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The Christian Reformed Church in North America is both an ecclesiastical body as well as a collection of charitable organizations in both the United States and Canada. With this in mind, the denomination has two different systems of governance (ecclesiastical and charitable) and three governing bodies.

As an ecclesiastical body, the congregations of the CRCNA are governed by decisions made by delegates at its annual synod. When synod is not in session, the ecclesiastical affairs are the purview of the Council of Delegates - a body comprised of representatives from each of 49 regions of the church.

As a group of charitable organizations, within each country the ministries of the CRCNA are governed by corporate boards: the CRCNA Canada Corporation, the CRCNA U.S. Corporation, the ReFrame Ministries Canada Corporation, and the ReFrame Ministries U.S. Corporation. In addition, the ministries of World Renew, Calvin University and Calvin Theological Seminary are governed by additional boards of directors.

The Council of Delegates referenced above also serves to bring all of these corporate boards together by coordinating and integrating the work of the corporations.

Across both countries, the ecclesiastical matters of the CRCNA such as doctrine, ethical issues, and church life, are governed by an ecclesiastical structure that includes local church councils, regional classes, and a denomination-wide synod.

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