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Here is additional information about some of the terms used in the Church Finder.

Signing: Sign language interpretation for the Deaf is offered at all worship services or offered when requested in advance for worship and other church functions.

Fragrance Free: People who come to church activities have been asked not to use cologne, aftershave, or perfume. Cleaning products used in the church are scent free, and the church does not burn scented candles or use any products that are intended to add scent to the air. Learn more about why churches need to address allergies and sensitivities

Barrier Free Sound: The church has special sound equipment and other resources for people who are hard of hearing or deaf, such as print texts of sermons, audio loop, and captioned videos. Learn what you can do.

Barrier Free Facility: Churches that have a “yes” have indicated that these six areas of their facility are barrier free: classrooms, fellowship area, restrooms, main entrance, worship area, and pulpit area. Churches that have a “partial” have indicated that from at least one but no more than five of these areas is barrier free. Churches that have a “no” have none of the six areas that is barrier free. Learn more about barrier free facilities.

Barrier Free Projection: Words projected on screen have good color contrast with no distracting background movement, lines, or shading. Each slide is limited to 15 to 20 words, which are as large as possible on the slide, using a typeface with even thickness such as arial. Learn why this is important.

Program with People with Intellectual Disabilities: The church offers a program specifically for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, such as a Friendship Ministry.

Transportation For Disabled: People who are not able to drive are provided transportation to and from activities by bus, van, or private car.