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For full reports and exact statements of the CRCNA position on a particular issue, see references provided below.

우리의 입장

프리메이슨 집회의 가르침과 실행에는 성경적 기독교와 타협할 수 없는 갈등이 있습니다; 그러므로 그 집회와 예수 그리스도의 교회의 이중 멤버십은 양립할 수 없고, 또한 성경에 반대됩니다.


From its beginning the CRC has held a strong position against lodge membership. In fact, it was one of the issues that caused the CRC to separate from the Dutch Reformed Church. In 1900 a report on lodge membership was adopted; another was adopted in 1977.

References to Agendas and Acts of Synod

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