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Together we serve the God who challenges us to follow him in responding to opportunities that advance the gospel of the kingdom.

The ministries of the Christian Reformed Church in North America encompass the breadth of God’s creation. As Christians, we are called to proclaim the gospel, to disciple believers, to raise up servant leaders, to engage in global mission, and to respond to human need through mercy and justice.

God has a plan for using the Christian Reformed Church to transform lives and communities as we seek to become a more diverse family of healthy congregations, assemblies, and ministries, and he has a place for us in his plan. One of the ways in which we can faithfully engage with God’s plan is through our finances.

The role of the Christian Reformed Church Heritage Fund is to help us to do that by joining with other CRC members in financially supporting God’s work among us.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Christian Reformed Church Heritage Fund is to resource the ministries and programs that will help us to fully implement the Ministry Plan of the Christian Reformed Church.

The Heritage Fund is committed to strengthening the agencies, institutions, and other ministries created by the Christian Reformed Church to carry out ministry on its behalf. That is why we

  • encourage the agencies, institutions, and other ministries to operate with generosity and stewardship.
  • work in partnership with them to add resources rather than compete for charitable gifts.

Though the Heritage Fund may partner with a ministry to develop financial resources, it seeks funds to develop new ideas, start programs, and help insure financial sustainability. In these ways the fund helps to

  • expand the impact of denominational ministry mandates.
  • support collaboration and integration of ministry resources.
  • encourage the development of new visions for ministry.
  • supply resources beyond the scope of current operating budgets.

The Heritage Fund is able to do all this by receiving and putting to work the gifts it receives from estates and individuals. If you want to support the development and funding of denominational programs that will help us to respond to God’s calling as a whole denomination, you will want to explore the opportunities the Heritage Fund offers.

Investing in Ministry

The Heritage Fund works on behalf of the Christian Reformed Church to fund ministry priorities and keep the church focused on its mission—today and for generations to come. Being a vibrant witness to the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ is our calling; enabling and encouraging one another is our commitment.

Our Reformed tradition teaches us that the church is God’s chosen instrument for the purpose of proclaiming redemption in Jesus Christ. Our deep theological roots enable us to think seriously about where and how to respond to ministry opportunities. And responding makes us a more obedient, vibrant, and healthy denomination that is free to try new things.

Imagine what can be accomplished by a denomination that is

  • blessed with the resources entrusted to us.
  • building on the things God is already helping us to do well.
  • seeking new ways to live out our callings.


In 1992, during a time of severe financial stress, a small group of Christian Reformed Church members was convened by the executive director of ministries to help establish a Fellowship Fund. This fund supported programs and needs that were uniquely denominational in scope. Since its inception, this fund (now named the Heritage Fund) has distributed the resources it has received to the various ministry offices, agencies, and institutions of the CRCNA or closely affiliated organizations.


Jeff Bolt
Director of Advancement
Christian Reformed Church in NA
(616) 224-0817 or 877-272-6204
[email protected]

Roshani Morton
Canadian Advancement Director
Christian Reformed Church in NA
[email protected]