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The Christian Reformed Church in North America is going through a time of transition at its senior leadership level (see the Structure and Leadership Taskforce report). There are currently openings for three key positions that will help guide and shape the denomination as it moves into the future. Please review the following positions and prayerfully consider if you or someone you know should apply. 

General Secretary
This position is responsible for shaping the culture of the CRCNA, including nurturing a shared vision, fostering effective partnerships, and cultivating ecumenical relationships in keeping with synod’s long-term vision. Learn more

Chief Administrative Officer
This position is responsible for guiding and overseeing the leadership, strategy, finances and performance of the CRCNA administration, ministry agencies, and ministry partners. Learn More. 

Transitional Executive Director - Canada
This position will communicate a clear and compelling vision that inspires ministry leaders and partners to advance the binational mission of the CRCNA in Canada. It is a two-year appointment with the possibility of extending into a third year. Learn more.