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Church Visitors

Church visits connect the classis, the local churches, and their office bearers for strengthening, care and accountability. Appointed by classis, church visitors are typically two-person teams (two pastors or one pastor and one elder) that connect with a set number of churches within the classis on a regular basis. Churches are also welcome to call upon church visitors for advice should problems arise. The church visitors are expected to provide written reports of their work to classis.

Thrive has a vital interest in the longstanding tradition of Church Visiting as prescribed in Church Order article 42. Church Visiting is a healthy process with potential for identifying concerns, and considering next steps in a timely manner. Thrive is working with several classis groups to explore more effective means of providing Church Visiting. The goal is to reinvigorate this means by which Classes assist congregations and to propose a variety of models for church visitors to use.