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Join the Community

Connect with fellow CRC worship leaders, planners, musicians, and pastors. Learn what others are doing and share your own ideas, thoughts, and resources.


Join us for weekly roundtables on Tuesdays at 1:00 EST on Zoom. Topics range from seasonal planning to visuals to intergenerational ideas. It's a wonderful chance to get to know other leaders and brainstorm together. For more information, a schedule and access to the zoom link, email [email protected] or join our Facebook group.

Photo: Heather Brooks Photography


Join our Facebook Group to interact with other CRC worship leaders and planners. This is a private group, providing a safe space where you can share your ideas and challenges, or ask questions of your peers.


You can also sign up for the Reformed Worship monthly e-newsletter, which highlights worship resources, blogs, and articles, from the quarterly  journal Reformed Worship. RW is published by the CRCNA for an ecumenical and global Reformed audience. Sign up here.

Peer Learning Book Groups

Join a small group that gathers to study and discuss one of this year's books chosen by our team. Group members are involved in leading, planning, or participating in worship in the local church. These groups start a new book every fall, and are made up of individuals from the same or different churches, meeting in person or online.

The Network

Check out the Network, where you can post resources, ask questions, and assist others. From projection screens to professions of faith, from sacraments to song selections, the Network is a place where worship teams and planners can connect about all aspects of worship.

Create Other Connections

Want to start a network in your area, create an e-group to discuss a particular issue, or form a study group? We are here to help! Contact us at 877-272-6202 or [email protected] for a consultation.