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The CRC Prayer Guide offers another way to pray for our shared ministry as a denomination, with specific prayer requests for each day of the year. View these prayer requests below, download printer-friendly versions, or get them delivered to your email inbox (choose to receive them daily, weekly, or once a month).

You may also be interested in the prayer section of The Network and the CRC News weekly email.

Wednesday June 1
from: World Renew: Refugees and displaced people

We entered 2022 with 84 million people forcibly displaced worldwide, 27 million of them as refugees. As the war in Ukraine battles on, the number of displaced people has risen by 10 million since February. We have nearly 100 million neighbors in need of shelter and safety. Please join us in asking God to keep these vulnerable people safe and to provide for their needs.

Thursday June 2
from: Resonate Global Mission: Cambodia

Resonate missionaries Ly Chhay and Navy Chann Chhay give thanks for 18 new believers in the villages where they serve in Cambodia! Please pray for these new believers as they continue to grow as disciples of Christ.

Friday June 3
from: Safe Church Ministry: Policies and teams

This past month Safe Church hosted a webinar on making and revising safe church policies. In a time when we are hearing so often about sexual abuse and misconduct in the church, we are thankful for safe church teams throughout the CRCNA that continue to work toward creating spaces free of abuse. Please continue to pray for our safe church teams as they provide ongoing training and support to congregations in abuse awareness, prevention, and response.

Saturday June 4
from: ReFrame Ministries: United States

Pray for Gail, who reads ReFrame’s Today devotions and recently shared, “I have spent many years being a single mom, and I really don't have anyone to help me. I am so lonely.”

Sunday June 5
from: Resonate: Pentecost

As we celebrate Pentecost today, please pray for Resonate missionaries, church planters, campus ministers, and other ministry leaders who share the gospel in communities throughout the world. May they be in step with the Holy Spirit, and may God open doors, guide conversations, and make his love, grace, and power evident in people’s lives everywhere.

Monday June 6
from: World Renew: New U.S. building

On April 30, World Renew held a dedication ceremony for its new U.S. office located in Byron Center, Mich. In attendance were guests, family members, friends, volunteers, and supporters of World Renew. We praise God for his abundant faithfulness and provision, and we pray for his continued blessing on the partner ministries and communities we work with worldwide.

Tuesday June 7
from: ReFrame: Japan

Keiko is not able to attend church, but she listens to ReFrame's Japanese ministry programs and is thankful for the opportunity to hear God's Word each day. "Thank you very much," she writes. "I'm an elderly person, I'm physically disabled, I'm sick, and I'm taking care of my husband." Pray for Keiko and her husband as they care for one another, both spiritually and physically.

Wednesday June 8
from: Chaplaincy and Care: Workplaces

In industrial and corporate settings, our workplace chaplains serve the needs of employees who are affected by crises at home or at work and who may not have a spiritual support network to engage with. In the past year our workplace chaplains have often been called upon to care for employees experiencing grief, trauma, and crisis. Please pray for these chaplains and the people they serve.

Thursday June 9
from: Disability Concerns: Training

Planning is well under way for our next Disability Concerns online training event, scheduled for Aug. 11-12. This year our focus will be on dismantling ableism in our churches. Please pray for our ministry as we plan this event and learn from one another. May this conference lead to reduced discrimination of people with disabilities and a greater sense of belonging in our churches.

Friday June 10
from: Communications: Synod 2022

The annual decision-making assembly of the Christian Reformed Church begins in person today in Grand Rapids, Mich. Please pray for leaders and delegates as they pray, discuss, and make decisions. May God’s will be done in all things.

Saturday June 11
from: Resonate: Ukraine

Please continue to pray for everyone affected by the war in Ukraine. Pray for Resonate missionaries and ministry partners who are supporting and caring for refugees. Ask God for protection and provision, and may the peace of Christ reign.

Sunday June 12
from: Worship Ministries: Trinity Sunday

Praise be to our triune God: eternal Father, saving Christ, life-giving Spirit. We dwell in the mystery of the Trinity, acknowledging that God is far beyond anything we can understand. The Lord pursues relationship with us and calls us to dwell in unity with God and with one another. May we be one as our triune God is one.

Monday June 13
from: World Renew: Global food crisis

Russia and Ukraine are major suppliers of wheat, barley, corn, sunflower oil, and fertilizers to many of the world’s countries. The conflict in Ukraine has disrupted supplies of these resources and caused food prices to skyrocket, straining many families already struggling with food insecurity. Globally, 44 million people are facing famine. Please pray for God’s provision.

Tuesday June 14
from: Calvin Theological Seminary: Summer plans

Pray for students and graduates as they enter the summer season—seeking placements for work and internships and on summer ministry sites. Pray for God's hand in forming them through all their activities.

Wednesday June 15
from: ReFrame: Mali

Ruth recently began managing ReFrame’s partner radio station in Mali. Pray for her as she adjusts to her new role, and praise God for her willingness to air our French ministry programs, sharing the gospel in Mali.

Thursday June 16
from: Resonate: Nicaragua

Resonate missionaries Steve and Kim Holtrop in Nicaragua give thanks for eight young people who recently accepted Christ through Resonate partner IMPACT clubs. Praise God!

Friday June 17
from: World Renew: Guatemala

For several months our team in Guatemala has worked without a director as the search for a new director continues. Neighboring country teams try to assist as much as they can, but it has been difficult to operate with the position vacant. Please pray for a successful search process and that current staff may resume more manageable workloads soon.

Saturday June 18
from: Indigenous Ministry: Worship

Music is a gift from the triune Creator, and as we seek to be spaces of welcome for people from every tribe and nation, music can be powerful. As we focus on music and drumming for Indigenous Ministry Sunday tomorrow, pray that everyone will find a welcome in our churches.

Sunday June 19
from: Race Relations: Wonderful light

“You are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light” (1 Pet. 2:9). Pray with us for our ongoing work with diverse denominational leaders; pray also for newly appointed leaders in the U.S. and Canada and for wisdom in the often dysfunctional discourse of national politics.

Monday June 20
from: Resonate: Ontario

Pray for The Bridge, a Resonate church plant partner in Fergus, Ont. Ask the Holy Spirit to draw more people into this community.

Tuesday June 21
from: Edmonton Native Healing Centre: Lament and thanks

Creator, we pray for the families who have lost loved ones due to overdose, for peace in their midst as they ask many hard questions and seek answers. We give thanks for the changing seasons and the hope we receive from the earth’s bringing forth foods and medicines.

Wednesday June 22
from: Raise Up: Educational Care: Nigeria

Pray for eight Nigerian Educational Care facilitators who will lead sessions this month. Praise for their growth, skills, and leadership; pray for safe travels and the ability to keep small groups on track, that people may grow in faith and in living for Christ.

Thursday June 23
from: World Renew: Honduras

Two healthy babies have been born to World Renew Honduran staff so far this year: Emily (Jan. 5) and Olivia (Jan. 15). Praise God for the gift of new life! Our staff and partners in Honduras also ask for prayers for wisdom in designing the best projects and programs to benefit people who are the most vulnerable.

Friday June 24
from: ReFrame: India

Kumar shared with our partners in India, “Through your video programs on Facebook I get real joy and peace from the Word of God—something the world could not give me.” Praise God for this transformation for Kumar and for other young people in India.

Saturday June 25
from: Resonate: Iowa

This past academic year, Areopagus Campus Ministry, a Resonate partner at Iowa State University, hosted a Bible study for international students from several countries in Africa. The Bible study was an opportunity for students to discuss and explore faith in Christ. Pray that the seeds planted will continue to grow.

Sunday June 26
from: Candidacy Committee: Candidates

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field” (Luke 10:2). Please ask the Lord to raise up many passionate, devoted leaders to serve the Christian Reformed Church. Please also ask God to lead and empower this year’s candidates for ministry as they step into the work they are called to do.

Monday June 27
from: ThereforeGo Ministries: Summer missions

The first SERVE mission trips of 2022 are happening now! Ask God to work abundantly in the lives of students, leaders, and host teams, and that transformation may take place in the communities they serve. Please also pray for our Mentoring Networks as they seek clarity and next steps in emerging adult ministry.

Tuesday June 28
from: World Renew: Afghanistan

Under Taliban rule, Afghan rights have dwindled, especially those of women and girls—much to the concern of international communities. Meanwhile, the nation is facing an enormous humanitarian crisis, with nearly 23 million people in acute food insecurity. Please pray for the well-being and safety of countless people who have been displaced by violence and insecurity, that they may find hope and strength in God’s unfailing love and faithfulness.

Wednesday June 29
from: Resonate: Ontario

This summer, several young adults are participating in the SoCo Beach Project, a Resonate partner in Ontario. SoCo is a discipleship opportunity for young adults. Pray that each of the participants will experience Christ’s love in a new way, grow as a leader, and have opportunities to develop and explore their gifts for God’s kingdom.

Thursday June 30
from: ReFrame: North America

Pray for a member of our Prayer Ministry Team as he and his wife are raising their grandson. Meanwhile, their daughter is struggling with addiction. Pray for wisdom and strength in this difficult situation.

Friday July 1
from: Communications: Canada Day

As Canada marks another year as a nation, pray for CRC congregations and leaders in Canada. Ask God to continue to bless and guide his people as we seek to grow and live in right relationship with God and with our neighbours.

Saturday July 2
from: World Renew: Laos

Because of COVID restrictions in Laos, World Renew was limited to sending seeds to 32 families in 10 villages. When staff were able to return to the field, however, they found many more kitchen gardens than expected. As participant families grew seedlings, they shared some with other families, enabling them to grow gardens as well. Praise God for community leaders who are spreading change in their villages, one seed at a time!

Sunday July 3
from: Resonate Global Mission: New Jersey

King’s Covenant Church is a Resonate partner church plant in New Jersey. Church planter Timothy Joo gives thanks for the young adults and young families who have joined the congregation! Please pray for this community as they begin to reach college students.

Monday July 4
from: Communications: Independence Day (U.S.)

The United States marks another year in its history today. Pray for CRC churches across the country, for their pastors and members, and for God’s continuing guidance as we strive to be his witnesses to the world.

Tuesday July 5
from: Calvin Theological Seminary: Summer plans

Over 40 percent of our students are international students. Pray for plans for travel, for border crossings, and for transitions, especially for new students. Pray for plans being made this summer to welcome returning students in the fall season.

Wednesday July 6
from: ReFrame Ministries: Burkina Faso

On Pentecost Sunday (June 5), 18 of ReFrame’s French ministry listeners were baptized at a new church plant for refugees in northern Burkina Faso. Pray for these new believers, including some who are now facing opposition from family members.

Thursday July 7
from: Resonate: Ontario

Resonate missionaries Gary and Galya Timmerman ask for prayers for their ministry reaching Russian diaspora people in the greater Toronto area. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance in this work. Ask God for open doors to build connections for sharing the gospel.

Friday July 8
from: World Renew: Disaster Response Services (DRS)

In July 2020, Hurricane Hanna landed in Rio Grande Valley, Texas, causing destruction and uprooting a community in the midst of a pandemic. DRS is responding to the community’s long-term needs, rebuilding homes and restoring hope for people affected by the storm. Pray for strength, resilience, and healing for local families and for the DRS volunteers making this work possible.

Saturday July 9
from: Pastor Church Resources: Faithfulness

At Synod 2022, significant conversations took place with congregations, pastors, and congregants, all of whom are now sorting through synod’s decisions. Ask the Spirit to work in all our hearts as we carry on the important work God has given us in the Great Commission.

Sunday July 10
from: Raise Up: Global Coffee Break: Resources

Pray for God’s solution and wisdom as we seek to provide Bible studies to Global Coffee Break partners across the globe. We want to help provide the best means of study for outreach and transformation through God’s Word. Pray that more people may be equipped to study God’s Word worldwide.

Monday July 11
from: Resonate: Cambodia

Resonate missionaries Ly Chhay and Navy Chann Chhay in Cambodia ask you to pray for more healthy and strong churches to be planted.

Tuesday July 12
from: ReFrame: Japan

Please continue to keep Japanese believers such as "Mr. K." in your prayers. "We would like to express our sincere gratitude to those who have never met us but are praying for us," he shared. "There are times when life is really sad. I was just crying, but when God was at the center, I suddenly gained strength and it became easier."

Wednesday July 13
from: World Renew: Bangladesh

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has disrupted global food distribution, causing prices to skyrocket, and putting severe strain on families already struggling with food insecurity. In Bangladesh, field staff report that food prices have spiked because key food exports from India have stopped. Pray for the many families struggling with the high cost of essential foods.

Thursday July 14
from: Diaconal Ministries Canada: Equipping deacons

These past two years have been difficult on congregations and their leaders. Please pray for your deacons as they lead and equip your church to reach out with God’s love in your community. May God grant them wisdom and insight as they plan for ministry in these challenging times.

Friday July 15
from: Resonate: Japan

“Despite COVID-19, or maybe because of it, we are enjoying several baptisms, professions of faith, and new transfers of membership. . . . There are new people at church almost every week! The Lord is at work! More of this, please!” said Resonate missionaries Larry and Ruth Spalink, who serve in Japan.

Saturday July 16
from: The King's University: Guidance

The King’s University has sent out over 400 graduates in the past three years. All have navigated a COVID-impacted education and now must discern how to find work in a post-pandemic world. Please pray for perseverance, joy, and creativity as they continue to bring hope into an ever-changing world.

Sunday July 17
from: World Renew: Clean water

According to the United Nations, one-third of the world’s people (2.3 billion) lack a handwashing facility with water and soap at home—and the consequences can be life threatening, particularly for children. At World Renew, we seek to establish community handwashing solutions in the communities we work in. Please pray for good health and the availability of clean water for all families across the globe.

Monday July 18
from: ReFrame: Brazil

A woman named Solyana watches ReFrame’s video programs to help her learn new ways to share the gospel with Portuguese speakers in Brazil, and she recently decided to attend seminary. Pray for her, asking that this next step will lead to more opportunities to share her faith and testimony.

Tuesday July 19
from: Resonate: Nigeria

Sarah Aderemi, a Resonate missionary who serves with the Association of Christian Schools International in Nigeria, gives thanks for 24 educators who have been credentialed in early childhood education. Please pray for these teachers as they share the love of Christ with students and their families.

Wednesday July 20
from: Safe Church Ministry: Training

Today at 12:00 noon (EDT) we are offering our third webinar on Safe Church basics to provide resources and ideas for training leaders and volunteers in abuse prevention. Please pray that this event provides support and guidance to further the work of abuse prevention in all our churches.

Thursday July 21
from: GEMS Girls' Clubs: Gathering

Please pray for the women who will gather in person and virtually July 21-23 at the GEMS Sisterhood Summit in Holland, Mich., to learn more about the challenges of girls today and how to act, love, and walk with God (Mic. 6:8) as they grow with other like-minded women. May they be strengthened and equipped to mentor girls well.

Friday July 22
from: Disability Concerns: Training and planning

Our annual training event, planned for Aug. 11-12, will unpack ableism and consider ways we can help reduce the impact of ableism in our churches. Please pray that this event will encourage and educate our community as we work toward ending ableism in the church.

Saturday July 23
from: Resonate: Campus ministries

Pray for Resonate partner campus ministries throughout Canada and the United States as they connect with students over the summer and plan for fall ministry.

Sunday July 24
from: ReFrame: India

Meghmala recently joined a writer’s workshop with ReFrame’s partners in India, saying, “I will use my new skills to give energy to my church, to fulfill the Great Commission, and to bring people to Jesus.” Praise God for Meghmala’s writing gifts and for her willingness to use them in his kingdom.

Monday July 25
from: Climate Witness Project: Stewardship

Forest fires and heat waves are damaging food production and livelihoods, particularly at this time of year. Pray that policies may be put into place to protect the most vulnerable people and communities from climate change. May churches hear the biblical call to stewardship and seek creative solutions.

Tuesday July 26
from: Chaplaincy and Care Ministry: Seafarer chaplains

Our seafarer chaplains minister in coastal areas to the crews of merchant ships and cruise vessels. Often these crew members are from distressed areas of the world, live in cramped quarters, and work long hours. A kind word, listening ear, and tips for finding medical care can lead to sharing about God’s love and grace. Pray that these chaplains may be able to make life-changing connections each day.

Wednesday July 27
from: Resonate: Cohorts

Give thanks for Resonate’s cohorts in Central America, Detroit, and the Middle East! Please pray that these groups of young adults may continue to build relationships and serve in local ministries. Ask the Holy Spirit to work in and through them for the transformation of communities.

Thursday July 28
from: World Renew: Ukraine

We praise God for tremendous support for our work in Ukraine, supplying more than twice our original goal for funding! As we work with partners on the ground to meet immediate needs, many other needs there and in surrounding countries are cropping up in the areas of food provision, medical care, shelter, and more. Please pray for ongoing safety and provision for all who are affected by the war in Ukraine.

Friday July 29
from: Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Committee: Church relations

Synod 2022 welcomed several ecumenical guests, and more ecumenical guests will be present at Inspire 2022 in August. Please pray for continuing good relations between the CRCNA and other denominations in God’s worldwide church.

Saturday July 30
from: ReFrame: English ministry

Ann, a member of our prayer ministry team, asks for prayer for her family: “My daughter is being horribly bullied. God, please soften these other girls’ hearts so that they will just leave my child alone. . . . This has taken a toll on our whole family.”

Sunday July 31
from: Resonate: Nicaragua

Resonate missionaries Alicia and Maynor Navarrete give thanks for a new program at the Nehemiah Center, a Resonate partner in Nicaragua. This program, called Churches and Families, is working with eight vulnerable families. “Through this pilot project, marriages have been reconciled and spouses are returning to church with their families,” said the Navarretes. Praise God!