Race Relations

The Ministry of Race Relations is mandated by synod "to design, organize, and implement programs that will assist the denomination, churches, and members in eliminating the causes and effects of racism within the body of believers and throughout the world." Read more

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May 29: Latinos: The Next Wave -

A Hispanic tsunami sweeps throughout North America. The momentum of the waves of Hispanic people are increasing in size and in strength. Some call this tsunami the “browning of America.” But what does it mean for you? In this helpful, insightful, sometimes humorous book, author Pedro Avilés will help you see and understand what the Hispanic tsunami means for the church—both in challenges and opportunities. He’ll invite you to get to know Hispanic people better by discovering common traits many of them share.

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Race Relations offers the resources and tools for churches to have more effective ministry in the diverse communities they serve.
Workshops, publications and other resources for the work of racial reconciliation.
These racial reconciliation workshops are for everyone in the Christian Reformed Church.
Among the many scholarships that students can apply for is the Race Relations Scholarship Program.
Does your church celebrate the first Sunday in October as All Nations Heritage Sunday?
A conference where all people gather to fellowship and to be ministered to.
Contact information for staff and advocates of The Office of Race Relations.
Online To contribute to the ministries of the Office of Race Relations: