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Review the Evidence

Discerning the Future - Activity (PDF)

The Crossroads Discernment Process is designed to help you make a decision about your future that is informed by the unique work of God in your history and the peculiar mix of missional challenges and opportunities in your present. 

As you prepare to turn to the future, it’s important to take one more look at the past and present to review what you’ve learned so far. 

This activity is designed to help your group reflect on your Crossroads journey so far, name what you’ve learned and share that learning with the congregation.

Time needed for activity

One hour 

Group size

your Crossroads team

Steps for Activity

  1. Before you meet, collect whatever notes were written and whatever artifacts were created during your Crossroads journey so far. Also, gather any lists of ministry values (i.e. mission or vision statements) your church has referenced in its past.
  2. Share those collected lists, notes, and artifacts with each member of the team ahead of time.
  3. Separately and together, take time to pray. Invite the Lord to lead your discernment.
  4. Take turns responding to the following questions.
    1. What is one way you have seen God at work in this discernment process?
    2. What is one thing you’ve learned about yourself, one thing you’ve learned about your church and one thing you’ve learned about God’s Kingdom through this process?
    3. What is one thing God seems to want you or your group to keep in mind as you discern next steps?
    4. What’s God doing in your community or neighborhood to build his kingdom, and what’s your role as his partners in that work?
  5. Now, reviewing the notes from this process so far, take turns naming any additional story, insight or observation that you think points to something significant about your church or community.
  6. After several times sharing around the table, pause to ask if there is anything God seems to want you or your group to keep in mind as you discern next steps.
  7. If they have not already come up in the discussion, point the group to the list(s) of ministry values you collected. Take turns responding to the following questions.
    1. What values have guided important ministry decisions in the past?
    2. Do those values still have weight today, and are they applicable to the decision before you now?
  8. At this point, you should have some emerging themes about how God has led and is leading your church right up through this Crossroads Discernment Process. Ask a member of your team to compile these themes and observations in a summary document or creative presentation.
  9. Schedule a time to share these themes and observations with the congregation. Sharing these themes and observations with the congregation and others will help everyone see that the church’s past, present and core values are being considered as the group discerns the church’s future.