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You may recall Our Journey 2020. During this time, individuals, congregations, and ministries specifically strove to improve in the areas of discipleship, leadership, collaboration, Reformed identity, and community engagement, while also continuing to preach the gospel and seek the lost.

We are so pleased with the efforts and success stories that were shared during this five-year period. Churches began to flow like streams into their communities, meeting their neighbors and becoming channels for the love of Christ. New leaders were identified, trained and mentored to help bear fruit in local congregations. And our members of all ages were nurtured in their faith to grow more and more into the likeness of Christ. (Read the Our Journey 2020 final report). 

Through conversations with Christian Reformed congregations, pastors, and leaders across North America, we’ve identified four new, specific milestones we believe God is calling us to strive towards by 2025.

These are not the only things that God is calling us to, but we believe that a denomination-wide emphasis on these milestones for the next five years will help us all move forward in appropriate and healthy ways in obedience to the Word of God.