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If you’ve recently changed your email address, here are some tips for updating your subscriptions to various lists. For postal address changes, see this page.

Updating Your E-newsletter Subscriptions

Most e-newsletters - including all the ones sent from the CRCNA and its ministries - have a link in the footer to update your email address. It's often called "Update Profile" or "Update My Subscription". Just click that link, enter your new email address, and hit save.

For Pastors and Churches Only

If you are a pastor or are updating the email associated with your church office, please also send your request to [email protected] so it can be updated in the official Yearbook of the CRCNA.

NOTE: We do not automatically update your Yearbook email based when you update an online account or enewsletter subscription. Since pastors and churches may have multiple email address that they use for different purposes, we can’t assume a change in one place means you also want it changed in the Yearbook.

TIP: Want to see the email we have on file for your church? Just look it up in our Church Finder.

Bonus Tip

Did you know that most email programs - including online services like Gmail - will let you pull email from your old account into your new one? Very handy, so you don’t have to log into your old emailbox to get those emails.

Once it’s all coming into your new email box, you can set up special filters or rules to “flag” emails that were sent to your old address (e.g. color code them, or put them into a special folder). Then you can see at a glance which enewsletters need updating.

The exact procedures for implementing these tips will depend on what email system you use. Consult the help section of your email provider for detailed steps.