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Thank you for supporting the ministries of the Christian Reformed Church through your prayers. For daily prayer, you are invited to use and share the Prayer Guide below or subscribe to the Prayer Guide email (daily or weekly). You can also connect with prayer coordinators across the CRC using the prayer section of The Network. For more items to pray about, subscribe to the CRC News weekly email.

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December 2021 Prayer Requests

Wednesday December 1
from: World Renew: World AIDS Day

On this day we remember people who have died because of HIV and AIDS, and we show support for those who live with this disease. AIDS is an indiscriminate killer, affecting men, women, and children—and those who are most affected live in poverty. Join us in praying for all who are affected by these tragic situations.

Thursday December 2
from: ReFrame Ministries: India

Pray for a young woman named Swati as she mourns the loss of both her father and uncle. She has been in touch with ReFrame’s Hindi ministry team, praying with them and connecting with fellow Christians in her area.

Friday December 3
from: Resonate Global Mission: Worldwide

Many CRC churches and church plants are hosting Advent and Christmas worship services, events, and other gatherings as a way to connect with their neighbors. Pray that the Holy Spirit will use this season to draw people into our faith communities and into relationship with God.

Saturday December 4
from: Chaplaincy and Care: Unique needs

Our chaplains work in care centers for people with various disabilities. This work requires chaplains to be creative and compassionate as they care for residents with unique needs and gifts. Please pray for the chaplains who walk with individuals and families in these settings while providing the peace and love of God for all God’s beloved children.

Sunday December 5
from: ThereforeGo Ministries: SERVE and mentoring

Please pray for our sending churches and host churches as we relaunch SERVE mission trips for 2022. We're excited to see what God will do at our 15 host sites next summer! We are also launching three mentoring networks in the coming months. Pray with us that churches will continue to learn and grow in the area of emerging adult ministry.

Monday December 6
from: Faith Formation Ministries: Hospitality

Many people who might not attend church regularly during the year come for worship services in the Advent and Christmas season. Pray that churches extend a warm welcome and hospitality as the Spirit stirs hearts. Pray that visitors and church members may find a sense of shared belonging and be filled with wonder that God is near.

Tuesday December 7
from: Resonate: Uganda

Though Christianity has spread rapidly in many parts of Uganda, one region of the country has only a few Christians and few churches. Resonate missionaries Anthony and Sara Sytsma share that the Pentecostal Assemblies of God are working to build up leaders to plant churches and spread the gospel, and Resonate is partnering with them. Pray for the gospel to spread.

Wednesday December 8
from: ReFrame: Japan

Please pray with us this prayer of protection written by a ReFrame Ministries radio listener in Japan: “I pray that my health will be protected and that those who suffer from coronavirus will suffer less. I pray that those who are in pain can be comforted and that they can pray to God for peace."

Thursday December 9
from: Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee: Hearts Exchanged

Hearts Exchanged is a learning and action initiative designed to equip Reformed Christians to engage with Indigenous people as neighbors and fellow imagebearers. Pray for the participants and facilitators in every Canadian classis, asking that our churches may move effectively toward godly justice and reconciliation.

Friday December 10
from: World Renew: Disaster response

Many communities we work with are experiencing unpredictable weather patterns that threaten to push more families into poverty. Please pray with us for plans being made among global leaders and other representatives, asking that God's will be done on the earth, and for strength and perseverance for communities already facing severe environmental impacts.

Saturday December 11
from: Resonate: Mexico

Resonate missionary Abe Lee, who serves in Mexico, has been connecting online with a seminary class of 30 students in Paraguay. Give thanks for the opportunity to study Scripture together over the past few months. Ask the Holy Spirit to use this training to equip these students for leadership.

Sunday December 12
from: Disability Concerns: Changes

As 2021 draws to a close, we pray for all God has in store for us in the new year. As our director, Mark Stephenson, retires from this role, we give thanks for the 15 years of service he has given to this ministry. We have welcomed our new director, Lindsay Weiland Capel, during past month. Please pray for God's guidance for Lindsay as she enters into this role.

Monday December 13
from: ReFrame: Senegal

Pray for two young radio producers named Adèle and Isaac. They recently began partnering with ReFrame’s French ministry team, creating a special radio program for young Christians in Senegal, West Africa. Pray that their words will be a blessing to their peers.

Tuesday December 14
from: Resonate: East Asia

A Resonate missionary serving as a teacher in East Asia asks for prayer for his students. Many of the students do not know Christ, but several are asking questions about spirituality. Ask the Holy Spirit to work in their hearts.

Wednesday December 15
from: Calvin Theological Seminary: Christmas break

Many of our students, especially international students, are not able to travel home to be with family for the holidays. Pray for all who travel and for all who are apart from family during this season, that tidings of comfort and joy may overflow in their homes this season.

Thursday December 16
from: World Renew: Latin America

Migrants continue to stream out of Venezuela into neighboring Latin American countries to seek better economic opportunities and escape insecurity and violence. Pray for relief for them; for patience, understanding, and support from their hosts; and for courage and wisdom from organizations that are coordinating to resolve this crisis.

Friday December 17
from: Resonate: Campus ministry

Mike Wissink, a Resonate partner campus minister at Ferris State University in Michigan, asks you to pray for the continued growth of students as they gather weekly for meetings.

Saturday December 18
from: Safe Church: Gratitude and support

We thank God for all of you! The work of abuse prevention could not be done without people deciding to come together to work toward the vision of a church free from abuse. Ask God to continue to encourage, support, and fill us with a deep desire to work toward his design of peace.

Sunday December 19
from: ReFrame: Groundwork

Pray for Crystal, who listens to ReFrame’s Groundwork audio program. She writes, “Pray that I have the strength to carry on and have patience with the family I'm living with because they do not believe in God.”

Monday December 20
from: Resonate: Michigan

City Hope GR, a Resonate partner church plant in Michigan, recently had their grand opening. City Hope GR is a church for people of all abilities, and many people have found it to be a welcoming faith community where they can worship God and grow as disciples. Ask God to continue to work through this church plant.

Tuesday December 21
from: Edmonton Native Healing Centre: Winter solstice

The solstice is an important season marker; it helps us to reflect on the Creator's goodness and mercy, asking to be blessed by his growing light on our path. In prayer together, may we recognize that we need one another when we mourn, when we are in trouble or despair or temptation, and when we need to be encouraged to endure and stand again. Throughout our lives we are in need of others, and others are in need of us. Holy Spirit, in your strength, bless us with the gifts of patience, peace, and love.

Wednesday December 22
from: World Renew: Christmas season

We give thanks to God for the opportunity to love and serve our brothers and sisters around the world this holiday season. We pray for a peaceful, joyful, and blessed Christmas, with God at the center of all activities as we celebrate the birth of the Savior. We ask the Lord for mercy and justice in the midst of disaster, conflict, poverty, and other difficulties.

Thursday December 23
from: Resonate: North America

Many CRC members are part of a Go Local cohort with Resonate. Go Local gives believers an opportunity to learn where and how God is at work in their neighborhood—and to join in that work. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance, especially in this Advent season, when many people are open to hearing the good news of Jesus.

Friday December 24
from: Raise Up: Educational Care: Africa

Pray for Educational Care (EC) training in East Africa. During COVID-19 lockdowns, many schools were completely closed with no online options, leaving children without schooling. Pray that EC can speak hope into this situation, raising up new EC facilitators from among graduates and guiding communities to grow in showing Christ’s love in all they do.

Saturday December 25
from: Communications: Christmas Day

Jesus is born! Pray that people around the world will hear and rejoice in the good news that a Savior has been born to us, to save us from sin and give us new life.

Sunday December 26
from: Resonate: West Africa

Pray for missionaries sharing the gospel among people from a Muslim background in West Africa. Ask the Holy Spirit to open people’s eyes to the truth of Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Monday December 27
from: World Renew: Refugees

Pray for millions of refugees around the world who have fled their countries this past year, seeking safety and freedom. May they find strong advocates for their most basic human rights. Pray also for people displaced because of natural disasters. May they find hospitality in welcoming communities.

Tuesday December 28
from: ReFrame: Cuba

Alcira receives ReFrame’s Spanish devotions and shares them with her friends. However, the post office where she lives is often unreliable. Pray that she will continue to be able to receive devotional guides and minister to her friends who need to know Christ.

Wednesday December 29
from: Resonate: Lithuania

Many students who attend LCC International University, a Resonate partner in Lithuania, come from Muslim families. Some of these students have become Christians through LCC, and while they are home for Christmas, please pray for them, asking the Holy Spirit for healthy, inspiring conversations with family members about faith.

Thursday December 30
from: Candidacy Committee: Preparations

Please pray for grace and strength for all who are in the final preparation stage to become candidates in 2022. Ask the Lord to guide them in his wisdom and to clarify their vision for ministry in the CRCNA.

Friday December 31
from: CRCNA Leadership: Reflections

As we close out another year of challenges and blessings, uncertainty and learning, adjustment and growth, we praise God that he has guided us through it all. Pray that as we move into a new year, God will continue to give us grace to follow him, love to serve each other, and courage to share the good news of Jesus with the world.