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A dedicated website, accessed via a unique username and password, allows a local church administrator to manage all content for the local church.  You also have considerable control over which functions are activated, and in which order you want them to appear on the Home screen.  You can also customize the Home screen with the artwork and color scheme that reflect the image of your church.

Bridge App Image

The ability to post Announcements, Prayers and Events can also be easily delegated to verified members of the congregation.  For instance, youth group leaders can be approved to post Announcements or Events, and members of Council or a Prayer Team can be authorized to post Prayers.

Support to Churches

An extensive administrative manual, instructional videos, and support from your CRCNA Bridge App team, will enable you to have The Bridge App active for your congregation in a very short period of time.

Individual Users

To download The Bridge App, visit either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and search for ‘The Bridge App’. You can recognize the correct app by its logo and by the name of the developer, Extreme Technology.

Once you launch The Bridge App, you will be prompted to create a user account (your email address) as well as a unique, personal password. If your church is already using The Bridge App and has uploaded their membership data with your email address, you should be automatically connected to your local church.

If you are not automatically connected to your church, you will be asked to SELECT A HOME CHURCH. Enter the name of your church in the white locator field and click on the MAKE MY HOME CHURCH message on the HOME screen. You will be asked if you are already a member and if you would like to request membership access. A request will be sent to your church to review your request. Once approved, you will have access to all your church’s data.