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(Presented to the Synod of 1989, modified in 1995)

Brothers and sisters in the Lord:

Today we are happy to celebrate God’s grace in the lives of ______. When they were baptized they were welcomed into the covenant family of God. Now they want to join that family at the Lord’s table. So today they will respond in faith to God’s promises in baptism, tell us of their faith in the Lord Jesus, and commit themselves to grow in that faith.

The Questions:

Q. Whom do you trust as the Savior from your sin and the Lord of your life?

A. I believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord.

Q. Do you know that you belong to the family of God through your baptism.

A. I do.

Q. Will you continue to learn more about God and his Word, and will you continue to serve him with us in your life and worship?

A. I will.

Q. Will you allow us, your church family, to encourage you in your faith and hold you responsible to your commitment to Jesus and his church?

A. I will.

(Alternate Questions)

Q. Do you believe in Jesus as your Savior and Lord?

A. Yes, I believe that God sent him to die for all my sin and that he lives as the Lord of my life.

Q. What does your baptism mean to you?

A. That I am a member of God’s family.

Q. Do you desire to grow in your faith in God and service to him?

A. Yes, by learning more about God’s Word, worshiping God with his people, and serving God with my life.

Q. If you begin to weaken in faith and commitment, will you allow us as your church family to call you back to a strong relationship with Jesus and his church?

A. Yes, I will always need your help and prayers.

To the congregation:

Q. Congregation of Jesus Christ, will you welcome ______ at the table of the Lord and continue to support him/her/them with your prayers and help him/her/them grow by the example of your discipleship?

A. I/We will, God helping me/us.

(The questions can also be stated in such a way that the child gives a memorized answer or gives the answer in his/her own words.)


I love Jesus who has paid for my sins on the cross.

I want Jesus to lead me and guide me.

I know that I belong to God’s family through baptism.

I want to learn more about God and his Word and serve God with my life and worship.


_____, because you have responded to your baptism by telling us of your personal faith in Jesus Christ, we now welcome you to join the family of God at the table of the Lord. Strengthened by this heavenly food and drink, we will travel together on the journey of faith that brings us to the promised land of God’s kingdom.


Our covenant God, we thank you for leading ______, your children, to the faith they expressed today. May the fellowship of the Lord’s table strengthen them in faith and service to you. Help them to continue to learn more about you through your Word and grow in faith and love with all your people. Bring us all, one day, to that great wedding feast, where, clothed in the white robes of Christ’s righteousness, we will eat and drink with him in the heavenly kingdom forever. Amen.


(Agenda for Synod 1989, pages 67-68, modified Acts of Synod 1995, pages 715-716, adopted “as a suggested form for public profession of faith of children.”)