Loan Fund

The Loan Fund has served Christian Reformed churches in the US since 1983 by providing loans to churches at favorable interest rates and offering its investors attractive rates of return. Read more

Latest News

August 24: Loan Fund Not Accepting Funds for Investment Certificates - The Loan Fund is not accepting funds for investment certificates at this time. Read More
September 16: $5 Million in New Loans - The Loan Fund closed more than $5 million in new loans in the fiscal year ended 6/30/14. Read More


The Loan Fund was established by Synod in 1983 to enlarge the denomination’s potential for assistance to...
Discover how these Loan Fund Investment Certificates give more than a good return.
The Loan Fund makes mortgage loans to Christian Reformed Churches for the...
The CRC Loan Fund makes unsecured loans for small improvement projects or repairs to...
An overview of investments and financial highlights of the Loan Fund in 2013.
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