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Contact between congregations and ministries of different denominations has become a normal part of our lives. Sometimes this contact leads to a desire for a closer and more formal relationship.

As the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA), we are eager to make a place for other congregations who

  • share a commitment to the Bible as the inspired Word of God and infallible rule for life and faith.
  • want to grow in their understanding of what it means to be a Reformed Christian.
  • desire to express their faith by sharing the love and compassion of God across the entire world.

We have a three-step process for congregations and their leaders who wish to learn more about, and possibly join, the CRCNA.

Phase 1 ~ Getting Acquainted

During this stage, we will facilitate opportunities to get to know each other and our stories. Several tools are available to serve this process.

Phase 2 ~ Mentoring and Orientation

If, after getting to know each other better, the congregation and the CRCNA would like to proceed with the process, it will move into the next stage. A mentor will be assigned to provide orientation into the biblical perspectives, commitments, polity, and expectations that will be involved with affiliation. Some learning visits may take place for pastors and leaders. The CRCNA will also delve deeper into orientation with the local congregation.

Phase 3 ~ Affiliation

If both parties decide to continue the process, the formal portion of deciding to affiliate and implementing that decision will take place. This stage of the process is also guided and facilitated by a CRCNA mentor and follows specific steps.

Additional Information

Specific details about each stage of this three-step process are outlined on the Process for Affiliation page.

Have Questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach out to a regional CRCNA representative or email Rev. Susan LaClear who will help you connect with the appropriate leaders in your region. You may also phone us at 877-279-9994 (US) or 800-730-3490 (Canada).