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Learning through Fellowship

August 9, 2023
The 14th International Coffee Break Conference encouraged participants to grow in and share their faith.
The 14th International Coffee Break Conference encouraged participants to grow in and share their faith.

Jongin Park said she was filled with joy as she felt the presence of Jesus while attending the 14th International Coffee Break Conference this summer.

Global Coffee Break, a Resonate Global Mission program, helps churches and small group leaders around the world with vision, training, and resources for relational small group Bible discovery.

Two three-day conferences held this summer provided an opportunity for Korean-speaking men and women who are new to Global Coffee Break, as well as long-time participants, to gather together, be encouraged, and learn from one another. The events were hosted in collaboration with Global Coffee Break's ministry partner Center for Coffee Break Ministries (CCBM), which provides Global Coffee Break resources to audiences who speak Korean.

For the first time, the conference had two locations: one in Toronto in late June and the other in California in early July.

“Up until now, the [Korean Global Coffee Break] conference has been held in a hotel in the western Los Angeles, Calif., suburbs, with about 400 attendees each year,” said Teo Han, who manages the Korean North American part of Global Coffee Break. “This year, for the first time in the 28-year history of the conference, we divided into it eastern and western areas,

with the Lord's leading extending to the east.”

Han explained that in Canada and the eastern U.S., Korean Coffee Break has not been as active as it has been on the U.S. West Coast. Yet, he added, “We took the challenge to the east to expand our gospel ministry.”

That challenge was met with 180 people joining the Toronto event, and an additional 300 attending in California. Both conferences provided worship, breakout sessions, and small groups.

The breakout sessions taught participants practical skills for small group discussions of evangelism and nurturing of faith. The participants had the opportunity to practice these skills in small group sessions.

Kyungjin Cheon, who participated in the conference, shared about the fellowship that took place: “It is for salvation and nurturing of souls, to be together, to care together, to work together, and to learn together. The word 'together' touched my heart, and I felt God's love.”

Participants said that they felt God’s hand through the learning and sharing experienced during the conferences.

“I received so much grace and comfort through the entire conference – through praise, through the Word, through the sharing and testimonies of believers, and, most of all, through the full presence of Jesus.” said Park.

Many participants were encouraged by the small group time as they were able to connect and be vulnerable with one another.

Yoonmi Jang reflected on the uplifting sense of community built during small group time, saying, “It was full of courage and the laughter of love."

All participants were grateful for the opportunity to gather and dedicate time to being fully immersed in God’s teachings, learning how to use the Global Coffee Break material to enjoy a close relationship with Jesus and to share the gospel.

Resonate seeks to accomplish this opportunity for everyone through resources and groups provided by the Global Coffee Break program.