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September 2021 Prayer Requests

Wednesday September 1
from: Resonate Global Mission: Japan

Resonate missionaries Jeong and MiSook Gho ask for prayer for online leadership trainings they are leading, as believers from several countries are gathering online! Ask God to equip and encourage these emerging leaders for the global church.

Thursday September 2
from: Candidacy Committee: Seminary students

In September, seminary students start or resume their academic year. Ask God to grant them strength, clarity of mind, and the ability to balance all aspects of their busy lives. Ask the Spirit to draw them into a deeper relationship with him as they prepare to become leaders in the church.

Friday September 3
from: ReFrame Ministries: Hindi ministry

Knowing that many of their listeners are part of India’s lowest classes, our partners in India collected extra funds to provide about 500 meals for people in nearby communities. Pray for people like Pramond, a recipient, who said, “The COVID-19 lockdown directly affected me and my six family members at home. I lost my work and was becoming hopeless.”

Saturday September 4
from: World Renew: Haiti crisis

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world, and its economic development has been significantly crippled by relentless natural disasters, such as last month’s earthquake, hurricanes, and the COVID-19 pandemic. The country is also navigating gang violence, political protests, and other challenges in the wake of its president’s assassination. Please join us in praying for God’s peace in the hearts of Haitians who have had to endure so much hardship.

Sunday September 5
from: Calvin Theological Seminary: Return to school

Give thanks for the start of a new school year! Pray for new and returning students and especially for our ability to rebuild community after the disruptions of the pandemic during the past three semesters.

Monday September 6
from: Communications: Labor Day

As we take time to reflect on work and its place in our lives and communities, give thanks for the ways our work at home or in careers, paid and unpaid, helps us to serve others. Pray for people seeking employment or struggling in their work life.

Tuesday September 7
from: Resonate: Lithuania

Pray for a student of Steve Van Zanen, a Resonate missionary who serves at LCC International University in Lithuania. While the student has experience with faith, taking this course has been his first real experience with the Bible—and he’s been asking Steve a lot of questions! Pray that this student will come to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Wednesday September 8
from: Raise Up: Educational Care: West Africa

Praise God for 500 Christian teachers and administrators who participated in various training programs, and 11 certified advanced facilitators. Pray for provision for an EC graduating cohort and for new teacher training opportunities in central Africa. Ask the Spirit to empower participants in the training programs to strive for transformational change in their classrooms and schools.

Thursday September 9
from: ReFrame: Japan

“I've been away from God for a long time, absent in my faith," said Machi in a message to our Japanese ministry team. Praise God that she recently began listening to our programs again and reading our devotions. Pray that she will continue to seek Christ.

Friday September 10
from: World Renew: Zambia

The COVID-19 infection rate is decreasing in Zambia as a new supply of vaccines is being rolled out, but effects of the pandemic remain a serious concern. The country is also tense leading up to elections. Please pray for peace and acceptance once the results are counted, and pray for health and safety for the people of Zambia.

Saturday September 11
from: Communications: 9-11

Today marks 20 years since the terrorist attacks that killed thousands of people and deeply affected travel and safety measures throughout the world. Pray for God’s comfort for all who are commemorating lost loved ones, and for God’s love and wisdom to reign in the hearts of people who shape our countries and cultures.

Sunday September 12
from: Resonate: Mission Emphasis

Today marks the beginning of Mission Emphasis Week, when many CRC congregations celebrate and learn more about mission. This year’s theme—Whole Church, Whole Gospel, Whole World—focuses on Acts 1:8 and how each of us has a role in God’s plan for redemption. Ask the Holy Spirit to equip, encourage, and provide opportunities for every believer to share the hope of the gospel.

Monday September 13
from: Disability Concerns: Event

Give thanks with us for all the work God has been blessing in our ministry! At our annual leadership event, disability advocates from across North America discussed the importance of engaging young people in our ministry. The conversation continues this month as we launch the Disability Advocacy Journey to train young adults in their own communities. May God be at the center of this important work!

Tuesday September 14
from: ReFrame: Today devotions

Norma reads Today devotions and recently shared, “Pray for me to stay on this road of recovery upon my release from prison and drug treatment. Pray for me to decide on the best housing plan as I achieve new independence.”

Wednesday September 15
from: Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Committee: Unity and love

Pray for unity among all people who love, worship, and follow Christ. Pray that we will be one, as Jesus prayed, and that we will be known by our love for all people whom God has made.

Thursday September 16
from: Resonate: Mexican Independence Day

As we honor Mexican Independence Day, give thanks for the many ways God is working through Resonate partner church plants that minister with people who have immigrated to Canada and the United States from Mexico. These church plants are passionate about evangelism and spreading the gospel with their neighbors.

Friday September 17
from: World Renew: Detroit flooding

Detroit, Mich., declared a major disaster on July 15, 2021, after severe flooding affected more than 3,000 basements. Flooding has occurred in this area four times within the past seven years, causing insurance companies to drop homeowners policies. Disaster Response Services is dispatching teams to the area for cleanup and debris removal. Please pray for all who are affected by the flooding, including our volunteers.

Saturday September 18
from: Pastor Church Resources: Endurance

Many pastors and ministry leaders are running on empty. They’ve continued to carry out their callings during many months of COVID-19 challenges. Please offer encouragement and assistance to your pastor and ministry leaders. Ask God to fill them up and give them what they need to carry on.

Sunday September 19
from: Resonate: Mission Emphasis Week wrap-up

Give thanks with us for all the ways God is working through CRC churches, individuals, and partner ministries to share the hope of the gospel throughout the world. Pray for continued and strengthened relationships between Resonate and CRC churches so that many more people will come to know the hope, mercy, and grace of Christ.

Monday September 20
from: ReFrame: Portuguese ministry

Adam recently messaged ReFrame’s Portuguese ministry team, expressing concern for his church, which has lost many members since the pandemic began. Pray for Adam as well as many other people who share this concern. Pray for churches around the world as they move forward and seek to grow, sharing the grace and love of Christ with others.

Tuesday September 21
from: World Renew: Mercy and Justice

Pray with us for the many families around the world that are suffering: being isolated from each other, struggling through pain, or navigating the trenches of poverty. In so many places medical care is underresourced and inadequate to meet the overwhelming needs caused by the pandemic. Pray for wholeness and healing for vulnerable families and communities.

Wednesday September 22
from: ThereforeGo Ministries: Mentoring and SERVE

Please pray with us as we launch three mentoring networks with churches seeking to grow connections with emerging adults in their congregations this fall. We are also preparing for SERVE 2022 at sites across Canada and the United States. We are excited to see what God will do in the lives of students next summer through SERVE.

Thursday September 23
from: Chaplaincy and Care: Conference

At our annual conference September 23-25 we are hosting our 154 CRC chaplains online from the U.S., Canada, and around the globe. Our theme is “Rest. Sabbath. Hope.” Pray for our chaplains as they collaborate with peers, find spiritual renewal, hone skills, and implement best practices to continue to minister during “moments that matter.”

Friday September 24
from: Resonate: Honduras

Resonate missionary Caspar Geisterfer in Honduras is discipling a young adult who was recently appointed to lead the youth group at her church. She accepted the position but admitted that she’s intimidated. Ask the Holy Spirit to encourage and equip her as she leads students in her church.

Saturday September 25
from: Faith Formation Ministries: Mental health

As many people continue to experience mental health challenges, whether these have been lifelong challenges or more recent ones, ask God to generously provide peace, joy, and hope to them and their loved ones. May God's people be particularly attentive and welcoming toward all who long to experience Christian fellowship.

Sunday September 26
from: Safe Church: Abuse Awareness Sunday

Today we lament that as a community of believers we are still far from being a safe space for many people. Living through a pandemic has revealed staggering numbers of individuals who live in situations of abuse and harm on a daily basis. May God sustain our ministry as we persevere toward the goal of creating spaces free from abuse.

Monday September 27
from: World Renew: Beirut explosion

It’s been over a year since an ammonium nitrate explosion in Beirut ripped the city apart both physically and emotionally. Please pray that families affected by the explosion continue to heal and that World Renew’s partners there are comforted by God’s sustaining grace and mercy.

Tuesday September 28
from: Resonate: National Good Neighbor Day (U.S.)

Pray for individuals who are part of Resonate’s Go Local and Joining God in the Neighborhood cohorts. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide these cohort members as they seek to be good neighbors and to share the love of Christ. Pray for opportunities to share the good news of Jesus.

Wednesday September 29
from: ReFrame: French ministry

Praise God for Oedeth, who is volunteering as an accounting secretary with our partners in Burkina Faso. Praise God for her willingness to serve while another member of ReFrame’s team in Burkina Faso is away on maternity leave.

Thursday September 30
from: Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Today is the first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation in Canada. Please pray for Indigenous peoples impacted by intergenerational trauma and for the church as it seeks to live out a better way forward.