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Prayer is a powerful tool that God has given us. We can use it to further our relationship with God, discern his will for the future, present our petitions, lament and confess our transgressions, and praise him for all that he does for us. 

The CRCNA has several resources to help you in your prayer life, the ministries of the CRCNA also covet your prayers in support of ongoing work. 

Join others in praying for synod each year. There is a 40 days of prayer guide in the lead up to synod, as well as opportunities to pray during the event itself. 

The CRC Prayer Guide offers another way to pray for our shared ministry as a denomination, with specific prayer requests for each day of the year. View these prayer requests below, download printer-friendly versions, or get them delivered to your email inbox (choose to receive them daily, weekly, or once a month).

You may also be interested in the prayer section of The Network and the CRC News weekly email.

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Thursday February 1
from: Thrive: Chaplains

Several of our chaplains serve as certified supervisor-educators in clinical pastoral education/spiritual care and psychospiritual therapy. Please pray for wisdom and energy as they provide spiritual care, teach, and supervise the training of many other chaplains and therapists to prepare them to serve in a variety of institutions.

Friday February 2
from: World Renew: Equity

We are committed to pursuing equity, inclusion, and justice for all. Ask God to raise up leaders who are champions for people often overlooked or mistreated in their societies. Ask God also that we may have words of wisdom as we lead and ears to hear as we learn from the international community.

Saturday February 3
from: Resonate Global Mission: Ontario

Give thanks for Ashleesha, who served as a Resonate emerging leader with Momentum Campus Ministries in Ontario. God is working through Ashleesha to reach the growing Indian population on the campuses of St. Lawrence College and Loyalist College-Belleville.

Sunday February 4
from: ReFrame Ministries: Burkina Faso

Our partners in Burkina Faso ask you to pray for peace and stability in the country. Many schools are closed because of terrorist attacks in areas where our listeners and their children live. Meanwhile, our church planting team faces challenges with the continuous movement of people who are fleeing attacks.

Monday February 5
from: Calvin Theological Seminary: Growth and learning

Our spring semester began Jan. 29. Pray for our faculty and for our distance, residential, and international students as they begin new courses. Pray for deep learning as God forms students for ministry.

Tuesday February 6
from: Resonate: Romania

A local man found new life in Christ through Ózd Therapy Center, a Resonate partner in Romania. Please pray for him as he continues to grow as a disciple of Jesus.

Wednesday February 7
from: Thrive: Children and youth

Please pray for the spiritual development and protection of children and young people in CRC congregations. Pray also for children's ministry leaders, youth leaders, parents, and caregivers as they model faith practices and contribute to the faith formation of the next generation.

Thursday February 8
from: World Renew: Community health

Much of our work connects with health, whether through agriculture training or maternal and child nutrition and care during the first 1,000 days of life. Education and resources for good hygiene and sanitation are especially important in areas where preventable diseases happen frequently. Pray for improved and ongoing health and safety across the Global South.

Friday February 9
from: Resonate: Montreal

Pray for the French-learning workshops that Mission Montreal, a Resonate partner in Quebec, hosts for children and their families. “This program is a direct result of families in the neighborhood expressing a desire to learn French with one another. It’s our joy to come alongside families and equip them to flourish!” said Jacynthe Vaillancourt of Mission Montreal.

Saturday February 10
from: ReFrame: China

Chinese New Year (Feb. 10) is the biggest holiday in China and traditionally the busiest travel season of the year as people return to their hometowns to be with family. Pray for opportunities for believers to share their faith and hope in Christ during this season.

Sunday February 11
from: Communications: Ministry Shares: Celebrating Your Impact

Praise God today for the many ministries we are able to support through ministry shares! Each church’s contributions help to fund people and programs that share the love of Jesus around the world through media ministry, church planting, campus ministries, church and pastor support, training and learning opportunities, and more.

Monday February 12
from: Thrive: Worship

Please pray for your congregation's worship leaders and planners. Lent can become an exceptionally busy time in preparation for Holy Week. Ask God to fill worship leaders and planners with energy, give them joy in their work, and provide ample times of rest.

Tuesday February 13
from: Resonate: South Korea

Resonate missionaries Jeannie and Joel Huyser are helping to start a Christian school in South Korea. They ask for prayer for the enrollment of students and the recruitment of teachers. Pray that this school may be a strong faith community where students and families can be equipped as followers of Jesus.

Wednesday February 14
from: Communications: Ash Wednesday

As we enter the season of Lent, ask God to guide us in seeking him through prayer, reading the Bible, reflection, and fasting. Pray that as we draw closer to God, he will draw us and others to himself.

Thursday February 15
from: World Renew: Peace and protection

In some regions where World Renew serves, political instability and extremist groups present challenges. Pray for discernment as we strive to work toward justice and mercy in these areas, and may the Prince of Peace reign even in situations that seem hopeless. Praise God that he is able to do what seems impossible to us.

Friday February 16
from: ReFrame: Today devotions

Elise, a reader of the Today daily devotions, recently shared that she feels herself growing distant in her relationship with God. Pray for Elise and others who feel this way. Pray that these devotions and other faith-forming resources will offer spiritual insights for Elise and others who are going through spiritual valleys.

Saturday February 17
from: Resonate: Cohorts

Pray for young adults who are serving with Resonate’s Cohort programs in Detroit, Central America, Europe, and the Middle East. Ask God to work through the Cohort experience to help shape these young leaders to his calling for their lives.

Sunday February 18
from: Centre for Public Dialogue: Justice and Hope Sunday

Lent gives us space to grieve the many injustices that we see in the world. Praise God that we are not left in Lent but are also a resurrection people. The Centre for Public Dialogue (Canada) helps to point out injustices in public policy and works toward shalom in these areas. Pray for this work as Lent begins.

Monday February 19
from: Indigenous Family Centre: Community members

Please pray for the community members here at IFC. They need prayers for their health and for the strength to carry on as they support other family members. Pray also for the people in Winnipeg who are without homes—especially for those struggling with drug addictions and for their families. We also give thanks for the CRCNA’s support.

Tuesday February 20
from: World Renew: Partnerships

Our participation with organizations like Canadian Foodgrains Bank and Growing Hope Globally extends our impact. Church-to-church partnerships between the Global South and North America enrich our understanding of our neighbors and our Lord. And most of our work involves local partners such as church denominations and grassroots charities. Give thanks and pray with us that our partnerships remain effective.

Wednesday February 21
from: Resonate: Nicaragua

Nicaragua Christian Academy often has a difficult time finding teachers to meet their needs each school year. Ask God to help meet the needs of this Resonate partner school and to bring the right people to serve as teachers.

Thursday February 22
from: ReFrame: Japan

Pray for Yamato and others in Japan who cannot physically go to church. Pray that they’ll discover and continue to use online resources or radio messages to strengthen their faith. “The messages are a valuable source of sustenance,” Yamato wrote to our Japanese ministry team. “I listen to them every day. Thank you for your continued support of spiritual guidance.”

Friday February 23
from: Thrive: Unity in Christ

Please pray for a spirit of love, understanding, and collaboration among members within your own congregation. May hearts lean toward faithfulness, patience, kindness, and other fruits of the Spirit.

Saturday February 24
from: Diaconal Ministries Canada: Support

Deacons serve by leading and equipping their churches in a rich diversity of ministries, awakening compassion, demonstrating mercy, seeking justice, promoting stewardship, and collaborating with God’s Spirit for the transformation and flourishing of all people and places. Please pray for our staff and for diaconal coaches as they equip and support deacons and churches across the country.

Sunday February 25
from: World Renew: Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery takes a long time, and the people affected are often left vulnerable long after the media stop talking about them. Pray for people in Malawi still recovering from Cyclone Freddy; for partners in Syria as they provide food and hygiene supplies and more after the 2023 earthquake; and for Disaster Response Services volunteers and staff serving in communities across the U.S.

Monday February 26
from: Resonate: Berlin

Resonate missionaries David Kromminga and Mary Buteyn planted a church with and for refugees in Berlin, Germany. They also lead an Alpha course for people interested in learning more about Jesus. They ask for prayer that “the merely curious participants in the Alpha course and worship services may recognize the love of Jesus.”

Tuesday February 27
from: Thrive: People serving churches

Please pray for wisdom, discernment, and strength for pastors, leaders, and volunteers in congregations across the U.S. and Canada.

Wednesday February 28
from: ReFrame: India

Pray for believers like Rajesh, who lives in a remote part of India that has very few believers. “It’s very challenging for Rajesh to remain firm in Jesus when he is surrounded by so many different religions and false gods,” shared our Hindi ministry partner. “Please pray for the Lord’s help to overcome all these situations.”

Thursday February 29
from: Resonate: Sierra Leone

With support from a Resonate grant, the Christian Reformed Church in Sierra Leone was able to plant a church among the people of the Lungi community. The church baptized 12 new believers, who are now active members of the church. Praise God! Please pray for this church plant’s work in this community.

Friday March 1
from: Calvin Theological Seminary: Exams

Senior students will be taking their oral comprehensive exams this month as they prepare for graduation and ministry beyond seminary. Pray that the exams will not cause undue anxiety but will bless these students in recalling how much they have learned in their studies.

Saturday March 2
from: Thrive: Interclassis Safe Church Conference

Pray for attendees and presenters at the Interclassis Safe Church Conference taking place today in Ontario. As participants are equipped in abuse awareness, prevention, and response, they are encouraged to build communities where the value of each person is honored, where people are free to worship and grow in faith free from abuse, and where the response to abuse is compassion and justice, which foster healing.

Sunday March 3
from: Resonate Global Mission: Volunteers

“We praise God for volunteers serving in more than 15 countries around the world. Pray for them as they serve and as they return to their sending communities—that they may have opportunities to share what they have learned and in turn bless those who have sent them,” asks Gillian Bruce, Resonate’s volunteer programs leader.

Monday March 4
from: World Renew: Weather

Across Latin America and southern Africa, the rainy season has come, but many regions are receiving less than average rainfall, leading to poor harvests. Pray that more rain may come and that the crops harvested will be sufficient for each family's needs until the next season. Give thanks that fewer hurricanes and floods have come this year, and pray for tranquility in the coming year.

Tuesday March 5
from: ReFrame Ministries: Taiwan

Jerry An, our Chinese ministry leader, shared, “After recent presidential elections in Taiwan, we are expecting the relationship between Taiwan and China to further deteriorate. Please pray. Pray also as our Chinese ministry team works on a related project called “Under the Shadow of War,” a biblical response for the worldwide Chinese church.

Wednesday March 6
from: Resonate: Cambodia

Many people have decided to follow Jesus through Resonate’s ministry in Cambodia. “Please pray that new believers may have the opportunity to study the Word of God and increase their faith,” ask Resonate missionaries Ly Chhay and Navy Chann-Chhay.

Thursday March 7
from: Calvin University: Students

Rejoice with us for increased enrollment, vibrant campus ministries, and faculty and staff who disciple students daily. Pray with us as prospective students receive aid packages soon and make decisions about where to attend. Pray for a large incoming class full of young adults who love the Lord and long to serve him!

Friday March 8
from: Thrive: Hospice

Hospice chaplains assess and care for the spiritual needs of patients and their loved ones. Anticipatory grief is an ever-present reality in this setting. Often questions about God, eternity, and concern for loved ones left behind are raised. Pray for our chaplains who walk with individuals and families in these settings while sharing the peace and love of God.

Saturday March 9
from: Resonate: Spain

“We praise God for the friendships we have made in our community with Spanish nonbelievers and for the opportunity we are having to share with them about our ministry and our faith!” say Resonate missionaries Gary and Rachel De León, who serve in Spain.

Sunday March 10
from: World Renew: Trauma healing

Participants we encounter often feel “stuck” as they try to process their experiences of illness, loss, abuse, terror, or violence. World Renew’s trauma-healing programs are able to reach people in many communities—both for healing and to train facilitators. Please pray that the peace of Christ may heal all who are hurting so that they can move forward in hope.

Monday March 11
from: ReFrame: India

Pray for members of ReFrame’s Hindi ministry team who follow up with listeners and visit their villages. “Pray that the team may guide listeners properly in discipleship and lead them to churches,” shared our Hindi ministry leader.

Tuesday March 12
from: Resonate: North America

Resonate and the denomination helped to plant eleven new churches within the past year throughout Canada and the United States. Ask the Holy Spirit to draw people into these faith communities. Pray for open doors into communities so that these churches may share the love of Christ.

Wednesday March 13
from: Thrive: CRC Annual Day of Prayer

Synod has designated the second Wednesday in March as the Annual Day of Prayer. On this day each year, all CRC congregations are requested to take time to ask for God’s blessing on the world, our nations and communities, crops and industry, and the church worldwide.

Thursday March 14
from: Candidacy Committee: Prospective candidates

We give thanks for the men and women working toward candidacy in 2024! Please join us in prayer asking the Lord to lead and counsel them as they take their next steps toward a call. In Psalm 32:8 the Lord says, "I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you."

Friday March 15
from: ReFrame: Egypt

ReFrame’s Arabic ministry team is partnering with churches in Egypt to offer Christian media content and free wifi at several church locations. Pray that this new initiative will open doors to conversations and questions about Jesus in the Arabic-speaking world.

Saturday March 16
from: Resonate: Chicago

Agape and Ecclesia, a Resonate partner campus ministry at Loyola University in Chicago, started Explore Groups as a way to provide safe spaces for students to explore faith and deeper questions in life. Ask God to work through these groups to reveal the love and hope of the gospel to people searching for meaning and purpose.

Sunday March 17
from: Thrive: Middle East

Prayer for lasting peace in the Middle East: God of peace, God who loves us and who loves the people of Israel and Palestine, God who loves the powerless and the powerful alike, we cry out to you. Bring your salvation near to us, O Lord. We pray for an end to hostage taking and killings. We pray for an end to vengeance, terror, and threats. Amen!

Monday March 18
from: Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Committee: Synod preparations

Father God, Creator of this great and beautiful world we live in, we come to you with joy anticipating synod and our international guests who will be joining us. Thank you for this opportunity to worship with, to learn from, and to grow with brothers and sisters in Christ in your global church.

Tuesday March 19
from: World Renew: Economic stability

In many of the regions where World Renew serves, economic instability is an increasing challenge due to lasting effects of the global pandemic and various conflicts. At times even the fuel required to visit communities is difficult for staff to find, due to short supply. Ask for God’s provision and stability in tumultuous times.

Wednesday March 20
from: Resonate: Middle East

Resonate missionaries serving in the Middle East give thanks for a new center where refugees can come together, serve one another, and create opportunities to spread the gospel. Ask God with us to work through this center.

Thursday March 21
from: ReFrame: Today devotions

Pray with a woman named Karen as she continues cancer treatment. She shared, “God bless those who minister to people in need of comfort. A kind minister prayed with me before I went in for cancer treatment. She clasped my hands in prayer and gave me much comfort. She shared a copy of the Today devotions with me.”

Friday March 22
from: Resonate: Mexico

David Gifford, a Resonate missionary in Mexico, recently worked with COMPA campus ministry to lead a workshop with 12 university students. “They shared their opinions freely, asked a lot of questions, and took a lot of notes,” said David. Give thanks for these students who are passionate about growing in and sharing their faith!

Saturday March 23
from: ReFrame: Devotional resources

Pray for people who are reading our Today devotions or special Lenten series for the first time. Pray that they’ll continue to read Scripture and apply it to their lives after Easter celebrations.

Sunday March 24
from: Communications: Palm Sunday

Crowds celebrated Jesus’ presence as he rode a donkey into Jerusalem on the day we now call Palm Sunday. But they did not understand his mission, and they called for his death a few days later. As we enter into Holy Week, ask God to help us better understand his mission in this world and to join him in it.

Monday March 25
from: World Renew: Gift catalog

We give thanks for all who gave generously this year through the World Renew Gift Catalog. As the gifts reach the participants in our programs, pray with us that community members receiving goats, chickens, nutrition kits, water filters, soap, bicycles, and so much more may find renewed hope in the kindness of God’s global family.

Tuesday March 26
from: ReFrame: Japan

Pray for a Japanese ministry listener in Japan who shared, “I have anxiety and feel extremely depressed before going to work and after work. Last year I made a notebook with Bible verses written in it, and that helps to calm me down before heading out.”

Wednesday March 27
from: Justice Ministries: Indigenous ministry

The CRCNA supports three urban Indigenous ministries in Canada working in areas of great need in Regina, Winnipeg, and Edmonton. In 2023, Indigenous Christian Fellowship, for example, provided over 3,800 soup and bannock meals, more than 700 of which went to mobility challenged people. Please pray for the staff who run these programs and for the people walking through their doors.

Thursday March 28
from: World Renew: Unity

We praise God that World Renew’s team, spanning over two dozen countries, works together as one as we seek to live justly and love mercy. Pray that as we work in partnership with churches and other organizations around the world that we will be unified in our goals and vision to serve Christ.

Friday March 29
from: Communications: Good Friday

Today we remember Jesus’ suffering and death to atone for all our sin. Ask the Holy Spirit to move in the hearts of believers to share the good news of redemption, and in the hearts of all who hear so that they may believe and find life in Christ.

Saturday March 30
from: Communications: Holy Saturday

This day between Good Friday and Easter provides a time to reflect on the story of salvation. We live in “the already, but not yet” state of salvation as we celebrate Christ’s finished work for us and await the fullness of life upon his coming again. Ask God to help us serve faithfully in this time.

Sunday March 31
from: Resonate: Easter Sunday

As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus today, let us give thanks for the good news of God’s amazing plan to redeem all of creation. Please pray with us as we seek to support and equip Christian Reformed churches and members joining God on mission. Ask the Holy Spirit for courage, wisdom, and guidance as our denomination shares the love of Christ.