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For full reports and exact statements of the CRCNA position on a particular issue, see references provided below.

우리의 입장

동성애 관련 북미주 개혁교회의 입장은 1973년 총회에서 확립되고, 이후 몇몇 총회에서 확증되었습니다. 북미주 개혁교회는 아래에 요약된 정의들과 목회적 지침을 추천합니다.


  • 동성애: 어떤 사람이 동성의 사람에게 성적으로 끌리는 인간 정체성의 한 종류.
  • 동성애주의: 노골적이며 공공연한 동성애적 행위.
  • 동성애자: 동성애주의에 실제적으로 참여 혹은 참여하지 않든지 간에 동성의 사람에게 성적인 매력을 느끼는 사람.

목회적 활용 지침서

동성애는 한 사람이 동성의 사람들에게 성적으로 끌리는 상황이며, 그 상황에 대해 최소한의 책임만을 집니다. 단지 그 성적 지향성의 이유로 동성애적 경향의 사람들의 공동체 가입을 거절해서는 안되며 전심으로 교회가 받아주고 사랑의 격려와 지지를 보내야만 합니다. 모든 기독교인들처럼 동성애적 경향성의 기독교인들도 제자의 삶, 거룩한 순종, 하나님 나라를 위한 은사 사용에 있어 동일한 부르심을 받습니다. 회중의 삶과 직분자로서 섬길 기회들은 이성애적 기독교인들뿐만 아니라 동성애적 기독교인들에게도 주어져야 합니다.

그러나, 동성애주의 (즉, 노골적인 동성애적 행위)는 성경에 계시된 하나님의 뜻에 순종하는 것과 양립될 수 없습니다. 교회는 모든 죄인들에게 적용되듯이, 동성애적 사람들이 짓는 죄에 대해서도 동일한 연민을 가져야 함을 주장합니다. 교회는 모든 방법을 찾아 힘을 다해 동성애적 경향성을 가진 사람들을 돕고 그들을 치유와 온전함으로 이끌어야 합니다. 동성애 교인을 위한 목회적 돌봄이라는 총회 기록은에서 보실 수 있습니다.


In 1973, synod submitted a report on homosexuality to the churches as a background study and adopted a series of statements of pastoral advice to the churches. Those statements, summarized above, constitute the position of the CRC on the issue.

Since 1973 the matter of homosexuality has come up repeatedly at synod through overtures from the churches and in ecumenical relations with other denominations. Synod has consistently sustained the 1973 position in spite of pressure from within and outside the denomination. Synod 1999 reviewed the report of its Committee to Give Direction about and for Pastoral Care for Homosexual Members. The report was sent to the churches for responses. Synod 2002 received a final form of the report and adopted it with some alterations.

In 2013 synod received two overtures requesting guidance on applying the CRC’s position in light of the legalization of same-sex marriage in Canada (since 2005) and in many U.S. states, and synod responded by appointing a study committee to report to Synod 2016. (In the meantime the United States legalized same-sex marriage nationwide on June 26, 2015.) The Committee to Provide Pastoral Guidance re Same-sex Marriage submitted a majority report and a minority report to Synod 2016, and synod decided to receive the reports as information and to recommend the pastoral guidance of the minority report in keeping with earlier synodical decisions (see Agenda for Synod 2016, pp. 436-43). Synod 2016 further decided “to place a reference to the pastoral guidance of the minority report as a new Supplement to Church Order Article 69-c,” and to “appoint a new study committee to articulate a foundation-laying biblical theology of human sexuality that pays particular attention to biblical conceptions of gender and sexuality” (Acts of Synod 2016, pp. 917-19). The new committee is scheduled to present a written summary of their work by February 1, 2019, and a final report to Synod 2021 (Acts 2016, p. 927). Synod 2019 received the interim report of the Committee to Articulate a Foundation-laying Biblical Theology of Human Sexuality, and delegates participated in round-table discussions to provide feedback for the study committee in its ongoing work (Acts of Synod 2019, pp. 716-17, 753-54).

In deciding not to approve a counseling agency for the CRC’s list of causes recommended for offerings, Synod 2016 reiterated a significant caution regarding therapies such as conversion/reparative therapy, as noted in the majority report of the Committee to Provide Pastoral Guidance re Same-sex Marriage, because such therapies have been found to be ineffective and, in some forms, to cause psychological and spiritual harm (see Agenda 2016, p. 403; Acts 2016, pp. 929-30).

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