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This Heidelberg Catechism translation is based on the following:

The English translation adopted by the Christian Reformed Church in North America in 1975, with later editorial revisions incorporated as approved by the Synod of 1988.

The latter part of Question 80 has been removed, in line with a decision of Synod 2006.

Some revisions are made to allow for more clarity in reading by congregations in worship. Example: In the 1975/1988 version, Lord’s Day 47 starts with the question: What does the first request mean? In our revised version, this reads: In the Lord’s Prayer, what does the first request mean?

The Chinese translation is that of Paul Zhiyong Wang. See his earlier translation in Simplified Chinese. 
Minor revisions are incorporated for improved accuracy and user-friendliness. 
In 2013 we celebrated the 450th anniversary of the Heidelberg Catechism. For our part, we offer this Chinese version in order to make the catechism accessible to more readers.

All glory be to the Lord our God!

David Cheung Ph.D., University of London (UK)
President Emeritus, Asia Theological Seminary (RP)
Senior Pastor, Immanuel Christian Reformed Church (Canada)