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Forming Faith after School

September 6, 2023
Teresia and 24 other students at her school get together regularly to watch and discuss YouTube videos produced by ReFrame.
Teresia and 24 other students at her school get together regularly to watch and discuss YouTube videos produced by ReFrame.
Photo: ReFrame Ministries

Every school morning in Central Java, Indonesia, Teresia rides behind her mother on the back of the family’s motorcycle. If she’s lucky, she’ll be able to catch a similar ride from a classmate’s parent on the way home in the afternoon, but she usually walks.

Teresia’s parents remain at work throughout the day, so Teresia, like many teenagers, has a lot of unsupervised time to fill after school. Teresia also admits that she has often used that time poorly.

“It was always very easy for my classmates to influence me,” Teresia said.

A New After-School Activity

Over the past few years, with support from ministry shares, ReFrame Ministries’ partners in Indonesia launched several new discipleship groups. While some of these groups existed before the pandemic, many had disbanded or needed to be reestablished.

Most of these groups meet in homes, but a leader at Teresia’s school decided to start one for young people right at the school. About 25 students get together regularly to watch YouTube videos produced by ReFrame.

“The videos were really useful for my personal journey with Jesus,” said Teresia.

With help from the group’s leader, Teresia and her group members discuss the video lessons. The teens also reflect together on daily devotions that are produced by ReFrame.

“Before I joined the group, I really just heard the gospel at church or during school lessons,” Teresia said. “But now I have learned how to do daily devotions, and I’m learning how to live according to God’s will.”

A Positive Influence

Teresia hopes that some of her friends outside the group will accept her invitation to attend with her.

This is just one way that ministry shares, prayers, and other support from members of the Christian Reformed Church in North America are having an impact around the world. And ongoing prayers are needed.

“Please pray for Teresia so that she continues to grow closer to God and can be an example in giving good influence to her peers,” said Rev. Arliyanus Larosa, ReFrame’s Indonesian ministry leader.

This Fall, CRC News will be sharing stories every week that demonstrate the impact of ministry shares. To learn more, visit or invite Jeff Bolt (U.S.) or Roshani Morton (Canada) to speak to your council, congregational meeting, or classis.