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The CRC Prayer Guide offers another way to pray for our shared ministry as a denomination, with specific prayer requests for each day of the year. View these prayer requests below, download printer-friendly versions, or get them delivered to your email inbox (choose to receive them daily, weekly, or once a month).

You may also be interested in the prayer section of The Network and the CRC News weekly email.

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Sunday January 1
from: Communications: New Year's Day

As we begin a new year, ask the Holy Spirit to fill us and give us courage, wisdom, and love to faithfully follow where he leads.

Monday January 2
from: World Renew: Staffing

Praise God with us for bringing talented and passionate individuals to fill several positions on the World Renew team. Pray that our new colleagues may transition quickly and be able to share their gifts fully. Pray also for team cohesion, for willingness to learn from one another, and for God’s holy creative spark to touch our work.

Tuesday January 3
from: Resonate Global Mission: Haiti

In the past few years, Haiti has experienced many challenges, including earthquakes, a presidential assassination, and kidnappings. “Pray for the Haitian people, for peace and justice to return to this land. Pray for God’s provision and for the gospel to go forward,” said Luis Pellecer, regional mission leader.

Wednesday January 4
from: ReFrame Ministries: New spiritual habits

In the new year, people around the world are looking for new ways to connect or reconnect with Christ. Pray for new spiritual habits to form this year. Pray that online tools like podcasts and devotions can help form lifelong relationships with Christ.

Thursday January 5
from: Safe Church: Light

As daylight hours increase in the Northern Hemisphere, we pray for safe shelter for all who are most vulnerable to being victimized by abuse. We pray for people with hidden emotional and spiritual trauma, that they may find safety, respect, and homes full of faith, hope, and love. Lord, shine your great light in all dark places!

Friday January 6
from: Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations: Unity

The world is watching the church, so we pray, pleading for unity within our denomination, among different denominations, and among Christians all around the world. As Jesus prayed, may we be brought to complete unity so that the world will know Jesus and the Father’s great love everyone (John 17:23).

Saturday January 7
from: Resonate: Nicaragua

Give thanks for the ways God is working through Resonate partner IMPACT clubs in Nicaragua. “They are designed to build relationships around community service. As the Nicaraguan leaders do that, they so effortlessly share the ‘hope within’ that each year over 10 kids come to know Christ and are baptized,” said Steve Holtrop, regional mission leader.

Sunday January 8
from: ThereforeGo Ministries: SERVE

As the new year begins, we can’t help being excited for SERVE 2023! Please join us in praying for youth groups who are still deciding where to SERVE in 2023. We still have several exciting sites available, and we pray that our sending teams will find the right sites for them!

Monday January 9
from: World Renew: Training opportunities

Inflation has the greatest impact on our global neighbors who earn barely enough to get by. Through training, people can diversify their livelihoods. Pray for community members who seize training opportunities, many of whom become trainers themselves. May they be encouraged as they help others in their communities learn skills like beekeeping, sewing, and fish farming.

Tuesday January 10
from: Resonate: Ontario

Guelph Campus Ministry, a Resonate partner in Ontario, hosts weekly community dinners for students. “Community dinner remains the main entry point, or first stop, for students who are connecting with Christian community,” said Sara DeMoor, campus minister. Pray that students will experience the love of Christ through these dinners.

Wednesday January 11
from: Calvin Theological Seminary: Classes and preparations

Pray for January Term classes, for students who are traveling, and especially for new students preparing to begin their studies in the spring semester. Pray for health and safety for all.

Thursday January 12
from: ReFrame: India

Harahita leads her church in worship planning and reading from the Bible during Sunday worship services. She recently began sharing our Hindi devotional book, Dainik Bhojan, with her congregation. Pray for the people in her church who are beginning a new habit of reading devotions outside of Sunday worship.

Friday January 13
from: World Renew: Peace and justice

Last month we participated in 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. The World Health Organization estimates that one in three girls and women worldwide experience abuse because of their gender, and that number is likely higher due to various stigma. Praise God for the men and women striving to bring an end to this injustice.

Saturday January 14
from: Resonate: Europe

Resonate missionaries serving among people from a Muslim background in Europe ask for prayer for a woman at their church, who says she wants to see a sign from God before she commits to Christ. Ask the Holy Spirit to continue working in this woman’s heart.

Sunday January 15
from: Disability Concerns: Lament and hope

Each of us is made in God's image and for his glory. We lament ways in which we have perpetuated ableism in our lives and churches, excluding essential parts of the body of Christ for the sake of our own ease or comfort. We grieve that so many of our churches are not safe and accessible for all. Pray that through the Holy Spirit working in us, all people will be valued and find belonging in Christ and his church.

Monday January 16
from: Race Relations: Martin Luther King, Jr., Day

We celebrate Martin Luther King's legacy by remembering his insight that "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." We remember his hope that "dark clouds of racial prejudice will soon pass away." Lord, help us to live a life free of prejudice and to represent your righteousness and justice. We desire to dwell in unity and to be one with you. Amen.

Tuesday January 17
from: ReFrame: Indonesia

Our Indonesian ministry partners recently launched a new video program for children to complement their daily print devotions. Pray for Trinsawati, a woman who has been sharing the videos with her children. “Thank you so much—I am so blessed to share these videos,” she said.

Wednesday January 18
from: Resonate: Burundi

Give thanks for pastors in Burundi who were able to participate in Timothy Leadership Training facilitated by Resonate missionaries. More pastors are asking for an opportunity to continue their training! Pray that we may continue to expand this training in Burundi and in other countries throughout the world.

Thursday January 19
from: World Renew: Partnerships

We thank God for the trust we have been able to build with many ministry partners around the world. When we resource trusted organizations already hard at work, they can do more within their communities. Pray for World Renew’s 72 global partners as they continue God’s work of mercy and justice in their contexts.

Friday January 20
from: Trinity Christian College: Mental health

Post-pandemic realities have exposed a crisis of mental health among college students. Students at Trinity, as on many other campuses, struggle with anxiety, depression, loneliness, disordered eating, and suicidal ideation. Ask the Spirit to comfort and restore them in body, mind, and soul, and to equip staff and faculty as they journey alongside.

Saturday January 21
from: Diaconal Ministries Canada: Stewardship

We are called to manage faithfully all that God has entrusted to us so that all of creation flourishes. A good steward asks, “How can my whole life show that Jesus is my Lord?” Pray with us that the launch of our new online stewardship course will bless deacons and churches and guide them in this important task.

Sunday January 22
from: Resonate: Alberta

Pray for Bridge Church, a Resonate-partner church plant in Alberta. This church has grown a lot in a few years. Ask the Holy Spirit to continue drawing people into this faith community.

Monday January 23
from: GEMS Girls' Clubs: Love and truth

It’s not easy being a girl today. Girls are anxious, lonely, and fearful. But everything changes when a girl hears who God is and everything that he says about her. A girl's hope increases, and her fear dissipates. Pray for GEMS girls’ clubs and their leaders as they share God’s love and truth with girls everywhere.

Tuesday January 24
from: World Renew: Education

Today is the International Day of Education. As we support education in many ways, pray with us that communities trying to build schools for their children will be blessed with all the resources and people power they need. Praise God for the many participants in our literacy programs as they learn to read and to try new possibilities!

Wednesday January 25
from: Chaplaincy and Care: Emergency relief

When events like floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes affect so many lives, active and retired chaplains from across North America are called upon to provide emergency support, critical incident debriefing, and spiritual care. Pray for these chaplains providing such support in communities that are suffering.

Thursday January 26
from: Resonate: Michigan

“Pray that we continue to be invited into students’ stories and that we can share Christ,” ask campus ministers at International Campus Ministry, a Resonate partner at Western Michigan University.

Friday January 27
from: ReFrame: Japan

In Tokyo, Japan, Maaya shared, “I listen to your radio program every day. The other day I learned that my neighbor is a Christian, and I'm thinking of sharing the program with him too. Could you send me a CD with the recording?” Pray for fruitful conversations between Maaya and her neighbor.

Saturday January 28
from: Raise Up: Global Coffee Break: Writers

Pray for our writing team as they follow God’s lead to create new Discover Your Bible studies and revise existing ones. Ask God to oversee the process from start to finish, that this work may help to further his kingdom.

Sunday January 29
from: Calvinist Cadet Corps: Cadet Sunday

Our theme “Amazing,” based on Joshua 3:5, continues to remind cadets, counselors, and their families to strive to be holy and to recognize the many ways God blesses us. We pray that the boys in Cadets will look for, find, and share the many amazing things God is doing as they live for Jesus.

Monday January 30
from: Resonate: Japan

The Japanese are one of the largest unreached people groups in the world. “Pray for God’s wisdom and courage for Japanese Christians to share the gospel to their family and friends,” ask Resonate missionaries Ken and Jeannie Lee, who serve in Japan.

Tuesday January 31
from: ReFrame: Prayer ministry

Pray for Mark, a man who recently shared a request with our prayer ministry team. “We have gotten far away from a regular church connection,” Mark said. “I know that we need to get back, but this addiction and also struggling with social anxiety and depression have made it tough.”

Wednesday February 1
from: Race Relations: Black History Month

We remember the contributions of persons of Black African heritage who have had a positive impact on our lives. Lord, help us to understand that Black history includes all of us. May the day come when the stories of Black people are so widely taught that a Black history month is no longer needed. Help us to make a better world possible by speaking up for the oppressed and working tirelessly to ensure that no one is excluded from your table. We have a stained history; we need cleansing, Lord. Cleanse us from unrighteousness.

Thursday February 2
from: Resonate Global Mission: Ontario

Give thanks for a family who found a faith community at The Table, a Resonate partner church plant in Ontario. Anna and Jason discovered the love of Christ through The Table’s hospitality. Please pray for this family as they continue to grow as disciples.

Friday February 3
from: World Renew: Disaster Response Services (DRS)

Disaster Response Services is responding in the United States to the aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Florida and to flooding damage in Whatcom County, Washington. Pray for these projects and for all of our volunteers. Pray also for the Salvation Army and for Undercurrent youth services in the Maritime Provinces whose ongoing work to assist people affected by Hurricane Fiona is supported by World Renew Canada.

Saturday February 4
from: ReFrame Ministries: Japan

Kaori, a listener in Japan, says that as Japan faces population decline and aging, her family is concerned that their family line will die out. She was encouraged by the story of Ruth and Naomi, however, which she heard on our “Let's Open the Bible” audio program. Pray that more people in Japan will open their hearts to God’s Word.

Sunday February 5
from: Calvin Theological Seminary: New semester

Our spring semester began on January 30. Pray for our faculty and for our distance, residential, and international students as they begin new courses. Pray for deep learning as God continues to shape students for ministry.

Monday February 6
from: Resonate: Colorado

Give thanks for G’awna, who found hope after connecting with Jesus on Colfax, a Resonate partner ministry in Colorado. G’awna is now giving back and serving with Jesus on Colfax. Please pray for her and her children as she continues to use her gifts in ministry.

Tuesday February 7
from: Raise Up: TLT: Training

Over the past several months, Timothy Leadership Training (TLT) coordinators and their spouses in seven French-speaking countries in Africa held three-day retreats for spiritual refreshment, planning, and fellowship. Thank God for the healing and strengthening of family relationships during the retreats, and pray for renewed passion and abundant resources to carry out church leadership training in the coming days.

Wednesday February 8
from: ReFrame: Egypt

ReFrame’s partners in Egypt recently selected Rev. Youssef Adel Hanna to lead our Arabic media ministry. “Please thank God with us,” said Kurt Selles, ReFrame director, “and pray for Rev. Youssef and all who are involved as we move forward in proclaiming the good news in Arabic.”

Thursday February 9
from: World Renew: Sustainability

Have you heard of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals? These 17 objectives “recognize that ending poverty and other deprivations must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth—all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests.” Your gifts to the World Renew Gift Catalog this year helped us to address some of these goals. Visit and pray for the completion of these goals.

Friday February 10
from: Resonate: Ukraine

Please continue to pray for an end to the war in Ukraine. “Pray that Russia will return to the path of peace,” ask Resonate missionaries Steve and Chris Van Zanen, who serve at LCC International University in Lithuania. They minister with many students from Russia and Ukraine.

Saturday February 11
from: Chaplaincy and Care: Training

Several of our chaplains serve as or are training to become certified supervisor-educators. Please pray for wisdom and energy as they seek to provide spiritual care to patients and as they arrange for, teach, and supervise the training of many other chaplains and psychospiritual therapists.

Sunday February 12
from: Disability Concerns: Belonging

Many people with disabilities and their church disability advocates are weary. Too often, when they ask for an accommodation or make a suggestion, they are dismissed or told that it isn't a priority for the church. Pray that church leaders will be receptive, learn, and act so that people with disabilities will experience belonging in churches.

Monday February 13
from: Indigenous Family Centre: Strength and safety

Please pray that the Indigenous Family Centre (IFC) may continue to be a safe place for people to gather for cultural activities and to find healing. Pray that staff may keep up their strength in serving community members, and pray that community members may have moments of joy in their lives and comfort in their griefs. Give thanks with us for the support IFC receives.

Tuesday February 14
from: Resonate: Central Asia

Pray for the spread of the good news of Jesus in a Muslim-majority country in Central Asia. “Our team continues sharing the gospel with new people we meet,” say Resonate missionaries.

Wednesday February 15
from: ReFrame: North America

Pray for Guia, who became a Christian and joined a church about five years ago. “My church does not have a youth program for my 14-year-old daughter, and I feel confused and lost,” Guia said. Pray for wisdom as she discerns next steps for her and her daughter’s growing faith.

Thursday February 16
from: Safe Church: Positive change

Praise God that many churches and institutions are addressing how to ensure that people in positions of trust use their power for flourishing. Please ask God to raise up men and women to initiate incremental change that leads us on paths of righteousness, heals the brokenhearted, and binds up their wounds.

Friday February 17
from: World Renew: Volunteer leaders

We’re grateful for the many volunteers who lead World Renew from across the United States and Canada, as well as in each of our program countries and through our ministry partners. When we work to support programs with local partners, we also work to build their capacity. Praise God for every volunteer who gives of their time and gifts to help lead these organizations, and pray that they may be filled with wisdom.

Saturday February 18
from: Resonate: Mexico

Resonate missionaries James and Barbarita Lee, serving in Mexico, ask you to pray that Christian students will accept God’s call to spread the gospel on their university campuses. “There are more than 200,000 university students, and only one percent are Christians,” said the Lees.

Sunday February 19
from: Pastor Church Resources: Pastors

Pastors have received a wonderful calling from God, and as a result they experience many blessings. However, their job isn’t always easy. Please pray for your pastor on a regular basis. Pray for strength, wisdom, patience, health, good relationships, refreshment, and God’s continuous leading in his/her life.

Monday February 20
from: ReFrame: India

The village of a man named Manoj is surrounded by forests and mountains, so it takes hours to travel there from the nearest city. Still, he and about 30 participants from similar parts of India traveled to attend a training for pastors and lay leaders led by ReFrame’s Hindi ministry partners. Please pray for young leaders like Manoj as they minister in remote areas.

Tuesday February 21
from: Resonate: Japan

“Pray for God’s wisdom and courage for Japanese Christians to share the gospel with their family, friends, and coworkers,” said Ken and Jeannie Lee, Resonate missionaries in Japan.

Wednesday February 22
from: Worship: Ash Wednesday

Pray for worship leaders and pastors as they enter this busy season of Lent. May they find time for reflection and rest, even as their workload increases and expectations are high. May God bless the work of their hands, enliven the work of their minds, and tend to the work of their hearts as they live out their important and beautiful calling to serve God’s church.

Thursday February 23
from: World Renew: Peace

Pray for peace that surpasses understanding for all who face turmoil in our world. Pray for families who don't know where their next meal will come from, for dedicated staff and volunteers who work hard and are often stretched thin, and for the many millions of people in countries where unrest and uncertainty are a daily reality. Praise God that we serve the Prince of Peace.

Friday February 24
from: Resonate: Michigan

Campus ministers at International Campus Ministry, a Resonate partner at Western Michigan University, ask you to pray for connections with students. Pray that the campus ministry leaders may continue to build new relationships.

Saturday February 25
from: ReFrame: Cuba

Dedice reads our Spanish-language devotions, Cada Día, and asks for prayers for her and her family in Cuba. Pray for their spiritual and physical well-being, and may they continue to read God’s Word every day.

Sunday February 26
from: Centre for Public Dialogue: First Sunday of Lent

As we begin to observe Lent, let us consider our interdependence and how injustice experienced by one of us can affect the peace and prosperity of all. Praise God for good policies, and ask for eyes to see broken systems in order to seek peace and flourishing for all in the places where God has placed us.

Monday February 27
from: Resonate: Nicaragua

Pray for the Nehemiah Center, a Resonate partner ministry in Nicaragua. Ask the Holy Spirit to continue working through this ministry and in the many ways its leaders serve churches and communities there.

Tuesday February 28
from: World Renew: Haiti

Our team in Haiti experienced many challenges last year because of violent demonstrations, gang clashes, and attacks on banks and public markets. Food insecurity is reported to be acute, with more than half of the population starving and unable to access basic health services. Despite these difficulties, stories of positive change in communities have encouraged and motivated World Renew to persevere. Pray for the restoration of dignity, and pray that vulnerable families may be able to meet their needs.