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Prayer is a powerful tool that God has given us. We can use it to further our relationship with God, discern his will for the future, present our petitions, lament and confess our transgressions, and praise him for all that he does for us. 

The CRCNA has several resources to help you in your prayer life, the ministries of the CRCNA also covet your prayers in support of ongoing work. 

Join others in praying for synod each year. There is a 40 days of prayer guide in the lead up to synod, as well as opportunities to pray during the event itself. 

The CRC Prayer Guide offers another way to pray for our shared ministry as a denomination, with specific prayer requests for each day of the year. View these prayer requests below, download printer-friendly versions, or get them delivered to your email inbox (choose to receive them daily, weekly, or once a month).

You may also be interested in the prayer section of The Network and the CRC News weekly email.

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Wednesday March 1
from: Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee: Urban ministries

The CRC’s three urban Indigenous ministries in Canada are located in Regina, Sask.; Winnipeg, Man.; and Edmonton, Alta. They provide numerous services for many people. In 2022 the Indigenous Christian Fellowship provided twice as many snacks as in 2021. Please pray for the staff members who run these programs, asking God to provide the resources they need.

Thursday March 2
from: ReFrame Ministries: Japan

A man named Kenji recently contacted our Japanese ministry team to say, “Last year, I wandered in my faith many times. Thanks to your intercessory prayers and your online radio program, I was able to stay in the Christian faith. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.” Pray that Kenji will continue to grow in faith this year.

Friday March 3
from: Resonate Global Mission: Cambodia

Pray for Resonate missionaries Ly Chhay and Navy Chann-Chhay as they work with pastors in rural Cambodia. Ask the Holy Spirit to help strengthen these pastors and their churches, that the gospel may continue to spread.

Saturday March 4
from: Safe Church: Training

We pray today for the organizers and presenters at the Annual Inter-Classis Safe Church Conference in Waterloo, Ont. Workshops will focus on repentance and accountability; power, trust, harm, and abuse; responding restoratively; and the use and misuse of power in the church. Pray that all who attend today may continue to learn about the dynamics of abuse and how best to move forward as the church in their communities.

Sunday March 5
from: World Renew: Earthquake recovery

We grieve with the many people in Türkiye and Syria who have lost family members, homes, and livelihoods. Pray for our team as we assist with recovery efforts in Syria, where factors such as ongoing food insecurity, a harsh winter, large numbers of displaced persons, and risks of cholera make this disaster even more catastrophic.

Monday March 6
from: Disability Concerns: Training and awareness

We thank God for the 75 attendees at our virtual “Get in the Loop” event. Please pray that church leaders and tech people will be receptive to adding loop systems so that people with hearing aids can hear at church. Pray also that churches will make accessibility a priority as they budget.

Tuesday March 7
from: Resonate: West Africa

A Resonate missionary serving in a Muslim-majority country in West Africa recently had the opportunity to share the gospel with a group of people. Pray that the Holy Spirit will work in each person’s heart.

Wednesday March 8
from: Communications: Annual Day of Prayer

Join CRC congregations and members in asking for God’s blessing on the world, our nations and communities, crops and industry, and the church worldwide.

Thursday March 9
from: ReFrame: India

ReFrame’s partners in India ask for prayers after some states in India are passing new anticonversion laws. “The central government is planning to introduce a national anticonversion law after a high-profile advocate named religious conversion by force as a threat to national security. Pray for the truth to prevail and for the Lord’s justice to be done.”

Friday March 10
from: World Renew: Gender equity

The 67th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women is taking place Mar. 6-17 in New York. Representatives of member states, UN entities, and nongovernment organizations from all regions of the world are invited to attend, and World Renew has a voice at the table. Pray that our team will help grow the credibility of faith-based organizations in the area of gender equity.

Saturday March 11
from: Resonate: Seattle

Resonate partner campus ministries aren’t just for students—they support faculty and staff too! Campus ministers at Graduate Christian Fellowship at the University of Washington in Seattle share that several new faculty members are interested in joining the faculty fellowship. May this be an encouraging faith community for them.

Sunday March 12
from: Raise Up: Educational Care: Growth

New doors are opening for partners around the globe to use Educational Care (EC). Planning for new EC programs in India and Indonesia has begun. Some Latin American contacts are also interested in introducing EC into their region. Pray that our team will have wisdom and patience in the process.

Monday March 13
from: Calvin University: Future students

Join with Calvin University in praying for the Class of 2027! These students are currently high school seniors studying around the world, discerning God’s guidance for their next chapter of learning. We pray for a sizable incoming class made up of students from around the world who love Jesus and who long to think deeply, act justly, and live wholeheartedly as Christ’s agents of renewal in the world.

Tuesday March 14
from: ReFrame: Burkina Faso

Sanogo is one of several wives to her husband, and she has struggled because she has not been able to have children. She recently came to a church where ReFrame’s partners serve, and she says she appreciates our radio programs about families. Pray for strength for Sanogo as she continues to seek Christ in her life.

Wednesday March 15
from: Resonate: Michigan

A Resonate partner church planter who ministers among people from a Muslim background received a call from a woman who professed faith in Christ a few years ago. She wants to be baptized but is facing resistance from family members. “Pray that we can work through this situation and that doors may open for her to be baptized,” asks the church planter.

Thursday March 16
from: World Renew: Southern Africa

Heavy rains have been a blessing to some in the region while causing severe damage to others. Cholera has killed more than 1,000 people in Malawi and seems to be spreading to neighboring countries. The stock of government-distributed vaccines has run out. Pray for relief and for good weather for farmers, that their crops can grow, and for city dwellers, that flooding won’t cause sanitation concerns.

Friday March 17
from: Pastor Church Resources: Volunteers

Churches rely on people who freely give of their time as small group leaders, nursery attendants, greeters, elders, deacons, and more. Pray that these volunteers have the strength and energy to continue in the good work they do. Ask God to encourage new volunteers to serve in open positions.

Saturday March 18
from: Resonate: Worldwide

Pray for Resonate volunteers serving in communities throughout the world. Pray that they will be able to form strong relationships, learn from the community and culture where they are serving, and be able to use their gifts and skills.

Sunday March 19
from: Calvin Theological Seminary: Finishing strong

Senior students will be taking their oral comprehensive exams this month as they prepare for graduation and ministry beyond seminary. Pray that the exams will not cause undue anxiety but will bless them in knowing how much they have learned in their studies.

Monday March 20
from: Faith Formation: Belonging

Pray for children to experience belonging in their church communities as part of God's big family. Pray for church leaders and congregations to welcome children to contribute to the life of the church and to become communities that nurture and encourage the faith of their youngest members.

Tuesday March 21
from: World Renew: Asia

Give thanks that one of our Asia teams completed a three-month flood recovery program, helping more than 1,000 ethnic minority families. We are hopeful that with the planting of new crops a good harvest will come. Pray for this program and many others like it that offer support for subsistence farmers across several countries in Asia.

Wednesday March 22
from: ReFrame: China

Pray for the population of China as they navigate challenges that can occur while ending COVID lockdowns: high rates of infection, little access to medical supplies, and overly full hospitals. Pray for opportunities for believers to share their faith and hope in the midst of this complex season.

Thursday March 23
from: Resonate: Nicaragua

Pray for our partner IMPACT clubs in Nicaragua. These clubs provide a safe space for young people to learn about servant leadership from a biblical perspective, to form friendships, and to serve their communities. Ask the Holy Spirit to continue working through these clubs.

Friday March 24
from: Chaplaincy and Care: Hospice care

Our hospice chaplains assess and care for the spiritual needs of patients and their loved ones. Anticipatory grief and adjustment to reducing capacities is an ever-present reality. Often questions about God and eternity and concerns for loved ones left behind are raised. Please pray for these chaplains who walk with individuals and families in these settings while presenting the peace and love of God.

Saturday March 25
from: Candidacy Committee: Raising leaders

We praise God for his faithfulness to draw many diverse people into ministry in the CRCNA. Ask the Spirit to fill those who are working toward candidacy with encouragement and endurance. Pray also for the many mentors and classis teams who partner in this work. May the Lord grant joy in their conversations and discernment as they counsel and guide.

Sunday March 26
from: Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Committee: Preparations

Father in heaven, we ask for your blessing on the preparations for Synod 2023. Bless the reports being written, the hearts of all who will attend, and the sending of invitations to ecumenical guests. May your name be glorified.

Monday March 27
from: Resonate: Middle East

Being a missionary is tough work. Following a call from the Holy Spirit, a Resonate missionary in the Middle East started a new ministry to support and care for missionaries on the field who are burned out. Ask God to work through this ministry to renew these leaders for their work.

Tuesday March 28
from: ReFrame: Today devotions

Pray for Molly, a Today reader who recently was released from prison and is asking for prayers for strength; she lost her husband while in prison and is also a recovering addict.

Wednesday March 29
from: World Renew: Partnerships

Our ministry teams around the world work closely with local churches and nongovernment organizations to implement trainings, projects, and programs. Pray for wisdom and accountability to nurture continued trust with each partner organization. Pray for equity and inclusion, that World Renew may be a constant seeker of justice in its work in communities.

Thursday March 30
from: Diversity: Togetherness

Pray for the "One Family" conversation in which the Council of Delegates seeks to encourage the gifts and voices of ethnic minority leaders in their classes across Canada and the United States. May these leaders find a sense of belonging and appreciation as the Christian Reformed Church grows through their efforts of evangelism and discipleship.

Friday March 31
from: Resonate: South Korea

Emily, a Resonate missionary in South Korea, has been leading English classes for children. “We have had the opportunity to introduce some of these children to the gospel for the first time because their parents want them exposed to English,” said Emily. Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue drawing these children into a relationship with Jesus.

Saturday April 1
from: ReFrame Ministries: Peace that endures

Pray for peace in the places where ReFrame’s partners are facing violence, including Ukraine, Burkina Faso, and India. Pray especially for listeners who are accessing ReFrame programs from bomb shelters or refugee camps.

Sunday April 2
from: World Renew: Refugee resettlement

For decades, CRC members have welcomed refugees into their churches and homes. Our faith compels us to aid vulnerable strangers. Jesus made this clear as he reminded his followers, "Love your neighbor as yourself" (Luke 10:27). Join us in praising God for his faithfulness, and ask for continued hope and healing for displaced peoples around the world.

Monday April 3
from: Resonate Global Mission: Uganda

Karen and Moses Lubbers-Odel, Resonate missionaries in Uganda, give thanks for two young men who recently gave their lives to Christ! Please pray for these men as they grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Tuesday April 4
from: Indigenous Christian Fellowship: Training

Teaching our children is an immense challenge for every generation. Indigenous Christian Fellowship is developing Home Fire Teachings as a mixed-media resource for helping Indigenous and non-Indigenous families teach their children well. Pray that this project will be a blessing for building healthy families for generations to come.

Wednesday April 5
from: ReFrame: Brazil

Pray for strength for Rev. Hernandes Lopes as he leads ReFrame’s Portuguese ministry in Brazil. In this role he records hundreds of video messages each year and visits churches across Brazil, where he shares God’s Word in congregations that often lack biblical preaching.

Thursday April 6
from: Resonate: Cambodia

Give thanks for 41 people who were baptized in Cambodia! Please pray for Pastor Neang and his wife as they continue to lead the church in their village. Pray that the Holy Spirit brings more people into relationship with Christ.

Friday April 7
from: Communications: Good Friday

In the hymn “Go to Dark Gethsemane” James Montgomery encourages us, “Calv'ry's mournful mountain climb; there, adoring at his feet, mark the miracle of time, God's own sacrifice complete: ‘It is finished!’ hear him cry.” As you reflect today, pray that people around the world will embrace the Savior who died for us and rose again.

Saturday April 8
from: World Renew: Malawi

The rainy season in Malawi has brought flash floods, destroying homes and gardens. With increased food prices and the devaluation of the nation’s currency, people are struggling, resulting in civil unrest. Please pray that Malawians can grow enough food, that the government will lead with wisdom, and that corruption and abuse of power will end.

Sunday April 9
from: Resonate: Easter

Today we give thanks for the hope we have in Jesus. Please pray for our denomination as we work together to spread the gospel. Ask the Holy Spirit to work in and through Resonate missionaries, campus ministers, church planters, and other ministry leaders. Please pray for our congregations as they support and engage in mission in our neighborhoods and throughout the world.

Monday April 10
from: ReFrame: Latvia

Pray for Natalia, a refugee from Ukraine who recently became a Christian after hearing a radio broadcast from our Russian ministry team. Pray that she’ll continue to seek Christ as a powerful source of comfort amid the turmoil of her own refugee experience in Latvia.

Tuesday April 11
from: Worship: Rest and renewal

In this Easter season of resurrection and new life, pray for worship leaders, worship planners, and the volunteers in your congregation. Pray that after such a busy season of additional worship services and creativity there will be time for rest and Easter joy.

Wednesday April 12
from: World Renew: Talmids training app

World Renew has been developing a cellphone application called Talmids to help partners and communities improve their lives and work. Through it, partner staff and volunteers can access practical training and direct reporting on field visits. Pray that the ongoing development of this tool may empower communities to end poverty, increase transparency, and transform in sustainable ways.

Thursday April 13
from: Resonate: Ontario

Pray for the faculty and staff Bible study at Guelph Campus Ministry, a Resonate partner in Ontario. Pray for ways in which campus ministers and faculty attending this Bible study can connect with recently hired faculty and staff.

Friday April 14
from: ReFrame: Japan

Pray for Yasuo, who has been in the hospital for most of the past year. Although he can’t attend church, he has been listening to ReFrame’s audio programs on his cellphone. “There are no Christians around me, so I often feel the difficulty of maintaining my faith and worshiping God. Thank you very much for your phone messages,” he shared.

Saturday April 15
from: Chaplaincy and Care: Military chaplains

Please pray for overseas military chaplains. John Averill (Army) and Raidel Leon Martinez (Air Force) serve in Europe. Pray for protection, strength, and resiliency as they attend to the spiritual needs of many service members in this volatile time in Eastern Europe. Pray also for Cornelius Muasa serving in Okinawa and Mark Janowski in southwestern Asia.

Sunday April 16
from: Safe Church: Abuse prevention

April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Pray with us for children caught in cycles of abuse and neglect. Ask God to raise up a network of support around each boy and girl, that they may feel supported, cared for, believed, and empowered. May individuals, institutions, and governments find tangible ways to support children, youth, and families well.

Monday April 17
from: Resonate: Chicago

Please pray for Hope Christian Reformed Church, a Resonate partner church plant in the East Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago. “We needed to find a way to stop the violence and the drug activity, or at least give some pushback,” shared Pastor Moises. May the Spirit keep working in and through this church for the transformation of the neighborhood.

Tuesday April 18
from: World Renew: Cambodia

The national election in Cambodia will be held in July 2023, and political tension has been building between the two major political parties. The ruling party has significant resources while the opposition party has no power against oppression from their opponent. Pray for peace and stability during this tumultuous time.

Wednesday April 19
from: Disability Concerns: Cohort

We thank God for six churches in northwestern Iowa who are learning together in a cohort focused on accessibility and welcome for people with disabilities. Please ask God to use this cohort so that people with disabilities in Iowa may experience greater belonging and churches may experience the gifts that people with disabilities bring.

Thursday April 20
from: ReFrame: North America

A member of our prayer ministry team shared, “Please pray that my husband and I can get back on our feet financially. My husband lost his job, and I am also jobless because of health issues. We are financially drained and have been hit hard with various losses. Our debts are piling up, and we don't know what to do anymore. Pray for financial wisdom and healing in all aspects of our lives.”

Friday April 21
from: Resonate: Nicaragua

Give thanks for Carlos (name changed), who works as a security guard at Tesoros de Dios, a Resonate partner in Nicaragua. Carlos discovered that he is fully forgiven in Christ! Please pray for him as he continues to grow as a disciple.

Saturday April 22
from: Climate Witness Project: Earth Day

The poor and vulnerable are most directly affected by climate change. Pray that people who are more privileged will take action. Ask God for creative solutions to be developed so that people and places around the Earth can flourish.

Sunday April 23
from: Calvin Theological Seminary: Partnership

We teach and work with the men in Handlon Prison in Ionia, Mich., through partnerships with the Celebration Fellowship congregation and Calvin University in the Calvin Prison Initiative. Pray for the students as they learn and minister in their context.

Monday April 24
from: Women's Leadership:Eastertide prayer

Lord, in this season we remember Mary Magdalene, who encountered you on the morning of your resurrection. As we pray for the women of the CRC, comfort us in our moments of grief and difficulty. Help us to recognize your presence in our lives. Embolden us to share the good news of your resurrection. May our witness draw others to run to you for salvation. Amen.

Tuesday April 25
from: Resonate: Japan

Resonate missionary Larry Spalink asks you to pray for a new believer who decided to follow Jesus after connecting with a church in Japan. Please pray that this person’s friends, family, and neighbors will be interested in learning about the gospel.

Wednesday April 26
from: ReFrame: Chinese ministry

Pray for a new development in ReFrame’s Chinese ministry, bringing together American and Chinese scholars who are developing a Chinese public theology. Ask God to provide the necessary people and funding for this work and to strengthen the Chinese church effectively for his kingdom.

Thursday April 27
from: World Renew: Nicaragua

People in Nicaragua look forward to the rainy season that typically begins in mid-May, changing the landscape after the long and harsh dry season. Please pray that God brings renewal, energy, and life in all of its fullness to Nicaragua this year.

Friday April 28
from: Resonate: Lithuania

Several Resonate missionaries serve at LCC International University in Lithuania. The university is celebrating the baptism of a number of students on Easter Sunday. Give thanks for these students, and please pray that they will continue growing in faith.

Saturday April 29
from: Global Coffee Break: Inspirational Women's Conference

Please pray for this gathering of women today in Burlington, Ont., around the theme "I belong, completely and forever. In Christ, we belong,” based on Romans 12:5. May many come to know Jesus, and may leaders be encouraged in their journey.

Sunday April 30
from: GEMS Girls' Clubs: GEMS Sunday

Thank God for using GEMS to help girls and leaders grow in Christ for almost 65 years. They learn they are loved, and their call is “to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God” (Mic. 6:8). Ask God to continue to strengthen leaders in their mission to help bring girls into a living, dynamic relationship with Jesus.