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Position Description


The Resonate Director is accountable for overall implementation of the Synodical mandate to Resonate Global Mission as operationalized by the Joint Ministry Agreement between the Canada and U.S. corporations. Pursuant to the Joint Ministry Agreement, the Resonate Director sets staff structure, allocates resources and is accountable for the achievement of the intended goals. This individual will operate from either the Canada or US office.

Reports to

The Resonate Director is accountable to the Chief Administrative Officer.

Supervises and Oversees

The Resonate Director supervises Senior staff leadership and senior administrative assistant.

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Discern and articulate vision and strategy for Resonate together with senior staff leadership. Translate the strategy into plans, programs, budgets and staff structure.

2. Ensure that the US and Canadian staff structure meets the requirements for direction and control in both countries and ensure compliance with the terms of the Resonate Joint Ministry Agreement.

3. Serve as the voice of Resonate in its work of bringing the gospel throughout the world, promoting the agency’s work throughout all of the CRCNA and in the broader Christian community. 

4. Develop strategic partnerships to advance God’s mission through collaboration with the agencies, ministries, and educational institutions of the CRCNA.

5. Lead Resonate Global Mission communications and fundraising effort in the public arena, especially with major donors.

6. In partnership with Canadian and U.S. offices of Resonate maintain financial viability and integrity; and recommend annual plans and budgets to the Canada and U.S. corporations as well as alterations to either during the year.

7. Support, and serve the COD in its tasks of discerning and articulating vision, mobilizing prayer for mission, and approving overall mission strategy.

8. In partnership with Canadian and U.S. offices of Resonate, establish and maintain effective, efficient procedures, systems and structures to implement policies set by the COD to supervise all agency employees and volunteers.

9. In partnership with Canadian and U.S. offices of Resonate assure recruiting, hiring, training, supervising, and evaluating of all Resonate Global Mission employees and volunteers within CRCNA guidelines.

10. Maintain appropriate relationships with other entities, particularly: governments, regulatory agencies, associations of missions, and churches in countries within which Resonate serves other CRC agencies, CRC congregations and their members, other denominations and their members, other mission-related agencies, and the public.

11. Advocate for the biblical vision for a diverse denomination through support for intercultural church and ministry development, for diversity in the Resonate staff, and for reconciliation and anti-racism plans and actions.

12. Provide leadership direction for all CRC ministries through the Ministries Leadership Council (MLC) and ensure the integration of the Resonate Global Mission in that direction, and lead staff in integrated efforts to support the Denominational Ministry Plan and goals.

13. Performs other duties as assigned by the Chief Administrative Officer.


1. Professing membership in a Christian Reformed Church congregation, or willing to become a member and agreement with the doctrine of the church signified by signing a covenant statement.
2. Commitment to Christ and the mission of his church.
3. Demonstrated skills in casting vision and thinking strategically.
4. Evidence of exemplary Christian character and of personal practicing the spiritual disciplines.
5. Strong communication skills both oral and written.
6. Be a proven, decisive, adaptive leader.
7. Demonstrated attributes and skills as a leader and manager.
8. Demonstrate a strong ability to work with various cultures and age groups.
9. Demonstrated commitment to racial reconciliation and anti-racism ministry, and to the
growth of the CRC as a multicultural denomination.
10. Able to travel extensively throughout both North America and the world.

Education and Experience

1. At least a Bachelor’s degree and preferably a postgraduate degree in an area related to Christian mission or organizational leadership.
2. Theologically trained, or with equivalent ministry experience.
3. Significant experience as a Christian missional leader, with evidence of increasing levels of responsibility.
4. At least four years of inter-cultural experience with knowledge of at least one other culture.