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The past year and a half have been hard ones for many of us. We’ve had to adapt how we work, worship, and interact with each other. Many of us have struggled with feelings of anxiety and isolation. And we know that many church and ministry leaders are exhausted. 

Yet, through it all, God has continued to use you, your congregation, and the ministries of the Christian Reformed Church for his kingdom work. Below are some inspiring examples of the types of ministry that has remained possible throughout COVID-19 thanks to ministry shares and the covenant relationship we have as a CRCNA denomination. As you watch them, consider being an inspiration to others by giving an additional gift that can extend these ministries even further. Thank you.

  Donate Now  Disability Concerns

Donate Now  Worship Ministries

Donate Now  Safe Church Ministry

Donate Now  Candidacy Committee

  Donate Now  Faith Formation Ministries

Donate Now  Pastor Church Resources

Donate Now  Race Relations

Donate Now  Office of Social Justice

Donate Now  Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee

Donate Now  Centre for Public Dialogue