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To carry out its ministry, the Christian Reformed Church in North America collaborates with a variety of partners and ecumenical organizations. These include the following:

  1. Agency/Ministry Partnerships - The agencies of the CRCNA partner with non-government organizations, international churches, and a variety of other groups. A list of these partnerships can be found by visiting the websites of:
  2. Ecumencial Partnerships - Partnerships are a key part of our ecumenical efforts. Learn more and see the current list of ecumenical partners.
  3. Accredited Non-Denominational Organizations - Each year, the synod of the CRCNA approves a list of organizations which have been reviewed and approved to receive offerings from congregations. Learn more and see the current list of accredited non-denominational organizations.
  4. Reformed Colleges and Universities - The CRCNA’s ministry is extended by and through our official denominational university, Calvin University, and seminary, Calvin Theological Seminary, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We also partner with the following Reformed institutions of higher learning:
  5. Diaconal Ministries Canada - In Canada, the CRCNA extends its work with and through Diaconal Ministries Canada offering deacons and churches resources and support.