable and strong, resilient and essential to God’s plan to restore creation. This Mother’s Day, pray with us for women’s rights around the world so that they can make positive changes for their families and communities.

Monday May 15
from: Resonate: Nicaragua

“Many of our students and their families have experienced deep pain and brokenness,” said missionaries Liam and Jessica Starkenburg, who serve with Nicaragua Christian Academy International. “Ask God to redeem, heal, restore, and uphold this amazing community.”

Tuesday May 16
from: Raise Up: Timothy Leadership Training: Videos

Timothy Leadership Training is working with DECIBEL, a ministry organization in Europe, to format materials into micro-videos for distribution on smartphones. Pray that these videos will open up opportunities for leadership training in some of the most difficult-to-reach places in the world.

Wednesday May 17
from: Calvin Theological Seminary: Graduates

Nearly 50 students will be graduating this month. Rejoice with our graduates and their families and the churches and others who have supported them. Pray for them as they transition to ministry positions, further studies, or other places where God may lead them.

Thursday May 18
from: Faith Formation: Ascension Day

On this day we reflect on our risen and ascended Lord, and we give thanks that he lives to intercede for us and will return one day to make all things new.

Friday May 19
from: Resonate: Germany

The Berliner Stadtmission (Berlin City Mission) is a Resonate partner in Berlin, Germany, where missionaries David Kromminga and Mary Buteyn serve. This ministry hosts language cafes where immigrants and refugees can learn German and make friends. David and Mary give thanks for the many people coming to these language cafes! Pray for opportunities to share the gospel.

Saturday May 20
from: World Renew: Disaster Response Services (DRS)

This past year 133 young people, ages 19-30, volunteered with our DRS program. DRS has been steadily working to grow this volunteer base by attending conferences alongside college program administrators and through direct connections with student ministry leaders to explain and encourage student engagement. Pray that these recruitment efforts continue to be fruitful.

Sunday May 21
from: ReFrame: India

ReFrame’s partners in India recently hosted an event for seekers in a remote village of northern India. Pray that the 70 attendees will continue to use the devotions and audio programs they used and discussed at the event. Pray also for their safety, since many people in their region are opposed to the Christian faith.

Monday May 22
from: Pastor Church Resources: Fellowship

Thank God for the pastors currently participating in 17 mentoring groups. Pray that fruits of well-being and resilience may grow as these pastors learn about and support one another in ministry. Ask God to provide connection opportunities for pastors who are geographically or relationally isolated from their peers.

Tuesday May 23
from: Redeemer University: Guidance and provision

Ask God to continue to lead and provide (faculty, staff, students, and finances) for Redeemer University to advance the mission and vision of preparing students to reflect a distinctive Christian worldview in any vocation and place to which they are called.

Wednesday May 24
from: Resonate: Michigan

“Pray for students who are moving on from Western Michigan University, bringing all they’ve experienced here back to their homes around the world,” ask campus ministers at International Campus Ministry. Pray especially for graduates who are returning as Christians to countries that are not traditionally open to Christianity.

Thursday May 25
from: Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee: Canadian National Gathering

Church members from across Canada are gathering in Ottawa, Ont., this weekend for the Canadian National Gathering. A key area of emphasis will be Indigenous reconciliation. Pray that participants will be inspired and equipped to bring their experiences back to their regions. Pray that CRC churches will be places of rich welcome for people of all backgrounds.

Friday May 26
from: World Renew: Uganda

Our Uganda team is rejoicing and celebrating God’s provision through a grant from MCIC that will help continue the work of value addition programming with our partners, Pentecostal Assemblies of God. Pray for successful management of this grant to inspire more institutions to support World Renew programming in communities facing food insecurity, injustice, and poverty.

Saturday May 27
from: Disability Concerns: Staffing changes

Rev. Terry DeYoung recently retired as coordinator for the Reformed Church in America’s Disability Concerns ministry. In this shared ministry of the CRCNA and RCA, we thank God for the impact that Terry has made since 2009 in helping churches become places where everybody belongs and everybody serves. Pray that Disability Concerns will remain vibrant in its ongoing work.

Sunday May 28
from: Resonate: Pentecost

Give thanks that God is always with us, guides us, and leads us through the Holy Spirit. Pray that we will be more attuned to how the Holy Spirit is working. Ask for wisdom, courage, and kindness as we follow the Spirit’s leading and share the love of Christ with our family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors.

Monday May 29
from: Chaplaincy and Care: Memorial Day (U.S.)

On this day in the United States we remember men and women who gave up their lives in service to their country. We pray for those who have been left behind—friends and family who grieve and may feel abandoned in their grief. We live in the hope that one day all wars will cease when Christ comes again.

Tuesday May 30
from: ReFrame: Burkina Faso

Hortense, a ReFrame radio listener in Burkina Faso, asks for prayers because she is tempted to commit suicide after her husband recently left her and their child. Pray for ReFrame’s partners as they guide her and find resources for her.

Wednesday May 31
from: Resonate: Neighborhoods

Pray for members of our churches who are part of Go Local, a Resonate ministry that equips people to join God at work in their neighborhoods. Pray for relationships among neighbors that are forming, and ask the Holy Spirit for opportunities to share the gospel.