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Third Third of Life Toolkit

Resources for ministry with people ages 55 and over

Welcome to the Third Third of Life toolkit!

Given  the rapidly increasing number of people in the third third of life—ages 55 and older—the time is ripe for churches to think creatively about ministry with, for, and by older people.

We’ve gathered the best resources to help church leaders and others understand and address the joys, challenges, and needs of an aging population.

You’ll find tools to help you and your congregation

  • develop a biblical vision of healthy personhood in the third third of life.
  • understand the five main tasks facing people ages 55 and older.
  • think deeply about faith formation and how it addresses the many facets of aging.
  • provide opportunities for people in the third third of life to fully engage in ministry.
  • and much more!

Resources by Topic

In this section we've gathered excellent books, articles, and videos on a wide variety of topics relevant to the third third of life:

     Faith Formation                                           Church Community

     Family Relationships                                 Retirement, Vocation, and Legacy            

     Emotional and Mental Health               Physical Health and Dying

A Biblical Vision for the Third Third of Life

In this foundational article, Syd Hielema shares an overview of what God’s Word has to say about the place of older people in the body of Christ.

Five Important Tasks in the Third Third of Life

Mark Stephenson explores five crucial questions that people in the third third of life ask as they begin to redefine themselves.

Foundational Resources

If you’re just getting into ministry to and with people in the third third of life, here’s a list of the best of the best resources in this toolkit—they’re a great place to start!

Questions? Phone a Friend!

If you’re part of a Christian Reformed church and you’d like to talk with someone about using these tools in ministry with people in the third third of life, contact one of Faith Formation Ministries’ Regional Catalyzers.