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Regional Pastors

The demands and expectations on the pastor and the pastor’s family continue to intensify. As we experience growing challenges in the CRC system, it is the role of pastor that bears more and more of the weight: fix this, change that, improve something, and stop talking about that other thing! To meet the challenge of being the pastor, it is becoming vitally important for pastors themselves to be pastored. But who pastors the pastor?

More and more classes are discovering that having a strong regional pastor (or two) in place pays dividends. Regional pastors are active or retired pastors who provide support to active clergy in the classis. Regional pastors build relationships with pastors, commissioned pastors, and their spouses through regular contact and conversation, assist in arranging mentors for new pastors, and seek to be available at all times, and especially during times of particular challenge or opportunity. Read more about the history, role, and tasks of the Regional Pastor.

To locate your Regional Pastor choose your classis from the list of regions on this page.

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