Support Crew on Tour


Many thanks to the following individuals who are participating with the Sea to Sea 2008 Bike Tour as volunteers on the support crew. Their time, skills and willingness to serve is necessary and appreciated.

The Food Team

Rose Dykstra
LaVonne Koedam (Lead)
Erna Maarhuis
Dini Meyerink
Diane Slofstra
Betty Terpstra
Renata van Oord
Geri Vink

Camp Supervisors

Bill DenHarder
Bert Steen Bergen

Medical Support

Alida De Boer
Betsy Fox

Bike Mechanic

Position Open: contact Ed Witvoet to inquire


Marvin De Boer
Steve Dykstra
Denise Neutel

SAG (Support and Gear) Wagon Drivers

Betsy Fox (Lead)
Cory Nyhuis
Julie Wiersma
Walter Vink
Joe DeWeerd (east stage only)
Kobie DuPlessis (east stage only)
Peter Beeda (east stage only)