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The Translations Team is appointed by the Executive Director of the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA) to expedite and monitor the translation of CRCNA documents and other resources into languages other than English in a way that meets the needs of growing non-English-speaking communities in the CRCNA.

Building on work done by the Ministries Leadership Council proposal of 2008, by the Korean Relations Team input in 2014, by the “languages page” action of Ministry Support Services/Communications, and by informal actions of others, the Translations Team will:

  • help to identify resources currently available in translation, as well as resources to be made available, and to communicate this availability to the various language groups.
  • serve as a catalyst and advisory group to CRC agencies and ministries in initiating or  implementing translation of documents produced by the agencies and ministries.
  • help to secure funds for translation and prioritize current requests and recommendations for materials to be translated.
  • work with Ministry Support Services to provide translation, editing and critical review services.


If you have questions or suggestions for our Translations Team, please send them to [email protected].