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Synod 2023 Prayer Support

Synod 2023 is underway. In order to support the work of synod in prayer, there are a number of initiatives to join in prayerful support of the meetings and conversations.

Prayer Opportunities During Synod

During synod, an emphasis on prayer will continue with focused times of prayer by delegates and morning prayers with those who are interested. 

For those who’d like to pray but aren’t at synod, there’ll be opportunities to SIGN UP for half hour prayer time slots each day with a provided prayer guide. There’ll also be an opportunity for prayer each day on social media via Facebook.

Previous Prayer Support: 40 Days of Prayer for Synod 2023 

All members of the CRCNA were invited to join others across North America in 40 days of prayer leading up to Synod 2023.

Each day, readers received a Bible text, a prayer, and some suggested questions for reflection or conversation. All of the prayers reflected the theme of Synod 2023: Longing to be Like Christ, which is based on Philippians 2:1-11, summarized by verse 5: “In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus.”

The 40 days of prayer began on April 30 and concluded when Synod 2023 convened on June 8. Here’s a Banner and a CRC Network article introducing the 40 Days of Prayer.