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God has entrusted each of us with certain abilities and resources. How we choose to steward those resources affects (and reflects) our relationship with Him.

This is why planning your will or estate is much more than a financial or legal exercise; it is part of a spiritual response to God’s calling.

God is using the Christian Reformed Church to transform lives and communities as we seek to become a more diverse family of healthy congregations, assemblies, and ministries. With the support of people like you, ministries of the CRCNA will continue to have significant Kingdom impact for many years to come. 
The Heritage Fund is a group of likeminded supporters of CRC ministries, like you, who have chosen to give a legacy gift to the Christian Reformed Church. By giving in this special way, Heritage Fund members help ensure this ministry continues to implement our Ministry Plan into the future. Your support inspires others to give too!

When you give to the CRC through our ministry partners (Christian Stewardship Services in Canada and the Barnabas Foundation in the USA), your gifts will be used to help us to develop new ideas, to start programs, and help insure financial sustainability for CRC agencies, institutions, and other CRC ministries. This means that we may use these funds to: 

  • Expand the impact of the work of our ministry mandates.
  • Support collaboration across CRC Agencies and sharing of resources 
  • Encourage teams to develop new ministry opportunities 
  • Provide sustainable funding for projects and opportunities that may be beyond the scope of current operating budgets

Become a Heritage Fund Member in 2 easy steps:

Step #1 - Give a legacy gift. 

Here are the most common ways to give a legacy gift to the CRCNA 

  • Include the CRCNA in your will  
  • Name the CRCNA among the beneficiaries of your retirement assets or life insurance policy 
  • Make a gift that will provide you and your spouse income for life

(There are many more options for legacy gifts. Our ministry partner’s estate planning professionals would be glad to help you plan a gift that reflects your family and your charitable goals, while minimizing your taxes.)

Step #2 - Let us know about it. 

Our ministry partners keep your legacy wishes strictly confidential. To help us plan for the future and acknowledge your legacy gift, please let us know by emailing us at: [email protected]

If you have made arrangements for a legacy gift to the CRCNA, Thank You!


In 1992, during a time of severe financial stress, a small group of Christian Reformed Church members was convened by the executive director of ministries to help establish a Fellowship Fund. Later, the Fellowship Fund became the CRC Foundation and was incorporated as a 501-3(c). The CRC Foundation and its funds supported programs and needs that were uniquely denominational in scope. Since its inception, the fund has distributed the resources it has received to the various ministry offices, agencies, and institutions, and even our churches of the CRCNA or closely affiliated organizations.

In 2017 the CRC Foundation was closed. The Fund was renamed the Heritage Fund and continued to provide sustainable resources to ministries of the CRCNA and the Churches of our denomination.

In 2023, the Heritage Fund was relaunched as the CRCNA’s legacy giving society with the help of our ministry partners; Barnabas Foundation and Christian Stewardship Services.

The CRCNA has worked with these ministry partners (Christian Stewardship Services in Canada and the Barnabas Foundation in the USA) since the mid 1970’s. They help us to identify creative giving solutions and manage the arrangements that are required to facilitate these gifts.

The Heritage Fund seeks to build sustainable funding sources to serve the ministry of the CRCNA for many years to come.


Jeff Bolt
Director of Advancement
Christian Reformed Church in NA
(616) 224-0817 or 877-272-6204
[email protected]

Roshani Morton
Canadian Advancement Director
Christian Reformed Church in NA
[email protected]