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The CRC Prayer Guide offers another way to pray for our shared ministry as a denomination, with specific prayer requests for each day of the year. View these prayer requests below, download printer-friendly versions, or get them delivered to your email inbox (choose to receive them daily, weekly, or once a month).

You may also be interested in the prayer section of The Network and the CRC News weekly email.

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Saturday October 1
from: ReFrame Ministries: English ministry

Pray with Didi, who recently shared a request with our prayer team: “Pray for my son; he is a substance user and has really gone astray. He has been stealing all my stuff at home. I want God to give us peace as a family and to help us deal with this matter.”

Sunday October 2
from: Race Relations: All Nations Heritage Sunday

Psalm 133:1 exclaims, "How good and pleasant it is when God's people live together in unity!" Join with CRC churches in celebrating All Nations Heritage Sunday. Pray for All Nations Heritage scholarship recipients, a diverse group of student leaders pursuing their educational goals at higher learning institutions affiliated with the CRCNA.

Monday October 3
from: Resonate Global Mission: Philippines

Resonate missionaries Stan and Bessie Kruis ask you to pray for the Christian Reformed Church in the Philippines. Ask God to continue to work in and through this denomination.

Tuesday October 4
from: World Renew: Gender justice

God sees each one of us as a “whole person”— his imagebearer created with inherent value. But during times of social upheaval such as the pandemic, women and girls in many developing countries face increased gender-based injustices, making them even more economically vulnerable than usual. May God give us wisdom as we strive to achieve justice for all.

Wednesday October 5
from: Indigenous Christian Fellowship: Healing

We serve a community haunted by the legacy of residential schools in Canada; most of the survivors of those institutions live in Saskatchewan. That legacy is painfully evident in the violence, addictions, mental health, and even suicides of survivors and their children and grandchildren. Pray for healing and for the Holy Spirit’s help in ministry with Indigenous peoples.

Thursday October 6
from: ReFrame: Japan

Pray for Taka and other people who are unable to access print devotions and yet have been able to receive audio devotions from our partners around the world. “I praise the name of the Lord,” Taka shared. “My day begins with your devotional program. I am completely blind due to glaucoma, but I am able to walk with gratitude and joy, thanks to the Word of God.”

Friday October 7
from: Resonate: Training

Give thanks for a fruitful Educational Care training led by Resonate missionary Mark Wiersma and his team of local facilitators. Pray for the educators who participated as they put into practice what they have learned.

Saturday October 8
from: World Renew: West Africa

Areas where our partners work continue to experience many attacks from violent extremist organizations. Our West Africa ministry team is exploring the possible use of radio to reach more people while minimizing large gatherings and travel because of terrorism in the area. Please continue to pray for safety for our partners and for the communities affected by violence.

Sunday October 9
from: Women's Leadership: Development

As a new season of learning begins this fall, pray for women to take time for personal reflection, reading, study, growth, and relationships. It's not uncommon for women to neglect their development while they focus on ensuring that family members, church members, and coworkers have everything they need to succeed in the year ahead. May women be drawn to God and his Word for strength, encouragement, and spiritual growth.

Monday October 10
from: World Renew: Thanksgiving Day (Canada)

Even as we count our blessings and acknowledge God’s goodness, our hearts go out to so many in our world who are in need. We thank God for plentiful harvests, employment opportunities, freedom of choice, and the support of friends and family, and we ask for provision for all who are hungry, unemployed, alone, or mistreated.

Tuesday October 11
from: Resonate: Ottawa

Ryan Farrell, a Resonate partner campus minister at the University of Ottawa, asks you to pray for “creative and incarnational evangelism ideas” on campus.

Wednesday October 12
from: ReFrame: Burkina Faso

Give thanks that about 100 people are attending a new church plant in Kaya, a city in Burkina Faso where ReFrame’s partners have three radio stations to air their programs, as well as a follow-up staff member. Pray for the safety and well-being of Clemente, a new church member who fled her hometown amid violence there.

Thursday October 13
from: Safe Church: Awareness and care

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month in the United States. (In Canada, November is Family Violence Awareness month.) Pray for people in relationships characterized by fear, emotional intimidation, and physical or sexual violence and abuse. Pray also that CRC congregations may become places of healing and restoration, reflecting the love and care of Jesus.

Friday October 14
from: Centre for Public Dialogue: Leadership

Pray for Members of Parliament this fall as they decide policies for the good of Canada and nations around the globe. Pray too for the advocacy efforts of the Centre for Public Dialogue, that justice will “roll down like waters” in Canada’s systems.

Saturday October 15
from: Resonate: British Columbia

Give thanks for the many people who have found a faith community through The Tapestry: Nights, a Resonate church-plant partner in British Columbia. Ask God to continue bringing people into this community.

Sunday October 16
from: Disability Concerns: Disability Awareness Sunday

Pray for churches’ participation in Disability Awareness Sunday, asking that this time leads to greater understanding of ableism and greater belonging for people with disabilities.

Monday October 17
from: World Renew: World Hunger Awareness

Every October, thousands of people around the globe recognize and participate in World Hunger Awareness in honor of the founding of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization in 1945. Join us in praying that all who are hungry may experience a fuller relationship with our Great Provider who brings healing, righteousness, and hope.

Tuesday October 18
from: Resonate: South Asia

Resonate missionaries serving in South Asia ask you to pray for deepening relationships with neighbors. Ask the Holy Spirit to provide opportunities to share the gospel.

Wednesday October 19
from: ReFrame: Indonesia

Pastor Setyo said he has noticed positive change in the youth group gatherings at his church after encouraging students to use devotions from our Indonesian ministry partners. “Aldo, a student who rarely attended youth services, is now very enthusiastic and is present at every community meeting and also in youth worship,” he shared. Praise God for the positive ways we can use technology to share the gospel.

Thursday October 20
from: World Renew: Hunger

In poverty-heavy communities, people often struggle to grow enough food, find clean water, rebuild after a disaster, and deal with injustice. We praise God for the opportunity to come together as one in Christ to love our neighbors and to foster justice, love, and mercy in our work with partners and congregations.

Friday October 21
from: Resonate: Michigan

A student recently committed to follow Christ after connecting with International Campus Ministry, a Resonate partner at Western Michigan University. Please pray for her as she continues to grow as a disciple of Christ.

Saturday October 22
from: Faith Formation: Connection

Pray for people who feel disconnected from God and for whom faith seems little more than going through religious motions. May God sustain them and meet with them, giving them hope and deep-rooted assurance in this season.

Sunday October 23
from: Chaplaincy and Care: Spiritual Care Week

Throughout Canada and the United States, chaplains and institutions celebrate Spiritual Care Week Oct. 23-29, in which organizations and institutions recognize the ministry of spiritual caregivers in their midst. Please pray alongside our 155 chaplains and spiritual care practitioners as they share their stories and celebrate their ministries in their local communities.

Monday October 24
from: ReFrame: Portuguese ministry

Lilliana, one of our Portuguese-ministry listeners, recently moved to a new country after losing her eldest daughter. Pray that she will adjust to her new life there and feel God’s peace. “I need a lot of prayers, and I have faith in our wonderful God,” she shared.

Tuesday October 25
from: Resonate: Mexico

Pray for Abraham, a young adult whom Resonate missionary James Lee is discipling in Mexico. Abraham has a servant heart, said James, and is passionate about sharing the gospel with friends. Ask the Holy Spirit to work in and through Abraham.

Wednesday October 26
from: World Renew: Disaster Response Services (DRS)

Disasters such as the devastating floods that swept through communities in Kentucky in late July can cause more than structural damage. People who suffer loss are often left confused, hopeless, distressed, and feeling forgotten long after the disaster has passed. Please pray for the families in Kentucky still reeling from the impacts of flooding.

Thursday October 27
from: Raise Up: Global Coffee Break: Training

Pray for the Engaging Spiritual Conversations workshop being hosted virtually today through Nov. 17. Participants and leaders will discuss how to have spiritual conversations with people around them wherever they are, and they will be practicing what they’ve learned each week. Pray for opportunities to share with people who need to hear God’s hope.

Friday October 28
from: Resonate: Cohorts

Give thanks for the many young adults who are participating in Resonate’s discipleship opportunities, like cohorts in Detroit, Central America, and the Middle East. Pray for these participants as they explore what it means to join God on mission.

Saturday October 29
from: ReFrame: Chinese ministry

Yijun still remembers the hopeless and suicidal feelings he had in his dorm because of pressures he felt as a student. Now, many years later, he is sharing his story in a collection of testimonies from our Chinese ministry team. Pray that these testimonies will reach many Chinese speakers with the hope of the gospel.

Sunday October 30
from: Calvin Theological Seminary: Peace

Pray for students, faculty, and staff as they navigate school, families, and other obligations this semester. Pray that they may find healthy rhythms. Stress levels can get high, so please pray that they may be able to take time with the One who will give them rest (Matt. 11:28).

Monday October 31
from: Communications: Reformation Day

On this date in 1517, Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, Germany, starting the tide of change in Christian thought and teaching that we call the Reformation. Ask the Holy Spirit today to bring light, truth, and love into our discussions and interactions within the family of God and with all people.

Thursday September 1
from: Dordt University: New year

Pray for students, faculty, and staff as we begin a new academic year. Pray for faithful learning and scholarship and for God’s continued guidance for the university and its alumni.

Friday September 2
from: World Renew: Disaster Response Services (DRS)

Flash flooding devastated eastern Kentucky in July, killing more than 37 people and severely damaging buildings and homes. DRS is developing plans for a long-term response toward rebuilding homes and restoring livelihoods. Please pray for all who are experiencing crisis and the loss of loved ones and property.

Saturday September 3
from: Resonate Global Mission: Eastern Europe

Several Resonate missionaries serve with LCC International University in Lithuania. The university has opened 100 extra placements for students from Ukraine. Nearly half of the university’s students are from war-torn countries. "Pray that faculty and staff will be able to minister well to these students," said missionary Chris Van Zanen.

Sunday September 4
from: ReFrame Ministries: Today devotionals

Josephine, a Today reader, recently started a new job, and she asks for prayers as she begins this new chapter in her life while grieving the loss of her only son last November. “I’m struggling with depression and anxiety,” she wrote. “The pain is so bad that my heart physically aches, and the pain literally takes my breath away.”

Monday September 5
from: Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations: Shared hope

Pray for unity among Christians in every denomination as we work together in God’s kingdom and share one hope in Jesus as our Savior and Lord.

Tuesday September 6
from: Calvin Theological Seminary: New academic year

As we start a new year, we rejoice in the enrollment of new students from North America and around the world. Pray with us for the transitions of new and returning students as they apply themselves to learning in the year ahead.

Wednesday September 7
from: Resonate: Cambodia

Resonate missionaries Navy and Ly work with churches and pastors in Cambodia. They ask for prayers for “God’s direction for the local church to carry out their ministry in their area and beyond.”

Thursday September 8
from: World Renew: West Africa

Senegal’s elections this past month were peaceful, and the president's political party no longer holds the majority in parliament. Please continue to pray for peace and stability for the many areas experiencing violence and insecurity across West Africa.

Friday September 9
from: ReFrame: India

Pray for people who feel too overwhelmed and busy to set aside time for God. Brijesh, a man in India, had felt that way before watching Jeevan Vriksh (“Tree of Life”) devotions, praise songs, and other biblical resources provided by our Hindi ministry team. Pray that Brijesh and others like him will continue to seek God despite the overwhelming busyness in their lives.

Saturday September 10
from: Pastor Church Resources: Church leadership

Approximately 10 percent of CRC churches are without a pastor. These vacancies can bring a number of opportunities and/or challenges. Ask God to guide vacant churches and their councils as they seek what’s next in their journey. May it be a time of discernment, reflection, and hope.

Sunday September 11
from: Resonate: Mission Emphasis Week

This week, many CRC congregations set aside time to celebrate mission. Ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance as Resonate and congregations work together to spread the gospel throughout the world and in local neighborhoods.

Monday September 12
from: ThereforeGo Ministries: SERVE 2023

As the new ministry year begins, we look forward to SERVE 2023 and collaborating with our host sites. We covet your prayers as we ask churches to prayerfully consider if SERVE will be a right fit for them next summer. May the Lord give wisdom and discernment!

Tuesday September 13
from: World Renew: Tanzania

We praise God for his guidance in the process to hire a new country director in Tanzania. In May we welcomed Frederick Urembo to the team. Please pray for him as he adjusts to his new position, asking that he and World Renew may be a blessing to each other. Praise God for his faithfulness!

Wednesday September 14
from: ReFrame: Brazil

Elaine listens to our Portuguese ministry programs in Brazil. She recently shared, “My baby, Nicolas, was hospitalized since he was born last May with severe heart disease, and yesterday he passed away. Dear pastor, your preaching and the Word of God have sustained us. Please pray for us.”

Thursday September 15
from: Resonate: Toronto

Campus ministers of the LOGOS Christian Community at York University, Toronto, share that because of pandemic restrictions they haven’t been able to be present very often on campus. This year they hope to be able to meet more with students in person. Please pray for them as they connect with students and build relationships.

Friday September 16
from: Raise Up: Educational Care: Funding

Educational Care has new partnership opportunities that will require us to hire a part-time program manager. We ask God to supply $10,000 so that we can begin the recruiting process.

Saturday September 17
from: Disability Concerns: Serving well

This past year has been incredibly challenging for many of us with physical and mental-health challenges. There are many gaps in services, and isolation can be devastating. As schools and churches start to reopen, we pray for wisdom to see that our most vulnerable are considered and cared for as communities navigate this unusual time.

Sunday September 18
from: Resonate: Mission Emphasis Week

God’s heart for the world and all its people is greater than we can imagine. As Mission Emphasis Week comes to a close, please pray for a reenergized vision and passion for mission. Pray for our congregations, missionaries, church planters, and campus ministers as we work together to share Christ’s love throughout the world and in our neighborhoods.

Monday September 19
from: GEMS Girls' Clubs: Connection

Mentoring matters. Pray that every GEMS Girls’ Club may have an unwavering commitment to help bring girls into a living, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. Please pray that every girl knows she belongs and is loved by God, her leaders, and the girls at her club.

Tuesday September 20
from: ReFrame: Japan

Pray for people who don't have regular access to God's Word because they live in remote areas. A radio listener in Japan recently shared that he moved and can no longer access the ReFrame program he has listened to for years. Still, he's been reading our devotions and is thankful for that. Pray that he might soon be able to access the program again.

Wednesday September 21
from: World Renew: International Day of Peace

Every year on or around September 21 nations around the globe dedicate a day to strengthening the ideals of peace, toward building societies in which all people can flourish and be treated equally. Please pray with us as we work toward a world free of racism and discrimination.

Thursday September 22
from: Chaplaincy and Care: Chaplains training

On Sept. 22-24 in Grand Rapids, Mich., we are hosting in person our annual conference for CRC chaplains from around the globe. Our theme is “Returning. Rebuilding. Restoring,” and our speaker is Dr. Danjuma Gibson of Calvin Theological Seminary. Pray for our chaplains as they collaborate with peers, find spiritual renewal, and hone skills to implement best practices for ministering in “moments that matter” in our communities.

Friday September 23
from: Resonate: Nebraska

Pray for F Street Neighborhood Church, a Resonate partner church plant in Lincoln, Neb. Ask the Holy Spirit to continue working through this community to transform lives and the surrounding neighborhood.

Saturday September 24
from: Candidacy Committee: Candidates

Please join us in praying from Col. 1:9-11 for all those pursuing candidacy: “We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will . . . so that you may live a life . . . of . . . bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God, being strengthened . . . so that you may have great endurance and patience. . . .”

Sunday September 25
from: Safe Church Ministry: Abuse Awareness Sunday

Please pray for ministry leaders, councils, and churches as they work to determine the best ways to prevent abuse in the church and how to respond to situations of abuse when they are reported. Pray that those who have been abused may feel God with them and feel supported by their church community.

Monday September 26
from: Communications: All Nations Heritage Week

This week we celebrate the diversity of people and stories that make up the Christian Reformed Church, looking forward to the reality of the “great multitude . . . from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb” (Rev. 7:9). Pray for a spirit of unity and joy as we learn, reflect, and anticipate together.

Tuesday September 27
from: World Renew: Cambodia

Please pray for the people of Cambodia. Inflation is high, and the government needs to find extra funding to support poor and vulnerable families during this difficult time. Pray also for peace and stability in Asia, considering the conflict in Myanmar, the tension between China and Taiwan, and uncertainty in the south China region.

Wednesday September 28
from: ReFrame: Indonesia

A young man named Vanno recently joined one of ReFrame’s listener communities in Indonesia. “At first I felt doubtful,” Vanno shared, “but I found new friends who filled their time with things that were beneficial for building spiritual life.” Pray that the young people in this community may grow to know and love God to live a life that reflects God’s love.

Thursday September 29
from: Resonate: West Africa

Give thanks for God’s work in the Teacher’s Garden, a resource center for Christian education in West Africa begun by Resonate missionaries Sosthene and Kara Maletoungou. Lydia recently became a Christian through this resource center! Ask God to continue working through this ministry.

Friday September 30
from: Justice ministries: Healing

Today is the annual National Day of Truth and Reconciliation in Canada. Please pray for Indigenous peoples burdened by intergenerational trauma, and for the church as it seeks to live out a better way forward. Pray also for participants in the intentional learning journey of Hearts Exchanged.