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Synod 2023 Documents

Synod 2023 will meet June 9-15 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to address matters within the Agenda for Synod 2023, published in mid-April; and the Agenda Supplement, which will be available in digital version in late-May. Agenda materials and study committee reports are available at After synod, the Acts of Synod 2023 will be posted in the summer.

When Synod 2023 convenes, delegates and advisers twill initially meet in advisory committees. Each advisory committee will process an assigned portion of the agenda and prepare reports that will be made available to the delegates and posted publicly on this webpage. Synod 2023 will deliberate on each advisory committee report in plenary sessions throughout the week, and will vote on the recommendations contained in each report.

**NOTE: Advisory Committee reports are made available in the original version presented to synod. In its deliberations, synod may make amendments to recommendations and those amendments will not be reflected in the posted reports. The final wording of recommendations, as well as the decision made on each recommendation, will be recorded in the Acts of Synod 2023, or may be noted by watching the webcast recordings of each session. The Acts of Synod serve as the official record of synod deliberations.